Publication Date: 
Friday, August 31, 2018

When a Melbourne couple in witness protection are found assassinated in their bed, zoology student Josh Marshall recognises the address. He quickly realises he had inadvertently been an unseen witness to a bent cop divulging the couple’s location to the hitman … and he has the hard evidence to prove it. Coming forward and ending up in witness protection himself was hardly an option, that is until, a one-million-dollar reward is offered on the tenth anniversary of the killings.

The new evidence re-ignites lethal suspicions in a hunt for its source. Trauma-damaged Detective Sergeant Rory James returns to the cold case in a quest to identify and find Josh ahead of the underworld. His irresolute probe as a disparaged colleague winds through Bendigo, Bundoora and St Kilda to an unlikely faceoff in Margaret River.

Colin King

Colin King is a Bendigo writer who grew up in Horsham and worked as a consultant for government before retiring to write. Along the way, he has played guitar in rock bands, run marathons, led trekking parties and handbuilt a weekender on the Grampians fringe.

His second novel, Wetland, was published in August 2018 by Accidental Publishing, along with a re-issue of his 2013 debut, A Vintage Death.