No More Bets

Publication Date: 
Saturday, November 3, 2018

Career Criminal Steve Forbes is back in Sydney and still up to his evil ways, with his partners in crime Craig Johnson, Disgraced Ex New South Wales Cop, Oktay Saglam, Turkish Spook and Solly Dundas, the newly appointed President of the Animals Outlaw Motor bike gang. All are active and full of Alpha Male bravado. Scheming with and without one another, to make a dirty earn which is what each of them knows best.

The feared foursome are about to launch a new illegal rort that could see them all extremely rich or very dead, depending on the games Forbes is playing with another villain Benny Kobeissi AKA Benny The Leb. Forbes and Benny were once associates, though they fell out with one another over the love interest each sort in the same woman, Assi a vivacious Mediterranean beauty with a face and body to die for.

But someone is always the winner, the loser will never make a comeback when you gamble with your life in the crime game, sooner or later there are “No More Bets.”

The story moves at a break neck speed with that many twists and turns, you’re never quite sure who’s a friend or who’s a foe. Life’s cheap to these bad boys, all Hell bent to exact revenge on anybody that stands in their way of them getting to the top of Sydney’s Underworld.

Ken Mackenzie

Ken Mackenzie has been in the security industry for over thirty years, working on doors in pubs and clubs on Sydney’s northern beaches in the mid-eighties through to the nineties.

The last twenty seven years he has been employed driving armoured cars around both metropolitan and regional areas of New South Wales.

He currently resides on a farm at Mt Seaview on the mid-north coast, dividing his time working, writing and wandering in the bush.