A Murder of Crows

Publication Date: 
Monday, April 30, 2018

Set against the background of the Royal Commission into sexual abuse and the effects on the community of Ballarat, the story charts the rampage of a killer determined to set the record straight. Detective Jack Waters is called to a murder that has all of the hallmarks of a stage show, by a killer who seems determined to rewrite history and create his own ending to a story which has been drawn out for too long. Extract; Where was his God who had protected him for so many years? The stone statues he had prayed to, the plaster effigies who smiled upon him, had they abandoned him now. He hadn’t really believed in them and now they didn’t believe in him. His luck had run out, just like the blood draining down his body onto his face, in his nose and dripping from his head. He wasn’t in heaven and he was gripped with fear – perhaps he was in hell

Digby Stevens

Digby Stevens Digby Stevens has lived and worked in Ballarat for over thirty years. He is an artist, teacher, music aficionado and lover of popular culture, and enjoys the works of Raymond Chandler and Ian Rankin. He also hosts a show on community radio exploring Progressive Rock music, and enjoys walking and writing