False Flag Jack The Ripper

Publication Date: 
Monday, February 26, 2018

"Stephen Senise's recently-published book ...is quite fascinating. The fact that it is so very well written is an added bonus. Wholeheartedly recommended." GARETH WILLIAMS, editor Ripperologist: The Journal of Jack the Ripper, East End & Victorian Studies 

"Stephen Senise's ...newly published study of the case, offers the most important clue not just as to whodunit, but why." THE TIMES OF ISRAEL 

"well written and an entertaining read" PAUL BEGG, Jack The Ripper historian 

"an innovative theory about London's darkest myth" GowithOh 

"Well written - for once ! - and an easy, flowing read ...Senise gives some interesting insights into the milieu of the East End" RIPPEROLOGIST: The Journal of Jack the Ripper, East End & Victorian Studies n.154 

"Senise writes well and ...the most interesting part of his argument is his speculation that the Ripper fled London in 1889." RIPPEROLOGIST: The Journal of Jack the Ripper, East End & Victorian Studies n.155 

"remarkable" APN NEWS & MEDIA, Australia 

"painstaking research" JEWISH CHRONICLE, London 

Did Jack The Ripper flee London for the colony of New South Wales at the height of the world's most notorious serial-murder rampage? Was the deadly attack on Alice McKenzie in 1889 his last bid in pursuit of what was, not just a brazen killing spree, but a macabre, politically motivated publicity stunt? Is it conceivable that a maniac took it upon himself to try and shut down the flow of Jewish refugees spilling into London's East End, just as the area was being thrust into the political spotlight? 

Journalist Stephen Senise, explores these questions and the neighbourhoods of old Whitechapel to discover that by February 1888 community tensions were so high that two parliamentary select committees of investigation were dispatched to advise the House of Commons and the House of Lords on the social and industrial tensions tearing a community apart. Enter an opportunist hell-bent on broadcasting a hateful message... a madman, ready to unleash an 'Autumn of Terror'. 

Stephen Senise

When journalist Stephen Senise isn't chasing the ponies he is a keen amateur psephologist. His political analysis has featured in capital city dailies across Australia, the Brisbane Institute's 'The Brisbane Line', and on ABC radio. He has worked as a researcher and media advisor for members of parliament in Sydney and Canberra; and as a union organiser based on-campus at Southern Cross University. He lives in northern New South Wales where his articles and photography have appeared in most local and regional newspapers over the course of the past decade or more. He is an English literature honours graduate from the University of Western Sydney, and is a White Ribbon Australia ambassador.