The Cousins Will Spokes

Publication Date: 
Sunday, July 1, 2018

Jordan Jeffreys was conceived in confusing circumstances that will only become clear when he reaches maturity. Raised by his hard working devout catholic mother, Jordan (aka Jedda) follows a familiar path dropping out of school and becoming involved in petty crime and soft drugs. He is headed for the inevitable prison cell or a mortuary slab when a strange series of events turn his downward spiral into an incredible upward trajectory.

Jordan’s cousin Geoff is conceived (God only knows how!!) and born to a couple that could easily win the prize as the country’s worst parents. A drug addled mother who was known to mistake the young boy for a Labrador and a father who in addition to his own addictions was recognized as Melbourne’s most hopelessly inept criminal.

The cousins in their late teens are brought together when Geoff’s parents exit the planet leaving the lad an orphan who is added to the Jeffreys humble household.

On the death of his mother Jordan takes on the role of guardian and mentor of his bumbling cousin and experiences an epiphany which changes the course of the lives of both boys.

The boy’s lives until then have revolved around their devotion to the Mighty Doggies; the Western Bulldogs AFL football team, evading the Centrelink investigators and sourcing fresh supplies of weed and Jimmy B’s, (Jim Beam & Coke their tipple of choice.)

A stroke of luck brings a windfall of cash that leads them into contact with a criminal element that only views Jordan as a tool to gain advantage in a corporate negotiation and whether Jordan and Geoff survive is immaterial to the ultimate success of their schemes.

How does our hero Jedda survive this perilous experience to ultimately enter the British aristocracy?

Will Spokes

I am married with children and grandchildren. I retired to the Mornington Peninsula where I have been a long time resident after an early career with a major Australian insurance company and later a long career in commercial radio working for some of Melbourne’s iconic stations marketing advertising and promotions. Boats, power and sail are my main interest in later years and I have been a member at Sorrento Sailing Couta Boat Club and served as Principle Race Officer there and at my current club Mornington Yacht Club. With a life-long interest in aircraft I also hold a private pilot’s licence.

A bout of ill health had me grounded giving me the time to develop my writing skills which has led to this book. I am now writing full time as Will Spokes.

The Cousins it concerns two young men born into unfortunate circumstances in the working class suburb of Footscray and how they overcome the hurdles presented to them to rise above their lowly status. It has received some very good reviews.

Other novels I have written are Honour, Plain Sailing-Blood and Water, My Neighbour the Serial Killer and A Cargo of Vengeance.

I have completed two shorter stories (25,000 words) aimed at young adults and another which draws on my early working experience called The Pub. Melbourne based again and in the style of and with apologies to Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales.

I have a collection of short stories titled Ratbags, Cattle Dogs and Sailors.