2018 Ned Kelly Awards Guidelines

Entries for the next Ned Kelly Awards are now CLOSED.

All of the details you require to complete a submission are included below, and if you have any questions at all please get in touch with us nedkellyawards@austcrimewriters.com

Submissions to the 2018 Ned Kelly Awards CLOSE on the 31st March, 2018. Please refer to the guidelines below for eligibility criteria.

Please note we now allow publishers and authors to optionally submit e-book versions of their titles rather than physical books to be posted to ACWA. This is will save on the postage costs for publishers and for ACWA.

Arrangements are still being finalised for the S.D. Harvey Awards.


The Ned Kelly Awards are presented in the following categories:

Best Fiction - This award is for the best crime novel / work of fiction by an Australian author, published during the Judging Period (see below). The broadest definition of the crime novel defines eligible books including thrillers, suspense novels and spy fiction.

Best First Fiction - This award is for the best first crime novel / work of fiction by an Australian author, published during the Judging Period (see below), which is a debut work by this author. Debut work takes into account any novels by the author that have been published in an alternative genre / category OR under a pseudonym including as self-published works. The broadest definition of the crime novel defines eligible books that are set in any period and include, but are not limited to, spy fiction and/or action/ adventure stories/thrillers/ mysteries.

Best True Crime - This award is for any non-fiction work on a crime related theme by an Australian author as the book was first published in the Judging Period (see below). This award encompasses, though is not limited to, non-fiction works relating to true crime, historical crime, crime-related biography, autobiography and crime-fiction guides.

Please note: a book may only be entered in ONE of the categories above.

Submission Guidelines

An entry in the categories of Best Fiction, Best First Fiction, or True Crime must meet the following guidelines:

  • The author must be an Australian by birth or citizenship; OR The author’s principal residence must be in Australia.
  • Publishers or individual authors may submit entries to the awards.
  • When submitting publishers must have a current membership.
  • Authors must be members of the ACWA to be eligible to enter in their own right (not necessary if publisher is submitting for them). You can join (or renew last year's membership) here
  • Any Australian publisher may enter books provided that the book is relevant to the appropriate award.
  • Non-Australian publishers can enter books provided that the author meets the Australian residency / birth criteria.
  • Where available - ebook versions may be submitted. Acceptable ebook formats are epub or mobi only. If possible submit in both formats to ensure compatibility with widest range of ereaders. *
  • Physical books can be submitted if e-book versions aren’t available. We require four (4) copies of each book.
  • Judging Period - Eligible books must be the first edition of the said work, published within the specified dates of the judging period – from March 1 of the preceding year until the last day of February in the award year.
  • An entry fee of $35 applies to the submission of each title.

Complete your submission via the "Submit Your Entry" form.

* Do not submit ebooks in WORD or PDF format - neither are valid ebook formats.

* Gifting books via Amazon or similar will not work as we need to distribute to multiple judges - you will need to attach your mobi or epub file to the submission.

Submit Your Entry

Instructions on submitting your entry or entries, payment terms, and forwarding addresses for all entries are all listed on our entry form for your convenience.