The Last Days: the Apocryphon of Joe Panther

The Last Days: the Apocryphon of Joe Panther

Ned Kelly Year: 

Joe Panther is a psychotic, alcoholic, violent, substance-abusing heroin dealer. He is also, he believes, Joshua Ben Pantera, born two thousand years ago, the son of Mary and the Lord God Yaweh Himself, not dead yet, the crucified Jesus: still around, abandoned by his Father, abused by the world, and as pissed off as hell.

Andrew Masterson is an Australian author of crime fiction, horror and non-fiction. Masterson emigrated from the UK to Australia in 1968. He has worked as a journalist since 1984 in a number of countries, including Australia, Great Britain, Germany and U.S.A.

Andrew Masterson 

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