Apartment 255

Apartment 255

Ned Kelly Year: 

Sarah and Ginny have been best friends since school. They both had their share of adolescent problems but now things are working out for Sarah. She's met Tom. He's handsome, a journalist and totally devoted to her. Her TV reporting career is taking off. She and Tom have moved into a stunning inner-city apartment. But Ginny has not been so lucky. She wanted Tom, but she didn't get him. She wants the ease and grace with which Sarah lives her life. She wants - what Sarah has. She wants it all.

Bunty Avieson worked for 20 years as a journalist on newspapers and magazines in Australia and Britain. She was editor of Woman’s Day and Editorial Director of New Idea, winning three Magazine Publishers Association Awards. In 2000 Bunty took up fiction writing full time. Bunty lives with her partner and daughter, dividing her time between Sydney and India.

Bunty Avieson

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