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Karen Chisholm

Crime fiction fan from the minute I got my hands on a Trixie Belden book and years (okay many many years) later, that's not looking like abating. Reviewer, wrangler of AustCrimeFiction and pretend farmer.

Jaye Ford

Jaye Ford is the author of five chilling suspense novels. Currently published in nine languages and produced as audiobooks, her books feature gutsy female characters and are set in the Hunter Region of NSW, where she lives.

Her novel Beyond Fear won two Davitt Awards for Australian women crime writers - Best Debut Novel and Readers' Choice. 

Jaye is a former news and sport journalist, was the first woman to host a live national sport show on Australian TV and ran her own public relations consultancy before turning to fiction.

For more information about Jaye, please visit her website at:


Beyond Fear

At seventeen, Jodie Cramer survived a terrifying assault at the hands of three strangers. Her schoolmate Angie was not so lucky…

Now thirty-five, Jodie is a teacher and mother of two – and her past is a horror she’s buried deep. When she sets out for a weekend in the country with three friends, all she has in mind is a few laughs and a break from routine.

However, unknown to the four women, their secluded cabin was once the focus of a police investigation and, like Jodie, it nurtures a dark secret.

As her friends relax, the isolation reawakens Jodie’s terrifying memories. When she finds evidence of trespassers, she is convinced they are being watched. 

But no one will believe her and as her past threatens to overwhelm her, she begins to doubt herself – and her sanity.Until two men knock at their door …

Scared Yet

When Livia Prescott fights off a terrifying assault in a deserted car park, the media hail her bravery. And after a difficult year – watching her father fade away, her business struggle and her marriage fall apart – it feels good to strike back for once.

But as the police widen their search for her attacker, menacing notes start arriving. And brave is not what she feels any longer . . .

 Someone has decided to rip her life apart, then kick her when she’s down. But is it a stranger or someone much closer to home? In fact, is there anyone she can now trust?

When her family and friends are drawn into the stalker’s focus – with horrifying consequences – the choice becomes simple. Fight back, or lose the people she loves the most . . . 

Blood Secret

Nothing ever happens in Haven Bay, which is why Rennie Carter - a woman who has been on the run for most of her life - stayed there longer than she should.

However, the illusion of security is broken one night when Max Tully, the man she loves and the reason she stayed, vanishes without trace.

Rennie, though, is the only person who believes Max is in danger. The police are looking in the wrong places, and Max’s friends and his business partner keep hinting at another, darker side to him.

But Rennie Carter understands about double lives – after all, that’s not even her real name …

And she has a secret too – a big, relentless and violent one that she’s terrified has found her again … and the man she loves. 

Already Dead

Journalist Miranda Jack is finally attempting to move on from the death of her husband by relocating to the coast with her young daughter, Zoe. Then a single event changes everything.

On a Monday afternoon as she waits at traffic lights, a stranger jumps into her car and points a gun at her chest.

Forced to drive at high speed up the motorway, Miranda listens to the frantic, paranoid rants of Brendan Walsh, a man who claims he's being chased and that they're both now running for their lives.

Two hours later her ordeal is over in the most shocking fashion. Miranda is safe but she can’t simply walk away – not without knowing the truth about that terrifying drive.

 As a journalist Miranda has always asked questions. But this time the questions are dangerous – and the answers might get her killed . . .


Carly Townsend is starting over after a decade of tragedy and pain. In a new town and a new apartment she's determined to leave the memories and failures behind. 

However, her dream is shattered in the dead of night when she is woken by the shadow of a man next to her bed, silently watching her. And it happens week after week.

Yet there is no way an intruder could have enetered the apartment. It's on the fourth floor, the doors are locked and there is no evidence that anyone has been inside.

With the police doubting her story and her psychologist suggesting it's all a dream, Carly is on her own. And being alone isn't so appealing when you're scared to go to sleep ... 

Michael Robotham

Born in Australia in November 1960, Michael Robotham grew up in small country towns that had more dogs than people and more flies than dogs. He escaped in 1979 and became a cadet journalist on an afternoon newspaper in Sydney.

In 1993 he quit journalism to become a ghostwriter, collaborating with politicians, pop stars, psychologists, adventurers and showbusiness personalities to write their autobiographies. Twelve of these non-fiction titles were bestsellers with combined sales of more than 2 million copies.

The Suspect

London psychiatrist Joseph O'Loughlin seems to have the perfect life. He has a beautiful wife, an adoring daughter, and a thriving practice to which he brings great skill and compassion. But he's also facing a future dimmed by Parkinson's disease. And when he's called in on a gruesome murder investigation, he discovers that the victim is someone he once knew. Unable to tell the police what he knows, O'Loughlin tells one small lie which turns out to be the biggest mistake of his life. Suddenly, he's caught in a web of his own making.

Lost (The Drowning Man)

Vincent Ruiz is lucky to be alive. A bullet in the leg, another through the hand, he is discovered clinging to a buoy in the River Thames, losing blood and consciousness fast. It takes six days for him to come out of his coma, and when he does, his nightmare is only just beginning. Because Vincent has no recollection of what happened, and nobody believes him.

A mile away from his body, a boat was found covered in blood - Vincent's and that of three others. Forensics say at least one of them must be dead. Vincent, a police detective, had signed his service pistol out of the station armoury, despite being on leave. Many murder suspects fake amnesia, and the investigating team are not sure this case is any different. The only clue is a picture in his pocket, a photograph of a young girl, Mickey Carlyle, who disappeared three years ago. And though Mickey is presumed dead, Vincent has the nagging doubt that she is alive and in terrible danger...

The Night Ferry

Alisha Barba's dreams of being a detective were shattered when a murder suspect broke her back across a brick wall. Now on her feet again, with her police career in limbo, she receives a message from an old school friend, Cate Beaumont, who is eight months pregnant and in trouble.

On the night they arrange to meet, Cate is mown down by a car that kills her husband instantly. As paramedics fight to save her life they discover there is no baby. Her pregnancy is an elaborate lie, a cruel deception.

Why? What happened? As Alisha sets out to answer these questions she is drawn deeper and deeper into a dangerous quest that will take her from the East End of London to Amsterdam's red light district and into a murky underworld of sex trafficking, slavery and exploitation.

A gripping thriller, with twists at every turn, THE NIGHT FERRY is Michael Robotham's finest novel yet.


A naked woman in red high-heeled shoes is perched on the edge of Clifton Suspension Bridge with her back pressed to the safety fence, weeping into a mobile phone. Clinical psychologist Joseph O'Loughlin is only feet away, desperately trying to talk her down. She whispers, 'you don't understand,' and jumps.

Later, Joe has a visitor - the woman's teenage daughter, a runaway from boarding school. She refuses to believe that her mother would have jumped off the bridge - not only would she not commit suicide, she is terrified of heights.

Joe wants to believe her, but what would drive a woman to such a desperate act? Whose voice? What evil?


Sami Macbeth is not a master criminal. He s not even a minor one. He s not a jewel thief. He s not a safe-cracker. He s not an expert in explosives. Sami plays guitar and wants to be a rock god but keeps getting side-tracked by unforeseen circumstances.

Fifty-four hours ago Sami was released from prison. Thirty-six hours ago he slept with the woman of his dreams at the Savoy. An hour ago his train blew up. Now he s carrying a rucksack through London s West End and has turned himself into the most wanted terrorist in the country.

Sami Macbeth - the man with the uncanny ability to turn a desperate situation into a hopeless one.

Bleed for Me

Ray Hegarty, a highly respected former detective, lies dead in his daughter Sienna's bedroom. She is found covered in his blood. Everything points to her guilt, but psychologist Joe O'Loughlin isn't convinced.

Fourteen-year-old Sienna is Joe's daughter's best friend - Joe has watched her grow up and seen the troubled look in her eyes. Against the advice of the police, he launches his own investigation, embarking upon a hunt that will lead him to a predatory schoolteacher; a conspiracy of silence and a race hate trial that is captivating the nation.

With dark psychological twists and heart-stopping tension, BLEED FOR ME is a page-turner thriller and undoubtedly Robotham's best yet.

The Wreckage

In London, ex-cop Vincent Ruiz rescues a young woman from a violent boyfriend but wakes next morning to find that he's been set up and robbed. As he tracks down the thieves, he discovers the boyfriend's tortured body and learns that powerful men are looking for the girl. What did Holly Knight steal that is so important to them

Meanwhile in Baghdad, the bank robbery capital of the world, billions of dollars in reconstruction funds has gone missing and Pulitzer prize-winning Journalist Luca Terracini is trying to 'follow the money'. The dangerous trail will lead him to London where he teams up with Vincent Ruiz and together they investigate the disappearance of an international banker and a mysterious 'black hole' in the bank's accounts.

Say You're Sorry

'My name is Piper Hadley and I went missing on the last Saturday of the summer holidays three years ago.'

When Piper and her friend Tash disappeared, there was a huge police search, but they were never found. Now Tash, reaching breaking point at the abuse their captor has inflicted on them, has escaped, promising to come back for Piper.

Clinical psychologist Joe O'Loughlin and his stalwart companion, ex-cop Vincent Ruiz, force the police to re-open the case after Joe is called in to assess the possible killer of a couple in their own home and finds a connection to the missing girls. But they are racing against time to save Piper from someone with an evil, calculating and twisted mind.

Watching You

Marnie Logan often feels like she's being watched. Nothing she can quite put her finger on - a whisper of breath on the back of her neck, or a shadow in the corner of her eye - and now her life is frozen. Her husband Daniel has been missing for more than a year. Depressed and increasingly desperate, she seeks the help of clinical psychologist Joe O'Loughlin.

Joe is concerned by Marnie's reluctance to talk about the past, but then she discovers a book packed with pictures, interviews with friends, former teachers, old flames and workmates Daniel was preparing for Marnie's birthday. It was supposed to be a celebration of her life. But it's not the story anyone was expecting . . .

Life or Death

Why would a man escape from prison the day before he's due to be released?

Audie Palmer has spent a decade in prison for an armed robbery in which four people died, including two of the gang. Seven million dollars has never been recovered and everybody believes that Audie knows where the money is.

For ten years he has been beaten, stabbed, throttled and threatened almost daily by prison guards, inmates and criminal gangs, who all want to answer this same question, but suddenly Audie vanishes, the day before he's due to be released.

Everybody wants to find Audie, but he's not running. Instead he's trying to save a life . . . and not just his own.

Natalie Conyer

Born in Sunderland UK and still harps on about the time they won the FA Cup in 1973. Lives in Fremantle. Day job is as a TV documentary director.  

You can find me on or on Facebook at ALAN Carter.


Prime Cut
Getting Warmer
Bad Seed
Sandi Wallace

Sandi Wallace is an award-winning Australian crime writer – she writes rural crime thrillers and gripping short stories. She has won a host of prizes for her short crime fiction and the Davitt Award Readers’ Choice for her debut novel Tell Me Why, which was also shortlisted for the Davitt Award Best Debut. Into the Fog is Sandi’s third rural crime thriller starring Georgie Harvey and John Franklin set in Victoria, out August 2018. It follows Tell Me Why and Dead Again. Some of her award-winning short fiction is featured in her first collection of short crime On the Job, and she is a contributing author of the anthology Writing the Dream.

Sandi is currently at work on the next instalment in her series, along with a standalone psychological thriller, and she lives in the stunning Dandenong Ranges outside of Melbourne with her husband.

Tell Me Why (Harvey & Franklin Book One)


Tell Me Why is the first rural crime thriller in a contemporary series set in country Victoria.

Melbourne writer Georgie Harvey heads to the mineral springs region of central Victoria to look for a missing farmer. There she uncovers links between the woman’s disappearance and her dangerous preoccupation with the unsolved mystery surrounding her husband.

Maverick cop and solo dad John Franklin is working a case that’s a step up from Daylesford’s usual soft crime; a stalker targeting single mothers.

Georgie’s investigation stirs up long buried secrets and she attracts enemies. When she reports the missing person to local cops, sparks fly between her and Franklin. Has he dismissed the writer too quickly?

Dead Again (Harvey & Franklin Book Two)

Dead Again is Sandi's second rural crime thriller set in country Victoria starring Georgie Harvey and John Franklin. Enjoy as a standalone or as part of the series.

It is almost two years since wildfires ravaged the tiny town of Bullock, and Melbourne journalist, Georgie Harvey, is on assignment in the recovering town to write a feature story on the anniversary of the tragedy.

In nearby Daylesford, police officer, John Franklin, is investigating a spree of vandalism and burglaries, while champing to trade his uniform for the plain clothes of a detective.

When Georgie’s story and Franklin’s cases collide, she not only finds herself back in conflict with the man she’s been trying to forget since their first encounter, but she uncovers the truth about how the fires started – a truth no-one is wanting to believe.

“Sandi Wallace has mastered rural crime.”B. Michael Radburn, author of The Falls

“A gripping twist on the bushfire threat all Australians live with.”—Jaye Ford, author of Darkest Place

On The Job (Short Stories)

Sandi's first collection of short cop stories and verse – includes some of her award-winners, along with new and never-before-released short crime fiction.

The highs and lows of cops on the job. The cases that make them, break them, bring them laughs, maybe even love.

Police on the beat, working one-officer shops and seasoned detectives pursue a cunning home intruder, a full-moon prankster, false friends, vengeful partners.

Adrenaline-charged car chases, unsanctioned surveillance, intense interrogation. The impact of a child’s tragic death. The import of unearthing what happened to an infant and her mother. Lives saved and crooks captured.

This gripping collection of Sandi Wallace’s award-winning short fiction—“Busted”, “Silk Versus Sierra” and “Losing Heidi”—along with new and never-before released verse and stories, includes “Impact”, a finalist in the international Cutthroat Rick DeMarinis Short Story Contest.

Sandi's work has been praised by serving police officers, authors and critics, including J.M. Peace, Jaye Ford, Vanda Symon, and the Herald Sun. Reviewer Monique Mulligan describes it as, “Edgy, suspense-laden drama,” while B. Michael Radburn, author of the Taylor Bridges series, says, “Sandi Wallace has mastered rural crime.”

Into the Fog (Harvey & Franklin Book Three)

Sandi's gripping third rural crime thriller is Into the Fog. Enjoy as a standalone or as part of her series starring Melbourne journalist Georgie Harvey and Daylesford cop John Franklin.

How could police lose three children?

Three missing children. A wild storm. A long way from home.

Melbourne journalist Georgie Harvey is on hand when three children disappear from a police-run camp in the Dandenong Ranges.

When Daylesford cop John Franklin hears the news, he is on secondment 200 kilometres away. Feeling responsible for the local kids, he abandons his post to join the search.

Somebody saw the children. Somebody knows something. Every minute is vital.

Frustration and desperation mount as the polar storm intensifies. Pushed to the outer by local detectives, Franklin and Georgie find cyber links to a serial predator and another missing girl, and will risk everything in their race to avert tragedy.

"Sandi Wallace’s best yet! Into the Fog is engaging, fast-paced, and full of suspense.”

—Karen M. Davis, former NSW police detective and author of the Lexie Rogers series

"A page turner…Into the Fog will wrap around you, releasing you only in its enthralling climax.”

—B. Michael Radburn, author of the Taylor Bridges series

"Into the Fog is an engrossing third outing in Wallace’s rural crime series featuring gutsy journalist Georgie Harvey and intrepid cop John Franklin – unputdownable!”

—L.J.M. Owen, author of the Dr Pimms, Intermillennial Sleuth series

Awards (Novels & Short Fiction)

Gun Oil, Bacon and Bleach (short crime) won 2017 Scarlet Stiletto Awards Special Commendation

The Witness (short crime) also won won 2017 Scarlet Stiletto Awards Special Commendation

Busted (short crime) won 2016 Scarlet Stiletto Awards Best Romantic Suspense Prize and published in ebook collection Scarlet Stiletto: the Eighth Cut - 2016

Tell Me Why (novel) won 2015 Davitt Award Readers' Choice and also shortlisted for 2015 Davitt Award Best Debut

Ball and Chain (short crime) won 2014 Scarlet Stiletto Awards Great Film Idea Prize and published in ebook collection Scarlet Stiletto: the Sixth Cut - 2014

Losing Heidi (short crime) won 2014 Scarlet Stiletto Awards Special Commendation

Silk Versus Sierra (short crime) won 2013 Scarlet Stiletto Awards Best Investigative Prize and published in ebook collection Scarlet Stiletto: the Fifth Cut - 2013

Impact (short crime) finalist in international competition: 2012 Cutthroat Rick DeMarinis Short Story Contest

Chris Allen

Chris Allen writes escapist action thrillers for realists, having seen and done it all.

A former paratrooper, Chris served in three Commonwealth armies across two decades and four continents. He left the military due to injuries, retiring at the rank of Major. In addition to his military career, Chris has served with three law enforcement agencies in Australia, led security operations for an international aid agency in East Timor during the emergency in 1999, and was headhunted to take over the protection of Sydney’s most iconic landmark, the Sydney Opera House. In 2008 Chris was appointed Sheriff of New South Wales, one of Australia’s most historic law enforcement appointments. Today, he continues his career as a writer and government senior executive. Chris and his wife, Sarah, live in Sydney. They have two small boys, Morgan and Rhett.

In his Intrepid series, Chris puts the reader deep within the action. His protagonist, Alex Morgan, represents the embodiment of Chris’s own military and law enforcement insider experience. Intrepid is the Intelligence, Recovery, Protection and Infiltration Division of Interpol, a top secret black ops taskforce operating in the shadows to protect the world’s most vulnerable people from the worst among us.


Part Jason Bourne, part James Bond, Alex Morgan is an agent of Interpol's black-ops division - Intrepid. Policeman, soldier and spy, Morgan and his fellow operatives are the faceless strangers who serve the greater good - the means to justify the end.

When an intelligence agent is brutally murdered and the president of a small African country is put in danger, Morgan is sent in on his first solo mission for Intrepid.

His cover is to evacuate a group of aid workers, with the help of the beautiful but distant Arena Halls, before the country is swept by civil war. But his true mission is much darker. A spy has gone rogue - and there's more at stake than the guy's career in the Secret Intelligence Service.

A heart-pounding, no-holds-barred chase from the dark heart of Africa to the crystalline waters of Sydney culminates in a fight to the death to stop the vicious renegade intelligence officer and uncover the shadowy conspiracy behind him.

Can Morgan stay alive long enough to rescue the girl, save himself and bring the renegade to justice?


'The safety catch is off. Return that girl to her family and drag those bastards back to justice. Dead or alive. It makes no difference to me.'

Alex Morgan - policeman, soldier and spy for Intrepid, the black-ops division of Interpol - is on the hunt for Serbian war criminals. But these guys were never going to let it be easy.

An assassination attempt is made on the presiding judge of the international criminal tribunal. Days later, the judge's daughter, the famous and beautiful classical pianist Charlotte Rose, vanishes.

The girl is not just a pretty face. She's the goddaughter of Intrepid's veteran commander, General Davenport. It's up to Morgan and the team to track the kidnappers before the very fabric of international justice is picked apart.

Part James Bond and part Jason Bourne, Alex Morgan must walk the line between doing the right thing and getting the job done. 

And this time, he's got permission to make it personal.


Policeman, soldier and spy for INTREPID, black ops agent Alex Morgan is hunting the Night Witch--the head of a shadowy criminal empire spanning the four corners of the globe and connected to Chinese triads, corrupt cops, and the Russian mafia.

When Morgan's sent to China to shadow INTREPID's newest agent, Elizabeth Reigns, he soon discovers she's been sold out and the triads are after their pound of flesh.

With Reigns in his corner, Morgan must find a way through a complex labyrinth of scattered connections and corporate takeovers to find the real Night Witch, and crush an empire built on trading in human life. But there's only one problem. To achieve his objective Morgan must confront an enemy he thought was already dead and buried. Will Morgan have what it takes to survive?

Tim Scanlon aka Tyson Adams

I'm amazing in bed, I can sleep for hours.
I love crime fiction so much that I like to act out scenes from books. Can anyone tell me where I can get ghosthead moths and a van from?


An avid reader and reviewer

Colin King


Colin King is a Bendigo writer who grew up in Horsham and worked as a consultant for government before retiring to write. Along the way, he has played guitar in rock bands, run marathons, led trekking parties and handbuilt a weekender on the Grampians fringe.

His second novel, Wetland, was published in August 2018 by Accidental Publishing, along with a re-issue of his 2013 debut, A Vintage Death.



When a Melbourne couple in witness protection are found assassinated in their bed, zoology student Josh Marshall recognises the address. He quickly realises he had inadvertently been an unseen witness to a bent cop divulging the couple’s location to the hitman … and he has the hard evidence to prove it. Coming forward and ending up in witness protection himself was hardly an option, that is until, a one-million-dollar reward is offered on the tenth anniversary of the killings.

The new evidence re-ignites lethal suspicions in a hunt for its source. Trauma-damaged Detective Sergeant Rory James returns to the cold case in a quest to identify and find Josh ahead of the underworld. His irresolute probe as a disparaged colleague winds through Bendigo, Bundoora and St Kilda to an unlikely faceoff in Margaret River.

Sualri Gentill
Kim McMinn
Damian Magee
Brigid George

Brigid George grew up in a small Australian town called Orbost in the state of Victoria. She spent her childhood chasing snakes and lizards down hollow logs, playing Hansel and Gretel in the bush with her brothers, climbing trees, searching the local rubbish tip for books to read and generally behaving like a feral child. To avoid her boisterous brothers she often escaped into the hayshed with a book. Thousands of hours of reading mystery authors such as Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Agatha Christie, Dorothy L Sayers, Josephine Tey and Ngaio Marsh and other crime fiction writers have prepared Brigid for writing in the genre.

Brigid George is the pseudonym of JB Rowley - author of Amazon #1 Best Sellers Whisper My Secret & Mother of Ten. The pen name is a tribute to JB’s father, George Rowley, who called her Brigid.

Murder in Murloo

When a popular young woman is strangled in her home in the seaside village of Murloo, The victim’s family call in investigative journalist Dusty Kent who has an impeccable record in solving the cold cases she writes about. However, this case tests Dusty to the limit and she despairs of ever catching the callous killer who seems to be lurking nearby and yet...

A gripping mystery imbued with the ambience of Australia—from the mysterious wood carving found with the body, the captivating characters of a small town, to the coastal splendour of the Southern Ocean.

Brigid George is the pen name of JB Rowley, author of Amazon #1 best sellers Whisper My Secret and Mother of Ten.

A Devious Mind

It was a silent death. One blow to her head was all it took. The killer struck Marcia Hamilton, a sixty-year-old grandmother of slim build, from behind. Marcia’s status as a distinguished author could not save her. The killer rolled her body, ‘like a piece of discarded junk’, down into a gully where it remained for almost two weeks.
This murder is the most heinous crime imaginable: the crime of matricide. Dusty Kent is sure of that. She is determined to expose the murderer no matter who it is.

A Devious Mind (Book #2 of the Dusty Kent murder mysteries) is an enthralling whodunit awash with mystery and atmosphere — from the message seemingly sent by the murder victim after her death, to the intrigue of family dynamics, to the ambling lifestyle of Byron Bay: Australia’s famous beach town. If you like a good mystery, don’t miss this one!

Brigid George is the pen name of JB Rowley, author of Amazon #1 best sellers Whisper My Secret and Mother of Ten.

Rippling Red

Behind the friendly laid-back facade of Darwin, Australia’s northern capital, a crocodile roams the waterways in search of revenge and evil ripples in the hearts of humans.

The suicide of Cody Bongiorno is devastating to those left behind. But was this gentle young man manipulated into taking his own life? Is there a link between Cody’s death and the horrific crocodile attack on his comical friend, Jerry Lucas? Following on from her stunning success in solving the murder of a famous Byron Bay resident, amateur sleuth and investigative journalist Dusty Kent is once again determined to bring resolution to the families left behind in the wake of these tragedies.

Rippling Red,  the third novel in the Dusty Kent murder mystery series, unfolds against a backdrop of spectacular sunsets as layers are stripped away to reveal twists, surprises, shocking truths and finally, the dark secrets that lie beneath still waters.

Disguising Demons

From an Amazon bestselling author comes a classic whodunit with twists and turns and secrets that must be revealed...

The dead body of a Buddhist monk is found at the bottom of a cliff early one morning in a small town in Australia’s Far North Queensland. Four months later with the killer still at large, Dusty Kent, investigative journalist renowned for her ability to solve cold cases, is called in.

Dusty’s heart goes out to the humble monk who lived quietly in a forest community, nurturing the garden and volunteering to read books to elderly residents of a retirement village. Why would anyone want to kill such a gentle soul? Is the killer a fellow monk with psychopathic traits? Had small town prejudice against the forest community manifested into violent hatred?

Dusty’s determination to unmask the murderer is spurred on by her sympathy for the dead monk, her determination to bring him justice and her fury at the cold-hearted killer. One by one, secrets are uprooted and motives unearthed. What Dusty discovers in her quest to find the truth shocks and saddens her and has her Irish assistant questioning whether they should continue with the case.

This 4th book in the Dusty Kent Murder Mystery series following Murder in Murloo, A Devious Mind and Rippling Red is certain to captivate you.

Brigid George is the pen name of JB Rowley, author of Amazon bestsellers Whisper My Secret and Mother of Ten.

SJ Gardiner

SJ Gardiner is a clinical microbiologist by day - that's a pathologist specialising in the diagnosis and management of infectious diseases. Not the kind of pathologist who hangs around crime scenes and cuts up dead bodies. In TV terms, she's more like Dr Greg House, but without the limp or the drug habit and with a better bedside manner... she hopes.

After hours, she has a fatal weakness for crime fiction - always buried in a book. One day, she decided to combine this passion with her medical background and started writing. Her first book, ISOLATION was published by Fahrenheit Press in 2016.


The most dangerous enemy is the one you can't see...

Hundreds of lives are at risk as infectious diseases specialist Dr Julia Sinclair races to defeat a lethal outbreak of an antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

The real danger though lurks unseen in the shadows - a serial killer who will stop at nothing to make their twisted plan a reality.

As Dr Sinclair battles to save her hospital and her patients, she realises that all is not as it seems and the truth is even more terrifying than anyone could ever have imagined.


Author, actress, singer and registered marriage celebrant, Jane is often asked if there is anything she can’t do, to which she simply replies, ‘ballet and making money’.

She was part of the smash-hit stage shows Menopause – the Musical and Mum’s the Word; while on the small screen she's had roles in many of Australia’s early TV cops shows.

As a singer, she had two top 10 pop singles, and released a solo CD, The Marriage of Style in 2003. She’s also written her memoir, The Address Book (Penguin 2011).

She will, however, always best known for a TV role she played 35 years ago: Margo in Prisoner (Cell-Block H).

Flush is her third crime novel, following Half Past Dead and A Hand in the Bush.


Inga Kristensen’s body washes up on the banks of the flooded Maribyrnong River, revealing a dark history that stretches beyond the usual sordid tales of the red light district.

Police thwart Oleg Kransky’s suicide attempt and find him surrounded by the bloodstained clothes of his wife.

He’s a shoe-in as prime suspect. But he’s not talking – to anyone.

Psychologist, Decca Brand, tells police that even when Oleg was talking he never told the truth – about himself or his wife.

It’s a complicated tale with more twists and turns than a box of pretzels.

How much water will it take to flush out a murderer? 

Half Past Dead
A Hand in the Bush

Psychologist Decca Brand is forty-seven, divorced, and about to have her first blind date in years, although officially he’s still married. Any anxiety she might have about this, though, fast disappears when she sees a teenage girl jump off the Westgate Bridge. Furthermore, Decca’s besieged by memories of a murder she witnessed twenty-five years earlier and had thought she’d successfully repressed. Then things start to get complicated. The past catches up with her and to save herself Decca must confront her once secret life of ambiguous sexuality, late-night partying and malevolent dentists.

A Hand in the Bush is the new page-turning comic thriller—brimful with wit and menace—from the irrepressible Jane Clifton. 

Bic Smith


Anne Buist

Anne Buist is the Chair of Women’s Mental Health at the University of Melbourne and has over 25 years clinical and research experience in perinatal psychiatry. She works with Protective Services and the legal system in cases of abuse, kidnapping, infanticide and murder. Medea’s Curse is her first mainstream psychological thriller, out January 28th 2015, with Text publishing.

Medea's Curse

Forensic psychiatrist Natalie King works with victims and perpetrators of violent crime. Women with a history of abuse, mainly. She rides a Ducati a size too big and wears a tank top a size too small. Likes men but doesn’t want to keep one. And really needs to stay on her medication.

Now she’s being stalked. Anonymous notes, threats, strangers loitering outside her house.

A hostile former patient? Or someone connected with a current case? Georgia Latimer—charged with killing her three children. Travis Hardy—deadbeat father of another murdered child, with a second daughter now missing. Maybe the harrassment has something to do with Crown Prosecutor Liam O’Shea—drop-dead sexy, married and trouble in all kinds of ways.

Natalie doesn’t know. Question is, will she find out before it’s too late?

Dangerous to Know

Psychiatrist Natalie King's supervisor needs her help. But is it to get over the death of his first wife or to plan the murder of his second? Following a severe depressive episode, Natalie King figures it's time for a quiet life and retreats to the country. But Natalie and trouble have a strange mutual fascination. Her charismatic new boss Frank is friendly, even attractive. But it turns out his wife is an old enemy of Natalie's. And when Frank's tragic personal history is revealed - then reprised in the most shocking way - Natalie finds ehrself drawn into a deep mystery. And even deeper into danger.

This I Would Kill For

How far will a parent go to keep - or save - their child?

Psychiatrist Natalie KIng is the expert witness in a vicious child custody battle, and the stakes are high. Getting it wrong means handing a child over to an abuser - or deprriving that child of the only father she knows.

Is Jenna gaming the system? Or is her ex-husband Malik as dangerous as sh suggests? How can Natalie best protect the child? And now that Natalie hrself is pregnant - and still unsure of the paternity - how is her growing preoccupation with her own lot father affecting her judgment?

Court dramas, cultural classes and media backlash create an explosive mixture that forces Natalie to make life and death choices.

Deborah Wood
Andrea Vollbrecht
fiona malcolm
Patricia Miller
Barry Maitland

Barry Maitland is the author of the twelve crime novels of the Brock and Kolla series, set in London where he grew up. Since moving to Australia in 1984 he has written Bright Air, a mystery set in Sydney and Lord Howe Island, and most recently the Belltree Trilogy, featuring the Sydney homicide detective Harry Belltree. He was co-winner of the inaugural Ned Kelly Award for best Australian crime novel in 1995.

Ash Island

The second book in the Belltree Trilogy. Homicide detective Harry Belltree has a new posting. Away from Sydney, where, in the first book, Crucifixion Creek, he was nearly killed by a corrupt colleague and is now an embarrassment. Off to a quiet life in Newcastle. Or maybe not so quiet. Abody;s been dug up on Ash Island. It may not be the only one.

Slaughter Park

This is the third and final book in The Belltree Trilogy. Harry Belltree's obsessive pursuit of justice has cost him everything – his job in homicide, his marriage and his newborn child. He has nothing left to lose, or so he thinks. Then his estranged wife Jenny disappears, leaving their baby daughter behind. The police think Jenny has murdered a man. Harry thinks she is in danger. It's up to Harry to find his missing wife before they do. And to lay bare, at last, the extraordinary conspiracy that led to his parents death.

Kim Pennings
Allen & Unwin
Megan Daymond

Megan Daymond is a crime author, writer, and advocate for survivors of childhood cancer. JUST PLAY ALONG is her debut crime novel, the first book in the Andy Knight Series based in Sydney’s Northern Beaches.

Megan has previously worked in book publishing as a Mac Operator/Typesetter at HarperCollinsPublishers, in Sydney. And has a background in health and fitness; formerly working as a remedial massage therapist and personal trainer. Megan currently lives in Western Sydney, Australia.

Just Play Along

When Andy and Mel’s double date turns into a snuff film, Andy fights back, killing one of her attackers, leading to an unwanted aftermath of attention and threats. 

Detective Daniel Connor links the attack to the recent discovery of six female bodies found buried in bushland on Sydney’s Northern Beaches – three double homicides now thought to be part of an organised snuff-film ring. 

When video of the attack is leaked online, the threats against the women escalate. Determined to find answers, Andy is caught in the middle of a deadly investigation. 

Connor vows to protect Andy and Mel, but begins to doubt his ability when their attacker escapes prison and two more women go missing.

The more suspects that are uncovered, the more Connor fears for Andy and Mel’s lives. 

Can they outwit the killers before more women are murdered?

Scribe Publications
Keith McTaggart

Keith McTaggart has published science education books including two 'Science as a Human Endeavour' titles for Blake Education and 'Flushing Dunnies' [with Paul Saddler].
His latest short story 'Caught' bridges between his crime novel 'Collingwood Flat' and its sequel 'Richmond Hill', which he is currently writing. His Middle Years adventure novel 'Alex and the Drug Smugglers' is being considered by a publisher.
He spends far too much time working on his boat and not enough time sailing it.

Text Publishing
Hachette Australia
Kathleen Burns
The Practice Baby

Set in Pyrmont and Glebe, a tense new medical thriller from Sydney GP L M Ardor.

Dr Dee Flanary knows her favorite patient didn’t die of natural causes but when police ignore her expertise she is driven into a dangerous investigation of her own. As she delves futher she uncovers a series of unexplained deaths and a sinister connection to her own past. Her career, her livelihood and ultimately her life are threatened. 

At once tender and terrifying this thriller features a woman in her fifties who is both strong and smart. She does not give up and you will be carried along with her right through to the edge-of-your-seat climax in the remote mountains of southern NSW. 

‘an absolute nail-biter, I found it literally unputdownable.’


‘I read the whole book in one sitting, I couldn’t put it down.’

Victoria Heywood

A former veterinary science student, Victoria Heywood soon realised that her heart lay in dissecting human nature rather than animals. Since swapping surgical gloves for a laptop, Victoria has worked as a copywriter, journalist and author, both in Australia and overseas. She has written extensively on relationships, food and travel and has 24 books of adult non-fiction under her belt, including Love Behind Bars and Lethal Lovers. Victoria is currently stalking some new case studies for her next foray into true crime, Every Move You Make (Five Mile Press 2015). 



  • Lethal Lovers (The Five Mile Press; April 2014)
  • Love Behind Bars: True Australian Stories (The Five Mile Press; April 2013)
  • Good Cook, Bad Cook (The Slattery Media Group; October 2012)
  • Celebrate! With Food and Wine (The Slattery Media Group; 2011)
  • Possum Pie, Beetroot Beer and Lamingtons (The Slattery Media Group; 2011)
  • The Australian Vineyard Restaurant Cookbook (Penguin; 2009) 
  • Hunters and Collectors – Stories of Devotion and Obsession (Penguin; 2007)
  • Barbecue Bible (Penguin; 2007)
  • Biscuit and Slice Bible (Penguin; 2007)
  • Baby Names (Penguin; 2007
  • The After Work Cookbook (Penguin; 2007)
  • Kids Party Book (Penguin; 2007)
  • Household Hints – The Easy Way to a Clean Clutter-Free Home (Penguin; 2006)
  • The Farmers Market Companion – Finding and Using Fresh Seasonal Produce  (Viking; 2006)
  • My Car – Stories of Devotion and Obsession (Penguin; 2006)
  • What to Say – Words for All Occasions (Penguin; 2006)
  • Save Money Fast (Penguin; 2005)
  • Compost (Penguin; 2005)
  • Diamonds (Penguin: 2005)
  • Working Holidays Overseas 5th Edition (Global Exchange; 2004)
  • International Careers for Australians (Global Exchange; 2003).


  • The Aldi Family Cookbook (The Slattery Media Group; 2012) 
  • Australian Expats – stories from abroad; Keep the Kangaroo Flying (Global Exchange; 2003)
  • Inspiring Adventures Overseas  - special interest travel (Global Exchange; 2002)

Anthologies edited:

  • War Stories (Viking; 2007)
  • Animal Stories (Viking; 2007)
  • Discovery – Journeys into the Unknown (Viking; 2006)
  • Love Stories – Tales of Passion and Romance (Viking; 2006)
  • Villains – Murderers, Monsters and Master Criminals (Viking; 2006)
  • Thinkers – Ideas that Broke New Ground (Viking; 2005)
  • Travel Stories – A Classic Collection (Viking; 2005)
Pantera Press

Shortlisted for Small Publisher of the Year 2013 and 2014, and Shortlisted for the ABIA Innovation Award 2015, our passion is publishing books readers rave about by discovering & nurturing talented new authors, & fostering debate. Our good books doing good things™ gives us a strong 'profits for philanthropy' foundation. Explore our website for lots about our great new authors & titles - available through good booksellers now! We're thrilled about what we're doing. We hope you get excited too!

Norton Stone

I am an unpublished crime writer with three promising and quite different attempts at the genre. In an effort to be publishable locally I have developed a detective series set in iconic Australian locations with a decidedly international flavor. I am currently finishing the second of the six novellas which I believe could be published traditionally in two volumes of three stories or as ebooks aimed at commuters.
Earlier works include two semi historical crime fictions, one set in the USA and the other the United Kingdom. I have also completed three film screenplays.

Justine Ford
Emma Viskic

Emma Viskic’s critically acclaimed Caleb Zelic series has been published in  numerous countries, including the US and UK. RESURRECTION BAY won the 2016 Ned Kelly Award for Best First Fiction, and an unprecedented three Davitt Awards. It was iTunes Australia's Crime Novel of the year, and is currently shortlisted for the UK’s prestigious CWA Gold Dagger and New Blood Awards. Its sequel, AND FIRE CAME DOWN, won the 2018 Davitt Award for Best Crime Novel. 

Emma learnt Australian sign language (Auslan) in order to create the character of Caleb Zelic, who is profoundly deaf.

Also a classically trained clarinettist, Emma studied at the Victorian College of the Arts and the Rotterdam Conservatorium. Her musical career ranged from performing in operas and musicals, to playing at an engagement party that ended in a brawl. 

Resurrection Bay (Caleb Zelic 1)


Caleb Zelic, profoundly deaf since early childhood, has always lived on the outside - watching, picking up telltale signs people hide in a smile, a cough, a kiss. When a childhood friend is murdered, a sense of guilt and a determination to prove his own innocence sends Caleb on a hunt for the killer. But he can’t do it alone. Caleb and his troubled friend Frankie, an ex-cop, start with one clue: Scott, the last word the murder victim texted to Caleb. But Scott is always one step ahead.

This gripping, original and fast-paced crime thriller is set between a big city and a small coastal town, Resurrection Bay, where Caleb is forced to confront painful memories. Caleb is a memorable protagonist who refuses to let his deafness limit his opportunities, or his participation in the investigation. But does his persistence border on stubbornness? And at what cost? As he delves deeper into the investigation Caleb uncovers unwelcome truths about his murdered friend – and himself.

Resurrection Bay is the exciting debut novel by Melbourne-based award-winning crime writer Emma Viskic.

And Fire Came Down (Caleb Zelic 2)


Deaf since early childhood, Caleb Zelic used to meet life head-on. Now, he’s struggling just to get through the day. His best mate is dead, his ex-wife, Kat, is avoiding him, and nightmares haunt his waking hours.

But when a young woman is killed after pleading for his help in sign language, Caleb is determined to find out who she was.  The trail leads Caleb straight to his hometown, Resurrection Bay.  The town is on bushfire alert and simmering with racial tensions. As Caleb delves deeper, he uncovers secrets that could threaten any chance of reuniting with Kat, and even threaten his life. Driven by his demons, he pushes on. But who is he willing to sacrifice along the way?











































Black Beacon Books

Black Beacon Books is an independent, award-winning publisher based in Brisbane. We publish imaginative and thought-provoking fiction that falls into the genres of mystery, suspense, psychological horror, adventure, black humour, and the just plain
weird. We aim to provide our readers with tales that entertain and, at the same time, have something to say about society and the human condition. Our potential customers and contributors should be aware that unlike many independent, and indeed major, publishing houses, Black Beacon Books only releases titles that are of the highest quality in terms of content, editing, and design.

Why the name? There are many tropes and symbols used in fiction of a dark and mysterious nature. Amongst them, we have keys, mirrors, telescopes, treasure chests, secret passages, graveyards, skulls, churches, castles, caves, telescopes, clocks, the moon, oil lamps and candles and, of course, beacons and lighthouses. The beacon or lighthouse conjures a setting of darkness, for in daylight they are rendered almost useless. In this darkness, they have a role to play, a crucial role, and that is to either warn away or beckon nearer. That is also the role of Black Beacon Books, to thrust the reader into mystery and darkness whilst providing a distant and guiding light, one that can be seen atop cliffs rising up from a troubled sea or on the peaks of wild mountains. We want stories that both warn you of impending danger and draw you into the worlds they create.

Brian Stoddart

Brian Stoddart has had an extensive career in the international university system and has published several non-fiction works. He has now published his first crime fiction and is writing a series featuring Superintendent Chris Le Fanu of the Indian Police Service, based in Madras during the 1920s and 1930s.

A Madras Miasma

A Madras Miasma is set in 1920s Madras and features Superintendent Chris Le Fanu. He is in charge of a special Crime Unit that uses the investigation methods set by the Austrian, Hans Gross. This case involves the death of a visiting Englishwoman, and takes Le Fanu and his Muslim sergeant Habibullah into the civil service, the business community, the emerging film industry and the criminal world. In solving the case, le Fanu confronts some of his own personal problems and relationships brought on by his war experiences.

A Madras Miasma was named as one of the top ten debut novels for 2014 by Crime Fiction Lover website in the UK.

The Pallampur Predicament

The Pallampur Predicament is the second in the Le Fanu series. The head of the Madras Crime Unit deals with the murder of a notable local landlord, and finds it connects to two other local cases that in turn lead to Chinese gangs in Hong Kong as well as the intelligence agencies in India and England and secretive banks. Le Fanu's personal and professional chanllenges make him consider his future as India struggles with political change and protest as well as hardening British attitudes.

A Straits Settlement

Acting Inspector-General Chris Le Fanu of the Indian Police Service in Madras does not like his post. Too much bureaucracy and not enough crime solving. Then his nemesis Arthur Jepson decides to return. To distract himself, Le Fanu takes on the case of a disappearing Indian Civil Service officer, and that coincides with the death of a well connected European whose body turns up in an unlikely part of the city. As Le Fanu follows the case with Assistant Superintendent Muhammad Habibullah and Assistant Superintendent Jackson Caldicott, the stories produce links across the Bay of Bengal in the Straits Settlements. Le Fanu is sent to Penang to follow the cases and to get him out of Penang before Jepson's return. On the ship Le Fanu meets and becomes close to Jenlin Koh, a Straits Chinese whose father becomes entwined in the cases. By the time the cases are closed Le Fanu has a new job offer and a new complication in his life

Robert Gott
The Serpent's Sting: A William Power Fiasco. Book IV
Good Murder. A William Power Fiasco. Book I
A Thing of Blood. A William Power Fiasco. Book II
Amongst the Dead. A William Power Fiasco. Book III
The Holiday Murders
The Port Fairy Murders
Rachel Franks

Some people look at her strangely when they find out that her PhD is in crime fiction. Not a woman to be flustered easily she has, despite the strange looks, delivered numerous conference papers on crime fiction, food studies and information science. Her work can be found in various books, journals and magazines as well as on a few blogs. She also Tweets (@cfwriter). She likes characters who are tough, quirky or both and stories that have neat endings. Her favourite murder weapon is poison.

Jennifer Evans
Roger Monk

Roger Monk was born in Adelaide and grew up in country South Australia.

He spent many years in banking, latterly as bank secretary before joining the University of South Australia where he has spent the last 25-plus

years specialising in organisational behaviour and the psychological implications of business practices, and as a supervisor of honours, masters and

Ph.D. students. He has done substantial overseas research and lecturing, holds a doctorate in human and organisational psychology and is a fellow

of the Financial Services Institute of Australasia. Whilst the author of numerous academic papers and articles, 'The Bank Inspector' is his first

venture into crime writing.

He lives in the foothills above Adelaide with his wife, Valerie, a registered nurse, and enjoys writing, reading historical and modern biographies and 

murder mysteries, gardening and fishing. He has grown and made his own dry Riesling at their property in the Barossa hills.

The Bank Inspector

The perfect crime!

One Monday morning, a bank branch is robbed. No one hurt or threatened. Not a hold-up. Not a tunnel into the vault. A three minute robbery and the robber drives away. Not followed. Not caught. A perfect, flawless crime.

Detective Sergeant Brian Shaw hardly knows where to start, especially as he is distracted by an attempted murder in a nearby street. A story of greed, treachery and a heart-breaking family feud.

Rowena Holloway

Rowena Holloway is an Australian writer of novels and short stories. Before settling on writing as a career, Rowena apprenticed as a hairdresser, played at receptionist in an engineering firm, indulged her love of learning by obtaining a handful of degrees, including a PhD in business, and was a tenured university lecturer. All of which convinced her fiction writing was preferable to the real world. 

Rowena also tracks down leading authors and interviews them, and reviews fiction across a range of genres. Review, interviews and information about her novels can be found on her website

Connect on Facebook:

Follow her on twitter:

Pieces of a Lie

Pieces of a Lie (novel) published October 2014 Print ISBN 9780944168801 eBook ISBN 9780994168818

One dark secret. Two troubled souls. The lie that brings them together could tear them apart.

Mina Everton's search for the criminal father who deserted her years ago draws her into the sinister underbelly of the Australian suburbs and a lie twelve years in the making. Detective Lincoln Drummond is investigating a series of robberies. Simple. Until he meets Mina, who gets to him in ways he's never faced before, and it soon becomes clear the truth behind the robberies is far from simple. Despite Mina's growing feelings for Drummond, she can't bring herself to trust him. And the closer she gets to her father, the more she looks, and acts, like a suspect.

To expose the truth she must choose—destroy herself ... or the only man who believes in her.

Sometimes love isn't enough... 


All That's Left Unsaid

All That's Left Unsaid* (novel)

A mother’s silence can be deadly.

“All my life I’ve waited for my mother’s affection. Now I must compete with a dead woman.”

When Harriet Taylor learns her mother once lived in Italy, a secret she has kept for thirty years, Harriet accepts the challenge to determine if the remains known only as the Positano Skeleton belong to her mother’s long lost friend. Yet how can she probe old secrets when she doesn’t speak the language and no one wants to talk to a foreigner about the skeleton or the past?

In the dark chasm of Italy’s past, some things are best left buried.

*Shortlisted for the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Awards 2010 under the title Out of the Abyss.

Helen Goltz

After studying English Literature and Communications at universities in Queensland, Helen Goltz has worked as a journalist and marketer in print, TV, radio and public relations. She is currently the editor of a Brisbane lifestyle magazine.

Helen is the author of seven books (six crime-related) and is published by Clan Destine Press and Atlas Productions.

She was born in Toowoomba and has made her home in Brisbane.

Visit the blog and website at:

Or Facebook at:

Follow on Twitter at: @helengoltz


The Mitchell Parker crime thriller series:

An ambitious plan to switch two planes in mid-air began as an online game ... but now it is more, much more. It is a plan to mastermind the perfect crime. Will Special Agent Mitchell Parker and his team discover the plot before it is too late? If you love it when a plan comes together, hold on, because nothing is about to go right!

Graveyard of the Atlantic

The Mitchell Parker crime thriller series:

Graveyard of the Atlantic

Below the surface of the ocean, off the shores of Cape Hatteras, lie the bodies of many ships that never made it to shore and something more ... silent and sinister.  It’s a rough and violent ride for Parker and his team against the ocean and the clock.

The Fourth Reich

The Mitchell Parker crime thriller series:

The stilted footage of Holocaust survivors marching through the gates of Auschwitz comes to the end as four red words are scratched across the last frame— Nazi, Jew hater, fake! Parker and his team find themselves in the middle of a Neo-Nazi plot that spans two continents and threatens to bring history back to life.

Death By Sugar

The Jesse Clarke crime series:

Private investigator, Jesse Clarke, thought sugar was such a friendly substance, until it appears in two of her cases for all the wrong reasons. Traces of sugar were connected to a bomb that blew up her client’s Mercedes. Was the bomb meant to kill or was it just a warning of what is to come? And could sugar have duped the immune system of a client’s mother over thirty years ago, resulting in death? Juggling the two cases—one in the present and one in the past—Jesse finds herself talking to the living and the dead to get results.

Death By Disguise

The Jesse Clarke crime series:

Death by Disguise

The dead are walking and it is not even Halloween! Private investigator Jesse Clarke knew it wasn’t going to be a normal week when Spiderman steals a collection of costumes made for the next Comic Con, Batman drops in to warn her that all is not as it seems and two dead people are spotted alive but their death certificates say otherwise. Jesse finds herself talking to witches, superheroes and morticians to solve her two cases and looking behind the disguises for answers!

Three Parts Truth

Catherine Jameson—thirty, a widow in hiding—doesn’t know what happened that night. Two bodies found: her husband and his ex-lover. Was it a murder-suicide or an accidental death and suicide? Catherine picks through the ruins of her old life to find answers.

The Clairvoyant's Glasses

When Sophie Carell was eight-years-old, her eccentric, clairvoyant great aunt, Daphne, predicted Sophie would be one of the greatest clairvoyants of her time. Sophie wanted to be a movie star. Her mother said not to worry about it—Aunt Daphne was daffy.

When Sophie is called to the reading of Daphne’s Will, she is given a pair of glasses that will change her life. But that’s not all she acquires. Along with the glasses, Sophie ‘inherits’ a protector—the handsome and powerful Lukas Lens; plus brooding Detective Murdoch Ashcroft who is keen for Sophie to fill her aunt’s shoes and put her talents to work for him.

Sophie has to decide if she will focus on her acting career or explore her new-found clairvoyant skills. But danger lurks around the corner...

ken mackenzie
Talk Dirty To Me




David Lewis, EX Screw, Navy Diver, Bouncer, nightclub owner and sometime Private Inquiry Agent who still works for Centurion Armoured as an Armoured Vehicle Operator is back and in more trouble than Brick Bradford.

After years of scamming and moving in some seedy circles making a Dirty Dollar Lewis has left Sydney’s Northern Beaches for a tree change, buying a farm North in the quiet and picturesque Mt Seaview region,  on the New South Wales Mid North Coast. Where yet another involvement in a  scheme to make some lucrative spondoolies with Lurk merchant Seedy Phil Moore lands David into contact with Career Criminal Steve Forbes, a nasty piece of work who wants David to join him,  in on an audacious  heist that will make them both rich if they can manage to pull it off, while still trying to keep a couple of steps  ahead of each other.  

As if that wasn’t enough on his plate Lewis’s good friends the Lamb’s turn to him for help  with a big problem of their own with a couple of bikies  from the Sydney Chapter of The Animals OMG, who have fronted up for a piece of the action from The Baa Baa’s erotic  internet amateur dirty  talking business. Lewis who is old school doesn’t believe in letting friends down and is always on the hunt for a quid smells what he thinks will be an easy earn.

But it isn’t all doom and gloom Dave meets up with an old flame and former Federal Police Officer Rachel Dawes who manages to cast a spell on him with a penchant for her own brand of kinkiness. The scene is set for possibly the biggest and most dangerous rort of Lewis’s life.  

William Owen
Angela O'Brien-Malone
John Dale

JOHN DALE is the author of six books including the best-selling Huckstepp and two crime novels The Dogs Are Barking and Dark Angel, which won a Ned Kelly Award. His other books are a memoir, Wild Life, an investigation into the fatal shooting of his grandfather in 1940s Tasmania, a campus novel Leaving Suzie Pye and a novella Plenty.

His new crime novel Detective Work, was published in September 2015.


Detective Work

When Dimitri Telegonus is promoted to the Serious Unsolved Crime Unit to investigate the disappearance of a beautiful blonde escort, he thinks he’s finally made the big time. He’d always wanted to do detective work; thought it was his destiny.


But things quickly start to unravel. His assigned partner is a disinterested dinosaur and when progress in the investigation is slow, the bosses threaten to pull the plug.


Desperate to crack his first cold case, he tracks the prime suspect down – only to find there are forces at play a naïve young detective will never fully understand.


From the bestselling author of Huckstepp comes a riveting new novel of intrigue and suspense.


Sydney Noir
Katt Pemble

I write, I read and review, I blog (Coffee2Words) and love pretty much anything to do with books and writing, including editing. I am a Book Nerd and I wear that badge with pride.

You'll notice in my reviews I comment frequently on spelling and grammatical errors, I am not a qualified editor by any means, but I can't stand seeing easily corrected errors in published books.

Feel free to check out my blog if you have a few minutes (the link is below), I have a spattering of different posts that cover writing, reading, reviewing and a few other topics too.

Horizon Publishing Group

An Independent Australian publisher of contemporary writing

As publishing a book of any genre in Australia as around the world by new and unknown authors became problematic for most authors due to the increase of manuscripts rejections by almost all publishing houses, the Idea of creating a publishing house that will never reject a high-quality manuscript, subject to some terms, conditions, and Manuscript Submission Guidelines was born.

The aim is to enhance literary heritage conservation, cross-cultural understanding, bridging the communication gaps between different cultures, creating a wealth of literary works, for generations to come.

Fremantle Press
David Kilner
The Climate Change Murders: A Skyla Merrick Mystery

Somebody wanted Edwina Ling dead and it would not be a pleasant death, that was for sure. But who was the villain? The climate change activist? The professional colleague? The fishing industry guru? The ex-lover? The disgruntled employee? Detective Sergeant Skyla Merrick must tackle not only confusing evidence trails and public brawls but also long-buried personal traumas that threaten her objectivity. The only one she can turn to for help is the man who betrayed her ….


Tom Langshaw
Sandy Curtis
Grievous Harm

When a child is in danger, every second counts.


In Sydney, Australia, The Loving Hand church understands how children can be a commodity more precious than gold.

When Kate Maclaren flies in from Los Angeles, desperate to find her missing niece, she opens a door into this world, and uncovers a network of corruption that stretches across the country.

Agent John Corey, torn by long-buried guilt, and harbouring secrets he must not reveal, joins forces with Kate to expose the sinister cult before more children disappear. He will risk everything, even defying orders, to help Kate uncover the truth and keep her safe.

But when their journey into Australia’s Outback reveals the psychopath at the centre of the network, it is Kate who discovers she will do anything for the people she loves.


Kel Robertson
Steve Sailah

Steve Sailah is a former ABC foreign correspondent in New Delhi and Washington and the recipient of two prestigious Walkley Awards. He was a friend to several Gallipoli veterans, and returned to the battlefields with a number of them on the 75th anniversary of the first ANZAC landing. His ABC documentary, Stories from Gallipoli, was republished in April 2013.Steve lives in Sydney, Australia

Killing Kitchener (2017) A Fatal Tide (2014)

A powerful novel set in Gallipoli, that's part war-story and part mystery. 'Amid Gallipoli's slaughter he hunted a murderer . . .'

It is 1915 and Thomas Clare rues the day he and his best friend Snow went to war to solve the murder of his father. 

The only clues – a hidden wartime document and the imprint of an army boot on the victim's face – have led the pair from the safety of Queensland to the blood-soaked hills of Gallipoli. 

Now not only are Thomas's enemies on every side – from the Turkish troops bearing down on the Anzac lines, to the cold-blooded killer in his own trench – but as far away as London and Berlin.

For, unbeknown to Thomas, the path to murder began thirteen years earlier in Africa with the execution of Breaker Morant - and a secret that could change the course of history . . .

- See more at:

Sarah EC Byrne


Alison Clifford

Alison is the author of the White Rose series and the New London books, and is a member of the Australian Crime Writers Association. She has served in both the Australian Army Reserve and the Royal Australian Air Force, and now lives in Tasmania with her family. Alison is a self-confessed stationery junkie, loves forests, and drinks too much tea.


“Mrs Markov, where is your husband?”

Beth’s life is perfect. Newly married to FBI Special Agent Nick Markov and building her career as a forensic botanist, Beth has it all.

Until Nick betrays his fellow agents and abandons her.

Beth is left alone to face the devastation of Nick’s lies. Grilled by the FBI, the only person who believes Beth is innocent is Nick’s boss, Assistant Director Warren Pearce.

Warren’s work is demanding enough without the complication of his growing attraction to the wife of his fugitive agent. When Beth disappears, the fine line between Warren’s job and his feelings for her becomes impossible to maintain.

Will Beth forgive Nick for breaking her heart? Will Warren choose the path of duty, or fight for Beth’s love? In a world of danger and deceit, who will survive and who will triumph?


They wouldn’t see it coming.

Believing the dangers of the past behind them, Warren Pearce, an FBI agent and his wife Beth, savour the peace they have found.

But the secrets they had thought buried re-emerge to threaten a friend, and take control once more.

With the secret’s power to destroy their lives, using official channels is not an option. Warren joins his friend Sam, an ex-FBI agent, to identify and stop the culprit before the promised acts of reprisal can take place.

As the threat intensifies against them all, Warren must uncover the source of evil, and halt it before the horrifying final act of Retribution.

Seeing Red

Have you ever enraged a murderer?

Redhead Nell, a civilian psychologist with the US Navy, takes her dream job at a submarine base to escape a protective family and build a life of her own. Meeting James, the handsome skipper of the submarine Scottsdale, is a bonus she hadn’t expected.

When Nell is attacked after a body is pulled from the local river, two investigations swing into motion, with no obvious link between them. The killer plots to keep the cases separate and conceal the damning secrets from his past that would lead to a connection, and his demise.

As his attempts to complete the cover-up fail, his frustration and rage turn toward the person who stands in his way.

The redhead shrink. 


Hidden graves found in the forest. Three gangs join forces. The abrupt resignation of a top FBI scientist.

What is the connection?

Beth is shocked when her fellow scientist quits without warning, but Warren, her husband and a senior FBI agent, doesn’t share her concerns. Beth takes matters into her own hands and calls on private investigator, Sam Dalton, for help.

The answer he finds leaves them asking more questions.

Things aren’t always what they seem.

Secrets Within

Ditched by the love of his life, Andrew, a US Navy lawyer, takes time off to spend with his sister, Nell. When he succumbs to temptation on the journey to Nell’s home, the resulting one night stand with a grey-eyed woman leaves Andrew torn and confused.


Andrew’s holiday is soon disrupted when an officer on the submarine commanded by Nell’s husband is caught with stolen plans. As a favour to his brother-in-law, Andrew agrees to act on behalf of the accused officer. A specialist team of NCIS agents is called in to lead the investigation— the ex-love of Andrew’s life among them. And the local NCIS agent assisting them? The grey-eyed mystery woman – Tait.


As the investigation proceeds, what started out as a straightforward case becomes complicated, as long held secrets are revealed one by one. The key to solving the puzzle proves elusive, until one tiny piece of information exposes the biggest secret of them all.



While Beth relishes her career as a forensic botanist with the FBI, Warren is fed up with the endless round of meetings his management role requires. He wants to be hands-on with investigations, but that’s not something an executive assistant director with the FBI does.

Warren is tempted by a job offer from his best friend, but must reconsider when Beth is given a life-changing diagnosis which will impact their future.

A bank robbery gone wrong leaves an innocent man dead, sparking an FBI investigation. The thieves believe they are safe from discovery, but a crucial piece of evidence is left behind. Beth uses the evidence to narrow the search, leading to an arrest.

The robbery investigation takes a turn when the man they have in custody dies while awaiting trial.

Then a suspect in the case is killed by a bomb.

And then another.

Is a vigilante killer on the loose, or is a grieving family member seeking revenge?

And who is next on the list?

The Code

NCIS Special Agent Ryan Gilmour finds himself back at the New London submarine base, the result of a posting swap with a friend. He settles in to wait for a chance to lead an investigation and for a woman who can capture his fickle heart.


When a vandal carves a Morse code message onto a building on the base, Ryan crosses paths with librarian Alex Ware. Her ability to avoid answering his questions leaves Ryan convinced she is hiding something. Determined to find out what it is he seeks her out, but his persistence only leads to conflict and frustration.


As a second act of vandalism rapidly follows, and then a third, Ryan is given the lead in the investigation. The attacks become sinister, the trail of Morse code messages with each act taunting Ryan and his team, daring them to break the code before it’s too late. And at every turn is the elusive Alex Ware.


Will Ryan and his team find the key to solving the case? Will Alex let down her guard and tell Ryan her secret?


Can they uncover who is behind The Code?

Ann Turner

Ann Turner is an award-winning screenwriter and director, avid reader and history lover. She is drawn to salt-sprayed coasts, luminous landscapes and the people who inhabit them all over the world. Her films include the historical feature Celia starring Rebecca Smart – which Time Out listed as one of the fifty greatest directorial debuts of all time; Hammers Over The Anvil, starring Russell Crowe and Charlotte Rampling; and the psychological thriller Irresistible starring Susan Sarandon, Sam Neill and Emily Blunt. Ann has lectured in film at the Victorian College of the Arts.

Returning to her first love, the written word, in her debut novel The Lost Swimmer Ann explores themes of love, trust and the dark side of relationships. Her second novel, Out of the Ice, a mystery thriller set in Antarctica, will be published by Simon and Schuster in 2016. Ann was born in Adelaide and lives in Melbourne.

A. B. Patterson

A. B. Patterson is an Australian writer who knows first-hand about corruption, power, crime and sex. He was a Detective Sergeant in the WA Police, working in paedophilia and vice, and later was a Chief Investigator with the NSW Independent Commission Against Corruption.
Born in Sydney, he grew up in England and France, returning to Australia when eighteen and soon commencing his career in law enforcement, and other government agencies.
He now lives in Sydney and loves to holiday in France. Harry’s World is his first book.

Harry's World


PI Harry Kenmare is a prehistoric private detective in an unfriendly and infinitely unjust modern world.

His life revolves around drinking, fine food, smoking, and fast women, preferably the ones he has to pay for, in cash. So what better CV for trawling through Sydney’s corrupt social and political elites, who cravenly chase power and wealth behind veneers of respectability.

In this collection of seedy episodes, Harry is a dinosaur on a mission of justice, looking to shatter the hypocritical façades. And the rules don’t always apply.

Join Harry in the jungle of 21st century Port Jackson, where little is as it seems and none of it is pretty. Except, of course, those gorgeous by the hour girls.

AWARD NEWS:  (1) Bronze Medal in 2016 Independent Publisher Book Awards, (2) Finalist in 2016 Beverly Hills International Book Awards, (3) Finalist in 2016 National Indie Excellence Awards, (4) Bronze Medal in 2016 Global Ebook Awards, (5) "Outstanding" (first place in category) in 2016 Independent Author Network Book of the Year Awards.

Kat Clay

Kat Clay is an award-winning photographer and writer from Melbourne, Australia. Her first novella, Double Exposure, is a weird-noir tale released 2015 with Crime Factory. In the same year, she has been awarded a Melbourne UNESCO City of Literature Travel Grant to attend the World Science Fiction Convention in Spokane, Washington State. Kat has written non-fiction articles for both travel and academic magazines, including The Victorian Writer, Literary Traveler, TNT, Travel Weekly, Matador Network and Weird Fiction Review.

Double Exposure

1948 Portvieux City. A scandal photographer shoots a brutally murdered woman through his lens.

But only he can see her.

As the Photographer uncovers the truth about the invisible woman, he delves into the seedy city, where a missing photographer leaves a legacy of lust, and the border between dreams and reality slowly dissolves like a negative in acid.

“Pulpy noir with a spectral twist; really good stuff.” - Lindy Cameron, Sisters in Crime

“Poetic, cinematic, and hell of a lot of fun, Double Exposure is a love letter to hardboiled’s dirty past that never lets us forget the urgency of the present. Kat Clay writes like a weapon, an author whose pen takes no shit from anyone.” - Alexandra Heller-Nicholas, author of DEVIL’S ADVOCATES: SUSPIRIA and FOUND FOOTAGE HORROR FILMS: FEAR AND THE APPEARANCE OF REALITY

Craig Bezant

Avid crime reader.
Editor of the crime anthology, 'The One That Got Away' (Dark Prints Press), I have worked with over 100 authors, including Lawrence Block, Chris Simms, Zane Lovitt, Deborah Sheldon and Andrew Nette.

Anne Ferguson

I am an avid reader of crime, always have been. Now I get to research and teach into the areas of crime and media- haven't written crime novel yet but that's on my bucket list !

Alison Murray

I have written a novel that treads the line between mystery and espionage thriller. Currently, I am at the stage of seeking representation. I have written professionally for a European industry organization in Tokyo for 17 years, producing everything from press releases to newspaper articles, reports, web copy and collateral. I have also written in the past for The Economist and New Scientist. My career aspirations are now in full-length fiction. I am an Australian, currently working in Tokyo. I am a member of Publishers Marketplace, Sisters in Crime and CrimeSpace and other US writers’ organizations.

Mark Hollands

Mark's first novel is Amplify, a crime thriller set in the music industry. Its central character is music entrepreneur and former rock band manager Billy Lime. His second novel, a sequel, is Chain Reaction.

Born in the southern English town of Portsmouth, Mark spent his childhood in the Devonshire countryside playing cricket and rugby, watching "Top of the Pops" and cultivating a prolific knowledge of music trivia thanks to punk-era newspapers like the New Musical Express and Melody Maker.

He began his career as a 16-year-old cub reporter and teaboy at The Sidmouth Herald, went on to edit magazines before migrating to Australia after a working holiday took a permanent turn. He has held editorial and publishing roles in major media companies in Australia and the UK, and he spent two years as a journalist in Papua New Guinea. He’s currently CEO of the Australian newspaper industry body, The Newspaper Works.

Mark has also worked in major American companies Gartner Inc. and Dow Jones, launched a dotcom back in the day, is a keen student of psychology and devours crime novels and music biographies. He lives in Sydney with wife Kylie and youngest son Charlie.

Amplify: A Billy Lime Thriller

Music promoter Billy Lime is in trouble.

The tour of rock legends, The Pagan Virtue, is the biggest in music history. Their concerts in Australia should be a career highlight if Billy can keep the warring musicians off the drugs, out of the bars and on the stage.

When lead singer Jet Kelly is poisoned, Billy's world starts to crumble.

Motorcycle gang the White Sharks has stashed $100 million of cocaine inside the band equipment bound for Sydney, and the cops mark Billy as a killer and drug runner.

How will Billy Lime keep the show on the road . . .

Hugh McGinlay

Hugh McGinlay is a writer of off beat fiction. His debut novel Jinx was published by Threekookaburras publishing house in 2015

Dawn Meredith

Dawn Meredith was brought up in England, Australia and Norway. She has authored 9 children's books. Letters From the Dead is her debut suspense crime novel. She moved with her family to Northern Tasmania in January 2018 to live on a 100 acre farm. Dawn was a Special Needs Teacher for 28 years, a Secondary School Art and English Teacher, an Animal Wrangler and Trainer for TV and films, a Nursing Assistant in Geriatrics and Disability, a nanny in Norway, worked in a travel agency and secondhand furniture shop. It just goes to show that trying lots of stuff doesn’t hurt at all. Yet there are things she does not understand, such as people who a) don’t like chocolate and b) don’t like books.

Letters From the Dead

Delia Fox has a dangerous ability, a gift, to see the memories of the recently dead just by touching them. Despite her family's concerns she is communing with the Devil, consulting for the police to investigate unusual deaths seems a natural way to use this gift to help others. But Delia’s success means others fail. The local cops hate her. A crime boss seeks revenge. The media and her ex-boyfriend are baying for her blood.
She speaks up for the dead, but who will protect her from the living?

TJ Hamilton

Considered an expert in crime genre, TJ writes professionally for varying platforms of media and entertainment.
With her head buried in crime for as long as she can remember, TJ has carved an understanding of the macabre. The curiosity started with Agatha Christie mysteries at nine and developed into the study of criminology at Griffith University, further leading to becoming a sworn officer of the New South Wales Police Force by 2008.
After leaving the force, TJ developed her passion for storytelling and released her debut novels, Buying Thyme and Finding Thyme — both originally released as self-published titles before publishing powerhouse, Harper Collins Mira, acquired the rights and released them in October 2015 and April 2016. Her sixth novel, a collab continuity with three other authors, Echo Springs was released in August 2018.
In 2015, TJ won the coveted Scarlet Stiletto with the Sister’s in Crime and in 2017 was shortlisted for Endemol-Shine's ROAR: Smart For A Girl initiative to develop women writers for screen.
TJ reports on Sydney's crime for the Daily Telegraph and Sunday Telegraph and consults in script and story development for television with production companies such as Playmaker, CJZ, Jungle and Sweet Potato Films.

Buying Thyme

Miranda is a high–class escort at an infamous agency in Sydney, and always in demand from their top clients. Although it's a life she never imagined for herself, Miranda has mastered the art of seducing men and makes a good living from it.
Joe Tench, rich, powerful and alluring, owns the majority of the nightlife in Sydney and is a regular client of Miranda's. He's demanding, dominating and dangerous, but Miranda finds herself falling for his unexpected, yet enticing charm.
That is, until she meets the mysterious Tom Smythe, heir to a wealthy mining company, and becomes caught between her feelings for these two very different men.
But neither is what they seem, and when tragedy forces Miranda to embark on a journey of discovery she will find it difficult to escape from. What price will she pay for freedom?

A fascinating and fast–paced story about Sydney's seedy adult entertainment underworld, from the pen of a former police officer



Millie Weber

Millie is a current PhD student at Monash University's Centre for the Book.

Sarah Leov

I am a writer, english teacher, farmer and mother. Currently I am working on several pieces of short fiction and a crime novel. I live on our family farm in Marlborough New Zealand with my husband and daughter. Find me on Twitter @sarahleov

Tim Baker

Born in Sydney, Tim Baker lived in Madrid before moving to Paris, where he wrote about jazz. He later ran consular operations there for the Australian embassy. His debut novel, the crime thriller FEVER CITY was published by Faber & Faber (UK) and Europa Editions (US), and was shortlisted for the 2016 Crime Writers' Association of Great Britain's John Creasey New Blood Dagger award and was nominated for the 2017 Private Eye Writers of America's Shamus Award. He co-wrote the feature film, SAMSARA. His new novel, the epic crime thriller CITY WITHOUT STARS, is published by Faber. Follow Tim on Twitter: @TimBakerWrites


"This year's hottest thriller" - Shortlisted for the 2016 CWA John Creasey New Blood Dagger award and nominated for the 2017 Shamus Award.

Nick Alston, a Los Angeles private investigator, is hired to find the kidnapped son of America’s richest and most hated man. Hastings, a mob  hitman, is also on the trail. But both men soon become ensnared by a sinister cabal that spreads from the White House all the way to Dealey Plaza.

Decades later in Dallas, Alston’s son stumbles across evidence from JFK conspiracy buffs that just might link his father to the shot heard round the world. Violent, vivid, visceral: FEVER CITY is a thrilling, high-octane journey through a MAD MEN-era America of dark powers, corruption and conspiracy.


"Some fine novels have explored the assassination (of JFK) including Stephen King’s “11/22/63” . . . To this list we can now add Tim Baker’s remarkable first novel “Fever City.” Baker tells his story in three related plots set in 1960, 1963 and 2014, and he constantly moves back and forth among them. Keeping up can be a challenge, but it’s one repaid by inspired writing, memorable characters and an exhilarating, all but overpowering story  . . . Baker enhances his daring plot with vivid prose . . . “Fever City” delights in sex, hypocrisy and political conspiracy, but finally it’s about a tragedy that reverberates down through the years – Patrick Anderson, The Washington Post, USA

“A noirish storm of corruption, violence and depravity . . . In this ambitious debut, Baker gives us a bare-knuckle take on the president’s murder and adds two other plotlines, connecting them solidly with the equivalent of a jab-jab-cross combination . . . At the core of “Fever City” is the sorrowful, all-too-real geography of Dealey Plaza, the terrain of history, “one huge killing field” that lends this alternative tale its heft.The New York Times Book Review, USA

"This is a novel packed with tough-guy poetry, deeply felt emotions and startling images . . . The story twists and turns at speed like the famous ‘magic bullet’ that may or may not have killed the president . . . A superb debut novel. A direct hit" – Jeff Noon, The Spectator, UK

"Edgy, noir crime thriller Fever City is chilling and utterly engrossing . . . A really outstanding debut novel . . . If James Ellroy’s novels are on your bookshelf, then you should pick up Fever City" – A Big Country Book Club Book of the Month Selection

"The mood is Chandleresque, the dialogue snappy, the femme is fatale . . . Baker weaves his own intrigue around the death of Kennedy . . . This is a complicated book about complicated people with a remarkable pay-off" – Sue Turnbull, Sydney Morning Herald

"A compelling story about the conspiracy to kill JFK . . . An impressive novel and a very enjoyable read" – Jeff Popple, The Melbourne Age

"James Ellroy fans will appreciate Australian-born Baker’s ambitious debut with its nervous, jittery style, large cast of characters, and cynical, nihilistic attitude. Crammed with violence, sadism, torture, and sex, this audacious novel is sure to appeal to champions of Oliver Stone’s 1991 film JFK" – Publishers Weekly, USA

"Gloriously atmospheric (think Chandler). . . This is a fabulous debut weaving together fact and fiction seamlessly" – Stillnotfussed Blog

"Baker writes Fever City with plenty of verve . . . A fun confabulation of events, with a great, last minute twist that throws the whole story open. A highly ambitious, stylish debut" – AustCrimeFiction





The only thing more dangerous than the cartels is the truth...

In Ciudad Real, Mexico, a deadly war between rival cartels is erupting, and hundreds of female sweat-shop workers are being murdered. As his police superiors start shutting down his investigation, Fuentes suspects most of his colleagues are on the payroll of narco kingpin, El Santo.

Meanwhile, despairing union activist, Pilar, decides to take social justice into her own hands. But if she wants to stop the killings, she's going to have to ignore all her instincts and accept the help of Fuentes. When the name of Mexico's saintly orphan rescuer, Padre Márcio, keeps resurfacing, Pilar and Fuentes begin to realise how deep the cover-up goes.


'Baker has written an unflinching portrayal of Mexico as a country brought to the brink of destruction by the narcos. But however harrowing it gets, the novel is too gripping to put down and is lightened by flashes of hope and bursts of humour.' 5 Stars - Jake Kerridge, SUNDAY EXPRESS

'One of those books that just won't let you go ... An exhilarating and kaleidoscopic novel that will also break your heart.' STAV SHEREZ author of A Dark Redemption and The Intrusions

'Beautifully plotted, with excellent characterisation and a highly developed social conscience, City Without Stars is an intelligent thriller that moves at a breath-taking pace.' NICHOLAS SEARLE, author of The Good Liar

'Absolutely brilliant,' ABIR MUKHERJEE, author of A Rising Man and A Necessary Evil

Rebecca Lay

Production assistant at Pan Macmillan Australia.

Richard Beasley

Author of "Hell has Harbour Views" (Pan Macmillan, 2001; ABC TV, 2005), "The Ambulance Chaser" (Pan Macmillan, 2004), "Me and Rory Macbeath" (Hachette, 2013), and "Cyanide Games" (Simon & Schuster, August 2016; audiobook by Audible). Senior Counsel, NSW Bar.

Patricia Hogarth

Patricia Hogarth began reading the thriller/horror genre as a twelve-year-old at boarding school. She huddled under a grey flannel blanket, clutching a thin torch, as a southerly buster howled up the range. An inquisitive preteen, scaring herself half to death, hours after lights out, reading The Exorcist.
Her desire to write grew from there. Despite a keen interest in literature at high school she chose to complete a Science degree. Her studies have included, Anatomy, Physiology, Pharmacy, Psychology, Dentistry, and Senior Science teaching. She is currently part way through a Master of Advanced Health Science.
Patricia is an Irish/ Australian dual citizen, and after a career in children’s dentistry, and education is currently writing full-time. She resides between Shygys Province, East Kazakhstan, Malaga, and Queensland’s Gold Coast. She has completed the first instalment of a four-part series.
Patricia’s manuscripts reflect her interest in the concepts of right and wrong, rationalisation, and justification. Like the opposing views of the prosecutor, and defense lawyer. An individual must be held responsible for their actions, versus there are always mitigating circumstances.
Less intense passions fill Patricia’s free time. Preparing feasts of fresh, local produce for family and friends. Learning Russian and Spanish. Beach walks, swimming in the surf, puppies. Reading, reading. reading. Listening. Travel.
Patricia says, ‘My ability to spend long periods of time, ‘on location’, mixing with locals, gives me the insight needed to convey the sights, smells, sounds and ambience of scenes to my readers. Conversing with Psychiatrists, Occupational Therapists, and other health professionals working with the criminally insane, and psyche patients, affords authenticity to the characters.’

Narrelle M Harris

Narrelle M Harris writes crime, horror, fantasy, romance and erotica. Her 30+ novels and short stories have been published in Australia, US and UK. Award nominations include Fly By Night (nominated for a Ned Kelly Award), Witch Honour and Witch Faith (both short-listed for the George Turner Prize), Walking Shadows (Chronos Awards; Davitt Awards). In 2017, her ghost/crime story 'Jane' won the Athenaeum Library’s Body in the Library prize at the Scarlet Stiletto Awards. Her work includes vampire novels, erotic spy adventures, queer romance, traditional Holmesian mysteries, and Holmes/Watson romances. Queer paranormal thriller-romance, Ravenfall, was released in 2017. A Dream to Build a Kiss on is coming in 2018.

The Adventure of the Colonial Boy

1893. Dr Watson, still in mourning for the death of his great friend Sherlock Holmes, is now triply bereaved, with his wife Mary’s death in childbirth. Then a telegram from Melbourne, Australia intrudes into his grief:

“Come at once if convenient.“

Both suspicious and desperate to believe that Holmes may not, after all, be dead, Watson goes as immediately as the sea voyage will allow. Soon Holmes and Watson are together again, on an adventure through Bohemian Melbourne and rural Victoria, following a series of murders linked by a repulsive red leech and one of Moriarty’s lieutenants.

But things are not as they were. Too many words lie unsaid between the Great Detective and his biographer. Too much that they feel is a secret.

Solve a crime, save a life, forgive a friend, rediscover trust and admit to love. Surely that is not beyond that legendary duo, Sherlock Holmes and Dr John Watson?

Fly By Night

Successful musician Frank Capriano returns home to Perth for his mentor's funeral, along with his band-mate and lover Milo. Frank's old friends are having money troubles, and are trying to make ends meet through smuggling, but that turns out to be only the tip of the iceberg - soon they have a murder to contend with. This volume also contains the novella Sacrifice. Duo ex Machina arrive in Melbourne to promote their new album, only to be disturbed by headlines blaring Second Murder In Botanic Gardens - Police suspect anti-gay killing. Before they know it, the two musicians are juggling a heavy public relations schedule with yet another murder mystery.

The Opposite of Life

Lissa Wilson has seen more than enough death in her family, so when people start being savagely killed whenever she has a night out in Melbourne with her beautiful new boyfriend, she’s determined to investigate and to make the killing stop. Even when she realises the murders must be the work of a vampire.

Things had been looking up for this librarian and 21st century geekgirl, but the murders make her remember why she prefers books to people. People leave you. People can die.

She finds herself teaming up with the painfully awkward Gary to get to the undead heart of the matter. But there are more challenges in store than Gary’s appalling fashion sense.

The idea of living forever can be a big temptation for someone who has lost so much….

Walking Shadows

Walking Shadows is the sequel to The Opposite of Life. It was was nominated for the Chronos Awards for SF and fantasy, and shortlisted for the Davitt Awards for crime writing
Lissa Wilson’s world turned upside-down a year ago. People she cared about – one she could have loved – were murdered. By vampires. They tried to kill her, too.

On the plus side, she made a new friend. Gary Hooper might be Melbourne’s (or maybe the world’s) least impressive vampire, but he may be her best friend, ever.

Without meaning to, he changed her and he taught her the value of her life.

Knowing Lissa has changed Gary, too, even though he’s not really sure what it means. It doesn’t mean that Gary doesn’t have secrets, though. Secrets that might end their friendship, if Lissa ever learned about the services he provides the undead community.

And what’s an ordinary geekgirl librarian to do when hardcore vampire killers begin killing off Melbourne’s vampire population, and her undead bestie is on the hit list? Should she throw herself in mortal danger, despite having no battle skills, let alone supernatural strength?

Lissa risks everything to protect someone who should be perfectly capable of protecting himself. And Gary finds that the ways he’s changing might make him more human – if they don’t get him killed.

Everyone has secrets; everyone gets trapped by their history. How many can learn how to change? How many will live long enough to try?

The Secret Agents, Secret Lives series

Double Edged

Martine Dubois is a disgraced cop whose main sin was to trust a partner she should not have trusted.

When spymaster Philip Marsden, who has a painful past of his own, recruits Martine as an agent, it’s her chance to find redemption, and a chance for both of them to find love – unless duty kills them first.


Agent Martine and her spymaster lover, Philip Marsden, are back in action and on the trail of international bad guy Bartos Rigo. Will they have to compromise their love or their honour to get the job done?


A mission to extradite Thomas Reilly, a dangerous criminal, ends in treachery and a crash landing in the Canadian wilderness for Agent Martine Dubois. Grizzly bears are the least of Martine’s problems as she and Reilly hunt each other through British Columbia’s Great Bear Forest.

Whatever the outcome, Martine is determined to survive and return to Phillip Marsden: top spy, the Grey Ghost, her boss who is also her lover.

The Talbott and Burns Mysteries series


Jack Burns joined the army in the hope it would get his best friend out of his system. He’s been fighting wars for four years, and it didn’t work. Jack leaves the army and returns to Melbourne, still secretly in love with Elliot Talbott, just as he’s been since they were fifteen. Elliot made it very clear, back then, that he wasn’t interested in dating anyone, boy or girl. He just wanted mad adventures with his best mate. Jack’s okay with that. Really, he is. He’ll settle for being Elliot’s best mate and having home grown adventures in Elliot’s latest ridiculous scheme – Talbott and Burns Investigations. Problems Solved – Pests Eliminated – Mysteries Unravelled! And he’ll get right on with that – just as soon as he’s worked out why Elliot is missing, where he is and whether that last message means that Elliot and Jack have finally run out of time.

A Paying Client

Elliot and Jack’s investigation business gets their first paying customer. A suburban housewife wants to know if her daughter is a witch. The answer isn’t rocket science. Elliot at least understands the fundamentals of rocket science. He knows slightly less about sex, but his long time love (but only new lover) Jack is giving him a thorough grounding in that too. Now, if only they can keep their mouths shut, not walk into danger again, save the day, and actually get paid, they’ll be doing well.

The Christmas Card Mystery

In the Christmas of 1890, Sherlock Holmes receives a series of strange Christmas cards, each containing a piece of shaped wood. The cards and the wooden pieces lead Holmes and his friend and colleague, Dr Watson, into a strange Christmas adventure. This story is included in The MX Book of New Sherlock Holmes Stories Part V: Christmas Adventures, an anthology of traditional canon-era stories. MX Publishing is raising funds for the Stepping Stones school for children with learning difficulties that operates out of Arthur Conan Doyle’s former home, Undershaw.


What would you do for love?

Would you kill? Would you die? Would you give up your soul?

British soldier, Dr James Sharpe, returned from Afghanistan a changed man. Like most war veterans haunted by deadly choices and the horrors of battle, James struggles against his demons. Unlike other ex-soldiers, his demons are real. Transformed in the heat of a desert battlefield, James Sharpe is now a vampire.

Struggling London artist, Gabriel Dare, has his own secrets – like who he really is, and why he lived on the streets before lodging with Dr Sharpe; like the ghosts he used to see, that made others question his sanity.

James knows Gabriel is the best thing in his life, but questions his ability to love and fears he’s a danger to all. Gabriel knows there’s something different about his enigmatic landlord, but can’t deny his attraction.

When some of Gabriel’s street friends go missing, he discovers that London is full of monsters – real, vicious, otherworldly monsters.

Risking all for love, James and Gabriel join a clairvoyant cop and an unusual Earl to uncover the truth; for it seems the vampire who sired James is back in London – with a diabolical agenda that threatens the entire nation.

The Mystery of the Miner's Wife

It’s 1890. Holmes’s fame has spread even to the colonies, and he and his stalwart chronicler Watson are swept up in an array of mysteries Down Under. They find themselves summoned from place to place, dealing with exciting and unique mysteries in every corner of this strange island continent.

All the stories are original and are set in Australia. My contribution, ‘The Mystery of the Miner’s Wife’, is set in Ballarat.

The Problem of the Three Journals

“Three Journals” is set in modern Melbourne; John Watson is former army medic, now a barista with a fine moustache and a penchant for vintage suits. He co-owns The SIgn of Four cafe with his flatmate Sherlock Holmes, a perpetual science student (and violinist for the indie band The Devil’s Foot). They are a pair of savvy Melbourne hipsters who solve mysteries in between pouring shots.


It is one of the stories in the second volume of Holmesian Alternative Universe stories, Baker Street Irregulars: The Game Is Afoot, by Diversion Books.


An Australian Literature research student meets a ghost in a state-of-the-art private library on a remote bush property. She tries to unravel the mystery of the ghost’s origins while the dangers of the present, both human and natural, loom.


Jane won the 2017 Body in the Library Award at the Scarlet Stiletto Awards and is published in that year's anthology.

Jamie Lewis

Writer / director.

Marketing and advertising creative.


Gary Gregor

A Vietnam veteran and retired Northern Territory police officer, Gary has had four crime fiction novels published with Solstice Publishing. He is currently working on a series featuring the same two lead characters and set in the Northern Territory. He lives in the tiny, rural, South Australian farming community of his birth with his wife, Lesley, and caravans extensively throughout Australia for two or three months every year, enjoying the beauty of the Australian landscape and researching settings for future crime novels.

Vengeance List

At Police headquarters, In steamy, tropical Darwin, a cop is brutally slain - right under the noses of his colleagues! The equally savage murder of select members of Darwin's legal fraternity follows, leaving investigating officers completely baffled. Is there a serial killer at large? Is there a connection between each of the victims other than their respective professions? These are the questions Russell Foley, lead homicide investigator on the case, struggles with whilst facing his own personal demons brought about by a failed marriage and the disintegration of his relationship with his best friend. Sam Rose, private investigator, former police detective and one time best friend of Russell Foley, is hired by a Supreme Court judge to covertly investigate the killings. Initially aided by crusty old journalist, Paddy O'Reily, O'Reily's subsequent murder, the kidnapping of his new-found love, and his ongoing conflict with his former partner, has Rose in a race against time to not only save his own life, but the life of the woman he loves.

Lasseter's Cave

It's hot, remote, desolate and dangerous; and about as deep into the infamous Australian outback as anyone would dare to venture. An eminent neurosurgeon, his loving wife and two adorable children, on  the holiday of a lifetime, are shot dead, their shattered bodies left to the ravages of the desert sun and carrion-eating wildlife.


Detective Inspector Russell Foley, and his best friend and fellow Northern Territory cop, Detective Sergeant Sam Rose, are sent into the heart of the legendary Harold Lasseter, "Lost Reef of Gold" country to investigate the brutal murders.


Is it Gold Fever, or simply the twisted mind of a deranged killer protecting that which he believes is his?


Bones in the Well

The Australian Outback is a hot, remote, desolate place to die. Skeletal remains of several young women, clad only in their underwear, have been discovered in the bottom of a long abandoned well and Major Crime investigators Russell Foley and Sam Rose are assigned to the case.

            Foley and Rose soon learn a number of young, female backpackers, traveling alone around Australia on the adventure of a lifetime, have been reported missing in the area. Are these the remains of those unfortunate young women? Is there a dangerous, psychotic, serial killer preying on vulnerable young women passing through the area? If so, how do you find a killer amid millions of acres of nothing, and stay alive yourself in the process?

The Petticoat Gang

They’re young, they’re beautiful, and they’re deadly! Best friends, Amber, Ebony, and Anna are on a mission to leave a past littered with tragedy behind them. With a determination spurred by the promise of a future free of financial hardship, they travel to Alice Springs, in the heart of the Australian continent, to rob banks and kill their way to a better life. Their plan is bold, daring, and meticulously executed; what could go wrong?

The body count is rising fast, and Major Crime investigators Russell Foley and Sam Rose, assisted by Rose’s girlfriend, Sergeant Sarah Collins, are assigned to the case. Pursuing three desperate, determined women north; first on the famous Ghan passenger train packed with tourists and heading to Darwin, and then across rough, isolated, outback roads, was never going to be easy.

Foley and Rose find themselves in a frantic chase to catch the killers and save more lives, including their own, before more innocent people become victims of the Petticoat Gang.

The Coterie

Chapman Bouttell, a South Australian homicide detective, is summoned to the scene of an apparently motiveless murder in a suburban Adelaide park and ultimately recognises the victim as a member of an off-the-books covert action unit to which Bouttell was assigned during the Vietnam War.

His investigation leads to the discovery of the murders of three of the four survivors of his unit's final mission before leaving Vietnam and, drawn violently into a conspiracy dating back to those chaotic days, Bouttell is soon fleeing agents of “The Coterie,” a rogue, joint CIA/ASIO intelligence organisation.

Eleanor Mulder

Hello! My name is Eleanor Mulder, and I’m a mummy and a writer living near Perth, Western Australia.

Because life with my two daughters is a magical adventure, I’m inspired every day to write. Through my children’s eyes, I see the world afresh, and on my blog, I share our journey as we find magic in all we do.

When I’m alone, I continue my search for magic — in nature, in people, in places. I’m drawn to unexplained mysteries, unsolved cases and enigmas of the past. I like to imagine the stories behind the facts, where the truth is revealed, only not as we might expect.

My first novel, Jane Bardot, is based in Scarborough Beach, Western Australia, during the rock and roll era of the 1950s. It explores how today’s reality is fragile, constructed from layers of the past and from the stories existing within them. We learn things are not always as they seem and that magic is only one small step away from where we are.

Come and share the magic...

Jane Bardot

It begins with a body of an unusual, young woman, abandoned among the tourists on Perth’s iconic Scarborough beach. Red lipstick smudged, full heavy skirts and a pillbox hat, she looks like a girl from a different time, and nobody knows who she is.

Except one old man. He claims she’s his wife… a wife who went missing in 1956.

Detective Ryan Price, burnt-out transfer and no-time legend, is assigned to the case. It’s a high profile homicide, and Ryan needs to prove he’s not a failure. But from the beginning, he’s taken to realms he can’t explain. Who is this woman, and where did she come from? Or more to the point, from when?

Desperate for a logical explanation, Ryan enlists the help of straight-talking colleague, and only friend, Detective Kate Miller. Together they pursue the premise she’s a descendent of the crazy old man and his missing wife, but the man is infertile and nothing adds up. Before long, the twists and turns of the family tree have them tearing out their hair.

How will Ryan identify the body and solve the mystery of her death when he starts to believe the unbelievable? Could she really be their Jane Bardot ?

Owen Johns

48 year old unpublished short story writer

Osvaldo Quintanilla

I'm an Australian writer from a Chilean background. I write in different genres but love writing crime fiction the most. Currently writing my first crime fiction novel set in South America.

K.L Mancini

I am an aspiring crime writer with a love of all things macabre! Adore clever stories, clever characters and wild crime, everything is an inspiration. As I work towards joining the ranks of published crime writers, I am learning as much as I can about the art and style of writing I so love to read.

Pearl Maya

Novice novelist and short story writer who is determined to improve her craft

Monissa Whiteley


Paula Gleeson

TV producer by day, writer by night (actually make that early morning). Things I know: pizza is the epitome of happiness, pyjamas anytime of the day is never a bad idea and when in doubt drink wine.

Frances Nagel

Crime writing enthusiast

Scott Burnham

I was a sci-fi writer for fifteen years until I discovered that dreams, once you've had them, are concrete, unchangeable and therefore uneditable, but memories are different; memories can be changed all the time, so long as you are a recognised shareholder of a particular event that transpired amongst dubious company, as we are never satisfied with how our actions and words will be perceived in hindsight by fellow shareholders. This gives the genres of crime and even your average urban melodrama thrice the versatility than any genre involving the use of impossible fantasies. Crime never sets on the page. The events can be lifted and reworked over and over so long as the events are continually lied about by all parties concerned.

James Sherwood

James has written a number of short stories in the crime genre, some previously published on a UK based internet short story website and he is working on a crime novel. He is a member of the Crime Writers SA group.


I am a bookworm and aspiring author who loves to relax with a good book and a nice cup of tea.
I have a double major in literature and history and am currently enjoying life as a new parent to my baby daughter.

Karen Lee Street

Karen is the author of a gothic-tinged mystery trilogy featuring sleuthing duo Poe and the great ratiocinator C. Auguste Dupin: EDGAR ALLAN POE AND THE LONDON MONSTER (2016); EDGAR ALLAN POE AND THE JEWEL OF PERU (USA: May 2018, UK/ Australia: August 2018); EDGAR ALLAN POE AND THE EMPIRE OF THE DEAD (2019). Karen’s previous publications include TATTOOS AND MOTORCYCLES, a short story collection linked by a crime, and WRITING AND SELLING CRIME FILM SCREENPLAYS. She is also an experienced feature film script editor, a screenwriter, and has a PhD in Writing. She lives in Newcastle, NSW. Twitter: @karenleestreet facebook:


Summer, 1840.  The great detective C. Auguste Dupin meets Edgar Allan Poe in London to help him solve a family mystery. Poe has inherited a mahogany box containing letters that implicate his grandparents in scandalous crimes committed by the so-called London Monster who from 1788 - 1790 terrorised the city’s streets, stalking attractive, well-to-do young women, slicing their clothing and derrières. Unable, or perhaps unwilling, to accept that his grandparents – actors who struggled to make a living on the London stage – led a clandestine double life, Poe sets out to prove the missives forgeries. But as he and Dupin delve deeper into the city’s secrets, they start to suspect that they too are being watched and preyed upon. And if they are, might their stalkers be connected to the London Monster?  A twisty tale based on true eighteenth century crimes, the first of a trilogy featuring sleuthing duo Poe and Dupin.

Writing and Selling Crime Film Screenplays

Aimed at screenwriters, producers, development executives and educators interested in the crime genre, this book provides an invaluable basis for crafting a film story that considers both audience and market expectations without compromising originality. A brief historical overview of the crime genre is presented for context along with an analysis of various crime sub-genres and their key conventions, including: police, detective, film noir, gangster, heist, prison and serial killer. Karen Lee Street focuses on the creative use of these conventions and offers strategies for focusing theme and improving characterisation, story design, structure and dialogue. Paradigms, story patterns and writing exercises are provided to assist the script development process and strategies for revision are discussed along with key questions to consider before approaching creative or financial partners.


Philadelphia, 1844As violent tensions escalate between nativists and recent Irish immigrants, Edgar Allan Poe’s fears for the safety of his wife, Virginia, and mother-in-law, Muddy, are compounded when he receives a parcel of mummified bird parts. Has his nemesis returned to settle an old score? Just as odd is the arrival of Helena Loddiges, a young heiress who demands Poe’s help to discover why her lover died at the city’s docks on his return from an expedition to Peru. Poe is skeptical of her claims of having received messages from birds and visitations from her lover’s ghost, but when Miss Loddiges is kidnapped, he and his friend C. Auguste Dupin must unravel a mystery involving old enemies, lost soul-mates, ornithomancy, and the legendary jewel of Peru.

Eliza Renton

Avid reader, fledgling writer.R

Clive Hodges

Reviewer of crime novels for Good Reading magazine

Opal Carabina

As a Lygon Street gal, I’m a connoisseur of great food, fabulous coffee, and all things “underbelly”. Jumping on the opportunity to reinvent myself after recently being diagnosed with stage 4 cancer, I’ve packed in a high-pressure corporate job and am now making the most of every day… avoiding people I don’t like (plotting murder comes naturally), hanging with my gorgeous fur babies (embracing my anti-social tendencies), satisfying my reading addiction (did someone say romantic crime fiction?), and pursuing my dream of becoming a published writer.

Bradley Wynne

Sunni Hughes

Surfer, dreamer, avid crime fiction reader.

Fiona Edwards

Avid reader of crime and writer of assorted genres.

Sarah Godfrey

Sarah is a psychologist who enjoys creating complex characters living in Australian rural and coastal settings. She draws on 15 years of observing human behaviour to write psychological thrillers .

Tom Peenrose

Member of the New England Writers' Centre Board

Matthew C Lamb

I am an Australian author of genre fiction with three novels under my belt (two in the crime genre; all seeking publication). I also blog about storytelling at, am active on Twitter (@matthewclamb) and Facebook (Matthew C Lamb), and have a regular writing spot with the ACT Writers Centre.

Please feel free to get in touch!

M J Tjia

M J Tjia is a Brisbane-based writer. She be Damned (Pantera Press, Legend Press, UK) is the first book in her Heloise Chancey crime series, followed by A Necessary Murder.

M J Tjia

M J Tjia is a Brisbane-based writer. She be Damned (Pantera Press, Legend Press, UK) is the first book in her Heloise Chancey crime series, followed by A Necessary Murder.

Anna Willett

Anna Willet is the author of Backwoods Ripper and Retribution Ridge. Born in the United Kingdom, Anna’s family immigrated to Australia when she was a young child. Anna lives in Western Australia with her husband and children. When she’s not writing, she enjoys reading, dining out and travelling.

Unwelcome Guests

A marriage in crisis. A jealous brother-in-law. An unexpected intruder.

Caitlin and Eli arrive at a sprawling holiday house in the woods to fix their marriage. But their host, her brother-in-law, has a conflicting agenda. The unhappy couple fight, and Caitlin and her brother-in-law head down to the basement.

There they discover an injured man behind a locked door. Upstairs, the mysterious homeowner pounds on the front door. But some doors should never be opened.

If you like creepy settings, twisted villains and intense thrills, then you’ll love Anna Willett’s new thriller, Unwelcome Guests.

Forgotten Crimes

When Gloria’s friend Rhetty invites her to lunch, she is confronted with the impossible. Their friend Joanna, a dead woman, is back.

At Rhetty’s request, they end up back in the seedy bar where the three women began their night out four years earlier. Rhetty is convinced Joanna’s ghost has returned and they must now revisit the fateful night in order to find out what Joanna wants.

Gloria, shocked by Rhetty’s gaunt and haunted appearance, agrees to return to Herron, an isolated holiday house where their night out ended in tragedy. As they head back into the past, Gloria finds herself remembering things about the fateful night that she’s buried deep in her subconscious. With the memories, come questions about what really happened that night. With questions, come dangerous answers and forgotten crimes.

Bronwen Scott

Living a crime (fiction)-filled life in Far North Queensland.

Bill Bateman

Bill is a crime fiction fan, fanatical all round reader, compulsive scribbler and author of 'Hard Labour', a debut medical crime novel set in the southwest of Victoria, to be published by Odyssey Books later this year. It's about a disgraced consultant Ob/Gyn, who has been banished to country practice and attempts to achieve personal and professional redemption. And there's two murders, plus it's funny too.
He wrote a fortnightly column (hopefully amusing) in the Australian Doctor magazine for 15 years.
Bill is also a surfer (struggling), guitar player (battling), and, oh yes, he has a full time day job as a GP in inner bayside Melbourne.

Jack Geurts

I have written two novels, one slow-burn revenge thriller and one young-adult science-fantasy. Currently working on my first crime fiction novel

Natalie Barelli

You will usually find Natalie Barelli reading a book, and that book will more likely than not be a psychological thriller. Writing a novel was always on the list of “things that would be nice to do one day”, and while on a break from work, she decided to give it a try. She hasn’t stopped writing since.

When not absorbed in the latest gripping page-turner, Natalie works as an IT professional, loves cooking when she has the time, knits very badly and spends far too much time at the computer. She lives in rural NSW, in Australia.

Until I Met Her is her first novel.

Until I Met Her

She’s gone from nobody to somebody. And she’s not going back.

When ordinary Emma Fern strikes up a friendship with glamorous Beatrice Johnson Greene, her favourite author, she can’t believe her luck. But Beatrice has an unusual favour to ask, one that will change Emma’s life forever.

For Emma, desperate to please, it’s an offer she can’t refuse. All she has to do is let Beatrice publish her latest novel under her name. But the book becomes a huge triumph and after her first taste of success, Emma wants more. And she’ll stop at nothing to get it. This is her masterpiece, after all. It says so on the cover.

Only Beatrice knows the truth. And surely there’s a solution to that.

Peter Mulraney

Before devoting himself to writing, Peter worked as a teacher, an insurance agent, a banker and a public servant.

His Inspector West series explores the lives of people who commit crimes, mess up relationships and fall in love - not necessarily in that order - and the life of Inspector Carl West who solves a crime or two. His Stella Bruno Investigates series, set in Adelaide, follows the adventures of Detective Sergeant Stella Bruno as she investigates a string of crimes.

In addition to crime, Peter writes on the bigger questions of life as a crime writing mystic.

He's also written a romance novella, and is working on transferring the knowledge locked away inside his head into some easy to read Everyday Business Skills books.

Holy Death

Murder. Arson. Revenge.

Detective Inspector West investigates the grisly deaths of two elderly priests: one in a suspicious fire; the other obviously murdered.

The inspector is not the only one hunting the priest killer.

If you like murder mixed with mystery and conflict, you’ll probably love the suspense and intrigue in Peter Mulraney’s Holy Death, the third book in his Inspector West series.

Christine Childs

Writer of Australian history with a crime focus, combining historical & biographical fact with a narrative fiction. Winner of the 2015 Henry Lawson short story competition and Harold Goodwin memorial award for " One Last Time - Ellen Kelly's Prayer". Currently researching and writing a historical novel based on the murder of a Victorian Goldfields sly- grog proprietress. Chris has a Master of Arts in Biography and Life Writing and is a reader of contemporary crime and classic British crime fiction.


I run a true crime and horror blog at I love all true crime, but Australian true crime has a particularly special place in my heart.

Margaret Gumley

Retired journalist. Enjoys reading and writing, with an emphasis on crime.

dave warner

Musician, screenwriter author of seven crime novels beginning with City of Light (1996) set in Perth, most recent Before It Breaks set in Broome and Germany, new novel Clear To The Horizon on the way.

anthony Phillips

The mind of a sick cowboy, with brain of a nuked Zombie. Enjoy the history of crime and punishment.


DCI Jardine at the Police Station in Scotland, said to his colleagues that closing down the profile of the Serial Killer to quickly, the greatest dangers in profiling history, of the Serial Killer, DCI Jardine at his desk doing the investigations on the Serial Killer, came across a number of suspects of DNA, that had to be identified of the victims, Serial Killer poses a "Bowie" knife so sharp to cut through the victims finger, the Serial Killer placed the sharp knife on his victims and began cutting through the skin with blood on the Serial Killers gloves, a highly organized and intelligent sociopath of the Serial Killer who loses control and avoided detection because the Serial Killer lived alone, the Serial Killers victims, covered the penetration, the vaginal, the mouth and just about anything in the investigation of the Serial Killers victims.

Ran McKee

An avid reader of crime and currently a would-be writer of the genre.

Geoff Collins

Buffalo hunter, karate expert and literary dilettante

Aiden L Bailey

Formerly an engineer, Aiden L Bailey built a career marketing multi-national technology, heavy industry and construction companies. His various roles have included corporate communications with the Australian Submarine Corporation, technical writing for several defense contractors, engineering on a petroleum pipeline constructed in the Australian desert, and a magazine editor and art director. He travelled widely in his twenties, predominately through Australia, Africa, Europe and South America, and returned home with many stories to tell.

Aiden lives with his wife and daughter in South Australia. The Benevolent Deception is his first novel. He is currently writing the sequel, The Benevolent Conflict. The series prequel, The Assyrian Contraband, was released mid-2017.

The Benevolent Deception

The U.S. government has been hacked . . .

Cyberterrorists secretly control the world’s intelligence agencies . . .

All published news is manipulated by a single unidentified source . . .

All over the world, misinformation and confusion reign . . .

Afghanistan: the U.S. President is assassinated when insurgents shoot down Air Force One. So why are reputable media outlets reporting him as alive and well, and active in office?

Colombia: U.S. Rangers are systematically destroying all the illicit drug crops. So why are they targeted by missile strikes from their own side?

Nigeria: the war between corporations and militants escalates in an all-out effort to control global oil supplies. So why are there no weapons anywhere to arm either side?

Thrust into the midst of this worldwide chaos is security contractor and former intelligence officer, Simon Ashcroft, sent to East Africa to protect Casey Irvine, a tourist with a secret that will change everything.

When terrorists, criminal organizations, police and military forces will stop at nothing to eliminate Casey, she and Simon go on the run. Yet their enemies seem able to predict their every move, and every minute becomes a battle for survival.

The game is changing, but the world has yet to notice.

world has yet to notice. 

The Assyrian Contraband

Simon Ashcroft faces death at the hands of terrorists in the shark-infested oceans of Africa.

In this thrilling prequel to The Benevolent Deception, a young woman vanishes quietly from the busy streets of Durban. Her body cannot be found and no suspects are identified by local police. She soon becomes just another nameless victim of the daily murder crimes plaguing South Africa.

A grief-stricken week later, her devastated father receives a mysterious phone call, offering hope that his daughter lives. She’s a hostage on the island nation of Comoros and the caller demands money in exchange for her safe return.

Discretely engaged by the father, Simon Ashcroft, a former intelligence officer turned security expert, soon discovers the rescue mission he is leading is anything but straightforward. Confronting an army of murderous thugs and a bloody trail of bodies, Simon quickly realizes there is more to this mystery than a simple kidnapping.

Coming head to head with the ruthless financier of a global terrorist organization, a man who will destroy anyone threatening the illicit cash pipeline that funds the world’s cruelest and most barbaric ideology, Simon prepares to do battle with the, so called, Islamic State.

Ms Roni O'Brien

Roni O’Brien is a reformed journalist who lives beside the Murray River because somebody has to keep a watch on the state border. She shifts between studying law, writing her satirical crime novel and trying to convince her local community to refer to her as, “Your Highness”. She is much more fascinating online than in real life.

Megan Norris

Megan Norris is an award-winning UK-trained journalist with a portfolio including some of Australia's most high profile and horrific crimes. Her exclusive interviews with survivor's of violent crime have appeared throughout the national and international media. A former winner of the EVA's (Eliminating Violence Against Women Awards), Megan has appeared as a media commentator on TV shows including Foxtel's 'Crimes That Shook Australia', Channel Ten's The Project, Channel Seven's Sunday Night and Today Tonight shows.
The author of six books, her best sellers 'On Father's Day' and 'Love You to Death, featured on Sunday Night and over ten pages each in Good Weekend Magazine. Both books were shortlisted in the Sister's in Crime's Scarlett Stiletto Awards. Her first book, Perfect Victim, co written with Elizabeth Southall, the mother of murdered teenage dancer, Rachel Barber, is now a movie starring Sam Neill, Miranda Otto and Guy Pearce. Megan's latest book, Look What You Made Me Do, (Echo Publishing), explores crimes of spousal revenge in which children have been murdered by vengeful fathers to inflict the ultimate suffering on their real targets - the children's mothers.

Look What You Made Me Do

In Australia one woman is hospitalised every three hours, and two more women lose their lives every week as a result of family violence. But for some women, there is a punishment even more enduring than injury or their own death. This book is a timely exploration of the evil done by vengeful fathers who kill their own flesh and blood in order to punish wives who have chosen to end abusive relationships.
Focussing on seven different but equally harrowing cases of 'spousal revenge', author Megan Norris draws on her own observations as a former court and crime reporter, examining the motives of 13 innocent children who became collateral damage in callous crimes committed by angry dads whose real targets were the children's mothers.
From the harrowing 1993 kidnap and murder of three-year-old Kelly East in WA, to the death of Darcey Freeman whose dad hurled her off Melbourne's West Gate Bridge in 2009, these stories highlight the chilling connection between intimate partner abuse and retaliatory homicide. They show it is not only mothers who are in danger when Domestic Violence turns deadly.

On Father's Day

When newly separated mum, Cindy Gambino, dropped her boys off to spend Father's Day 2005 with her estranged husband, she had no idea she would never see them again.
Now, the 'triple dam drowning mum', who was the true target of Robert Farquharson's festering rage, relives the unspeakable revenge which shocked Australia, and left her with the legacy of life-long suffering - her punishment for ending their marriage.

Love You To Death

Wealthy Melbourne businessman Chris Soteriou had a life to die for.
Handsome, filthy rich and highly driven, the successful entrepreneur's lavish lifestyle of fast cars, designer clothes and luxury holidays was topped only by his perfect family - including a beautiful, sexy wife who swore she loved him to death.
And thanks to the chilling surprise Vicky Soteriou had arranged for her trusting husband's forty-fourth birthday, she very nearly did.
Investigative journalist and author Megan Norris unearths the sobering tale of a man whose only mistake was giving his heart to the wrong woman.

Running Pink

A diagnosis of breast cancer and two broken feet were not enough to stop Deborah De Williams running 18,026 kilometres around Australia for breast cancer research.
In Running Pink the inspirational 2011 Tasmanian Australian of the Year shares her astonishing story of triumph and hope.
She tells the incredible stories of the many courageous women she met along the road who turned out in their pink hoards to applaud her as she continued to run for a cure for a disease that strikes 1.3million women around the world every year
Running Pink is not just Deborah's story of hope - this is the story of the thousands of women who gave a pink crusader the strength to achieve her dreams.

True True Blood

For anyone who believes vampires only exist in the darkest depths of Transylvania, or in cult TV drama's like Twilight or True Blood - think again.
True True Blood is a dark snapshot of some of the world's most gruesome vampire slayings, from the bloody murder of Western Australian teenager, Stacey Mitchelll by lesbian lovers Valerie Parashumti and Jessica Stasinowsky to the gory murder of a Queensland grandfather whose bloody random death sated self-proclaimed vampire, Tracey Wigginton's need to feed.
True True Blood delves into the shadows to explore the evil forces which have driven some of the grisliest homicides in contemporary criminal history - from Richard Chase, the Sacramento Vampire who sated his chilling blood-lust with the slaughter of six victims in a single month, to Allan Menzies, the Scottish vampire movie addict who claimed a character in his favourite film drove him to feast on the flesh and blood of his own lifelong friend, this is a journey into darkness that is not for the faint hearted.

Perfect Victim - co-author Elizabeth Southall

One night in March 1999, fifteen-year-old dance student, Rachel Elizabeth Barber vanished. No one could have guessed that she had become another girl's 'perfect' victim. Happy, beautiful, talented, she had everything her killer could want.
Perceived by crime experts everywhere as one of the most bizarre homicides they had encounter, Perfect Victim recounts two stories. Rachel's mother, Elizabeth Southall, tells of her family's heart-rending experience - how they lived through unimaginable tragedy, going to extraordinary lengths, to prove their daughter wasn't a runaway. Criminal court reporter, Megan Norris, provides another side of the picture. She analyses the astonishment of professionals when faced with the killer's weird and unsettling letters and the police proceedings that led to Rachel's murder being solved.
Confronting and compelling, this is an incredible story about a callous and calculated crime. The psychology behind these vents remains as fascinating and disturbing today as it did in 1999 when police finally discovered the truth.

Connell Nisbet

With 15 years' experience in high-end magazines as a writer and copy editor, I am now dedicating my time to commercial writing and crime fiction.

Eden Siobhan


Andy Muir

Andy Muir is a television screenwriter with credits ranging from Neighbours and Home and Away to comedy series Thank God You’re Here. As a member of the writing team for the hit franchise Underbelly, crime stole his heart. Nominated for an Australian Writers Guild Award for Underbelly Squizzy, he also adapted that TV series for the tie-in novelisation Underbelly Squizzy: The Story of Australia’s First Celebrity Gangster. Originally from Melbourne, he lives in Sydney. His debut crime fiction novel, Something for Nothing, introducing Lachie Munro, was released by Affirm Press in 2017 and was nominated for a Ned Kelly that year for Best Debut.

The follow up Hiding to Nothing will be released in March 2019.

Something For Nothing

It's not every day a bloke stumbles across a dismembered torso on Nobby's Beach.

Lachie Munro is starting to feel like he's a magnet for trouble. Only the day before he fished a giant haul of heroin out of his favourite abalone poaching spot near Newcastle.

There's a better than even chance that the heroin and the torso are connected and he should leave well enough alone. But the opportunity to get ahead of the game is too good to pass up.

But how do you sell several kilos of heroin? It's not like drug dealers are listed in the Yellow Pages. And what happens when the owners come looking for their missing package? Is the torso a warning to anyone thinking of crossing them?

Now a person of interest to the police, Lachie needs to stay one step ahead of them and a local bikie he's managed to insult, pay off a big time dealer from Sydney, placate the neighbour's labrador, Horacem, and win the heart of the gorgeous new Fisheries Officer he's fallen for. 

If Lachie can pull it all off, he might just get something for nothing...


A raucous, action packed romp full of dirty deeds and knockabout crooks - as authentically Aussie as a Holden Monaro and twice as pacey - Leigh Redhead


Crime reader and budding writer.

Mauro Azzano

I was born in Italy, but grew up in Australia.
I have for many years lived in Vancouver Canada, where I've written a series of murder mysteries.

The Dead Don't Dream

You are a Toronto police detective, lying in the gutter, shot by the man you were pursuing, and your life is slipping slowly away.

The Dead Don’t Dream takes you back to the year 1973 and the world of Ian McBriar, a homicide police detective, as he investigates the brutal assault on two young boys, one of whom is the son of a local underworld figure. Haunted by the deaths he has investigated and the lives he has seen destroyed, Ian struggles with the memories that make him who he is.
When he gets too close to the truth, the killer makes a des-perate strike, and Ian ends up face-down in the street.

Can Ian survive his attack and track down the gunman be-fore more lives are lost?

Mary Brehe

I have been reading mysteries for many years and now aspire to writing some of my own.

Kat Cormie

Beginner writer and postgrad student of crime fiction.

Pete Shakells

Primary School Teacher & High School teacher in maths and science.
Children generally love a 'Who Done It'. Writing, drama, art and visual media; they express themselves and their world through theses medias. Many reimagine what they read and see through writing.

Ian Andrew

Ian grew up in the coastal town of Larne, Northern Ireland. Leaving there at age 18, he went on to serve in the UK's Royal Air Force. A career spanning four decades and multiple conflicts saw him transition from aircraft technician to Intelligence Officer. On "retirement" he relocated, with his Australian wife, to the rural South West of Western Australia. Surrounded by a resident mob of kangaroos, he splits his time between corporate training, keynote speaker engagements and writing. He is currently working on the next novel in the Wright & Tran series of crime thrillers. Come see what's new at

A Time To Every Purpose

An exciting Alternate History Thriller with a crime and religion twist.

Face Value

Introducing Kara Wright and Tien Tran - Combat veterans of an elite intelligence unit, now make their living as Private Investigators. Often working the mundane, just occasionally they get to use all their former training.

Flight Path

Wright & Tran are back and on the trail of the worst of humanity. An operation that threatens to test them as much as any combat operation ever did and like combat, not everyone comes home.

Fall Guys

Wright & Tran 3 - A hard answer to a simply posed question: “Why are the Brits selling weapons to ISIS?”

Graham Houghton

Graham had a privileged childhood among the mountains and lakes of north-west England. There, under the tutelage of unbelievably old, but infinitely wise men with little formal education, he learned to live in a landscape, with nature, and to quietly avoid noisy people. His career as an archaeologist has taken him from the dark, muddy bowels of London, England, to the searing deserts of remote outback Australia. As a writer, he has authored some thirty-eight children’s books, contributed to encyclopaedias, and been published in journals and newspapers. He has written several screenplays, one of which, Cry of the Dreamer, won him first prize in the LA based 2010 WriteMovies contest.

Laraine Stephens

Laraine Stephens was a Head of Library in a past life, contributing articles to professional journals and speaking at conferences. She now enjoys writing historical thrillers, using information from newspapers, reference books and websites to give historical accuracy and authenticity to the settings of her novels. Her other interests include golf, reading and travelling. As a volunteer guide at the Old Melbourne Gaol, Laraine enjoys meeting visitors from all over the world and sharing with them the history of the Gaol, its distinctive architecture and the stories of its inmates. She is married to Bob (the love of her life) and has two children, Angela and Trevor, of whom she is very proud.

Alison Quigley

Award-winning short story writer and former journalist with an interest in crime writing. I began writing novels several years ago. In two of my three novels my characters started breaking the law; that's when I recognised it was probably time I helped them out and joined your organisation.

Jayne Hehir-Kwa

Crime reader and general fan


Author of "The Echo of Others".

The Echo of Others

“A fast-moving, thought-provoking read from a powerful and original new Australian voice.”

A vigilante with a message. The outsider detective. A cold case they both want solved.

Rachael Schlank is a straight-talking Melbourne detective who’s always felt like a fish out of water, bouncing between police departments over the years. Now she’s finally found a home in the Cold Case Unit.

When a vigilante starts targeting hunters, leaving clues about a long-ago cold case, Rachael is asked to join a task force investigating the crimes … along with a former colleague, whose dangerous temper has already made an impact on her life.

With more victims appearing, Rachael knows she has to work fast to unravel the vigilante’s messages in order to crack the case wide open. And before it’s over, she must face down her own demons, risking everything to solve the case...

The past is never over. She will make sure of it.

"A compelling novel about the charged, ambiguous line between love and hate,
between the desire for justice and the desire for revenge."
Kate Ryan
Winner, Writer's Prize,
2015 Melbourne Prize for Literature

Jarryd Bartle

A criminal lawyer turned criminal justice, adult industry and story consultant. Currently working as a case reviewer for claims of wrongful conviction supplemented by roles as a consultant to the sex industry and a researcher on drug harm minimisation.

My unique education background in Forensic Science and Law, along with my experience working with a variety of misunderstood clients, is ideally suited to assist authors on story and technical details about criminal investigations, forensics and other true crime topics.

Lynne L

Reader and reviewer loves crime fiction

Angela Walch

Long time fan of the mystery and thriller genres and aspiring author. Web developer by trade, owner of one cat and one rabbit. Lives in the South-East suburbs of Melbourne.

Robert Goodman

Robert Goodman reviews through his blog - Pile By the Bed. His reviews also appear in a number of on-line publications including Public Sector News, Aurealis and AustCrime.

Robert was a judge for fiction categories of the Ned Kelly Awards between 2008 and 2014 and runner-up in the Sandra Harvey Short Story Competition in 2010 and 2011.

Steve Kelleher

Steve Kelleher worked as an Australian Customs Dog handler for 16 years, including 6 years in Tasmania. He believes that working with dogs is preferable to working with people.
He has traveled extensively and studied nature conservation while attempting to become a park ranger. Steve has an appetite for good stories and believes that a journey isn’t over until the stories of it have been written. Work is a long and often overlooked journey that most people have little to show for, so he has taken care to write his adventures down.
He was a full time (at home) parent for 3 years, until recently taking up a dog handling position with Biosecurity Tasmania.
Steve still lives in and loves Hobart.

The last dog on the island

Detector Dog Elise and her handler, Steve Kelleher, were the only drug detection unit in Tasmania. Working for Customs, Tasmania Police, Federal Police and the Tasmanian Corrections Service, they hunted down marijuana stashes, caches of amphetamines and were instrumental in smashing an international Mafia drug ring. Tackling bikie gangs, hardened criminals and hazardous ship to- shore transfers were all in a day’s work for Elise and Steve. Their expertise took them all over Tasmania, to the mainland states and even into the South Pacific. Elise’s keen sense of smell and Steve’s ability to interpret her behaviour led to the seizure of millions of dollars in contraband. Ever wondered how the serious business of busting drug traffickers works? Find out in The Last Dog on the Island – it’s an addictive read.

Lex Borthwick

Failed crime fiction writer.
Reader of history & crime fiction.
Reviewer – just starting. I’m soooo slow I've only completed 2. My reviews:
My website,, is a panegyric to Sandy McCall Smith's Botswana novels. It funnels ALL income to Camfed, funding African girls' education.
Other stuff?
• I’m drafting a site for Aussies in Britain & Ireland –
• I love my partner & our 2 sons. The latter some of the time!
• I play tenor sax. I stink!
• I enjoy food, travel, watching people, & learning, learning, learning.
• I’m 62 & a Humanistic Atheist.
• A cat person. That’s all I share with Gabrielle Lord.

Felicity Salmi

I am a keen reader of crime fiction of any genre and am slowly writing a crime novel. I have recently retired from the public service after 30 years so now I feel I have time to devote to my novel, while travelling around this great country of ours.

Affirm Press

Affirm Press is a Melbourne-based publisher dedicated to publishing great Australian stories, big ideas, and the most engaging local and international authors.

We publish a broad range of non-fiction books that always, in some way, have positive underlying messages. We also have a small but select list of fiction, which we are keen to expand. We aim to distinguish ourselves through our editorial commitment and sales focus. We’re interested in building relationships, not one-offs, and we’ll stretch friendships to get the best results, but never break them.

Affirm Press are also proud to represent The Experiment, a New York based independent publisher, in Australia and New Zealand. The Experiment focus on a wide range of nonfiction – much of it practical – including food (and how to grow, cook, and enjoy it), health and fitness, psychology and personal development, parenting, relationships, sexuality, science, and nature.

Lolly V


Bonnier Publishing Australia

Bonnier Publishing Australia is based in Melbourne. We represent UK sister-company imprints, as well as creating a successful and exciting local publishing program under Five Mile, a 25-year old children’s imprint, and Echo, a fresh voice in the Australian adult fiction, narrative non-fiction and illustrated non-fiction categories. Our business is driven by the belief that books have the power to transform and enrich the lives of all and strives to deliver this universally, without compromise.

Wayne Patrick

I am am avid crime reader and currently writing my first crime fiction novel. Hoping to gain some new insights and expand my knowledge base through the Australian Crime Writers Association.

Ian Laver

Ian Laver

Ian laver worked in the public service, the building industry, education and his own businesses. He has travelled widely and makes creative furniture when time permits. Ian has been published and won numerous awards and prizes for his hard hitting and sometimes humorous stories. His work has appeared in five anthologies of the famous Coolum Wave Writers. Ian was editor of a small country association magazine and has conducted numerous workshops on aspects of writing. He served terms as president and vice president of the Sunshine Coast Literary Association and had a regular column in the ENews.

Elizabeth Terry

Elizabeth writes crime stories mainly based on a science fiction thriller theme. In addition she has written imaginative children's fiction, quirky and humourous vignettes and she is currently working on a novel.


Avid reader of all categories of Crime Fiction.

Donna Duff

Donna Duff

Jack Heath

Jack Heath is the bestselling and award-winning author of more than 20 novels including Hangman, a twisted crime thriller about a cannibal detective in Texas. Hangman will be published by Allen & Unwin in January 2018. Jack lives in Gungahlin, ACT.


An addictive debut thriller starring a FBI consultant with a peculiar taste for crime and punishment…

A boy vanishes on his way home from school. His frantic mother receives a ransom call: pay or else. It’s only hours before the deadline, and the police have no leads. Enter Timothy Blake, an FBI consultant with a knack for solving impossible cases but whose expertise comes at a price. Every time he saves a life, he takes one, trying to satisfy an urge he fears he can only control for so long.

And this time Blake may have met his match. The kidnapper is more cunning and ruthless than any he’s faced before. And he’s been assigned a new partner within the Bureau: a woman linked to the past he’s so desperate to forget. Because he has a secret, one so dark he will do anything to keep it hidden.

For fans of Hannibal and Dexter, Hangman introduces a darkly mesmerizing character whose skill at finding criminals comes from a knowledge that can only be learned firsthand.

Praise for Hangman:

‘Let’s cut to the chase: Hangman is a great read! Jack Heath’s boundless imagination and singular voice have produced a truly unique thriller. By turns psychologically insightful, wonderfully disturbed and even darkly comedic, Hangman will keep you coursing through the pages at a lightning pace. Brilliant! (Probably best read with lights on and doors locked. I’m just saying.)’ —Jeffery Deaver, No.1 international bestselling author of The Cutting Edge

‘Heath has given the crime world an anti-hero for this century. Gifted and flawed, Blake will horrify and entrance readers, quite often at the same time. An exceptionally taut novel both in action and execution.’ —David Johnson, Good Reading Magazine

‘Jack Heath’s Hangman is a perverse, twisted take on a crime novel—and I loved every page of it. What a rarity to find a thriller as dark as a Palahniuk and as compulsively readable as a Patterson. Two well-chewed thumbs up for Hangman.’ —Gregg Hurwitz, NYT-Bestselling author of Hellbent

‘Jack Heath’s writing grabs you by the throat, gnaws on your bones, and washes it all down with a hefty dose of funny. Sick, twisted, violent, and oh so good. In Timothy Blake, Heath has created a one-of-a-kind character. I hope.’ —Emma Viskic, internationally bestselling author of And Fire Came Down

‘Wild and original, HANGMAN stamps a high and bloodied mark on this dark genre. Hannibal Lecter will be adding Jack Heath to his reading list.’ —Ben Sanders, internationally bestselling author of American Blood

‘An accomplished and compulsive thriller that kept my appetite to return to its banquet of kidnapping and bloody murder… irresistibly and mercilessly readable.’ —Richard Cotter, Sydney Arts Guide

Miss Woo

Reader, writer-curious, biological host to dark thoughts and black coffee.

Simon and Schuster Australia

Simon & Schuster Australia publishes and distributes a variety of books in Australia and New Zealand across a range of genres including fiction, non-fiction and children’s books under our local and international imprints.

Jessie Byrne

I am a reader of crime fiction and am writing a PhD exegesis on Australian crime fiction, as well as a crime novel. I live in South Australia's Fleurieu Peninsula near the beach.

Samantha Dwyer

Avid crime fiction reader and aspiring crime fiction writer.

Deborah Cook

I'm a passionate reader of crime fiction as well as thrillers and novels of suspense. I blog at and often review books elsewhere.

Bill Mason

Avid reader with a collection of crime writing books

M.T. Ellis

M.T. Ellis is a Brisbane based author. She has just published her debut thriller, Azrael, and is currently writing her second novel.


Emily thought her ordeal was over after she escaped a brutal kidnapping. She's wrong. He's coming for her again.


The body Detective Rose is looking at bears a striking resemblance to Emily, a woman who survived a horrific, sexually motivated abduction five years ago. Her fear is confirmed when Emily goes missing again. 

When another woman, Grace, is abducted, Detective Rose finds herself doubting the instincts that tell her the disappearance is the result of domestic violence. She connects the cases and recruits Grace's partner, Ethan, to help in the search. Together they must find Grace and Emily before it's too late.
Diane Edwards

A relatively new player in the Crime genre, Diane is keen to learn more and gain insightful knowledge from other crime writers. Inspired by the wonderful Michael Robotham Diane is keen to complete her first crime novel, Mineva.

Samantha Bond

Samantha Bond is a reformed lawyer who once worked for the police. Her first short story was published in Girlfriend magazine when she was fifteen, and she has since been published in numerous literary journals, anthologies and magazines. She has an Advanced Diploma of Professional Writing, winning the award for Highest Overall Achievement for her graduating class of 2015. She now tutors in that course, runs community creative writing workshops for newbie writers, has taught online for Romance Writers of Australia, and her novels have agent representation. As a reviewer for Indaily and Glam Adelaide, Samantha has had over 200 articles published and she is kept ultra busy during Adelaide's Mad March. Finally, Samantha is a mum of two littlies, is an unapologetic chocolate addict, believes that Buffy would so slay Edward and is a writers’ festival groupie.

Milly Schmidt

I am an aspiring crime writer living in Armidale, NSW, where I completed a Bachelor of Criminology at UNE. My degree, filled with a mix of forensic science classes and psychology, proved unendingly interesting and has definitely fueled my interest in writing anything crime related. I absolutely cannot get enough of reading novels that genre! I am also a member of the New England Writers Centre, which has a wonderful annual competition called 'The Thunderbolt Prize for Crime Writing' - definitely go check it out if you can!

When I'm not writing, I spend most of my time over at my blog, which is filled with the trials, tribulations and mind-numbingly hysterical writer-situations I have found myself in (like that time I accidentally printed one of my manuscripts off at work without even realising – and someone else found it!)

Neil Roberts

Neil Roberts grew up in a working-class suburb of Melbourne, Australia. He served in the Royal Australian Navy for twenty years and spent ten years within a law enforcement agency. His work took him overseas, where he analysed his agency's activities and performance in combating particular crime types and the management of associated risks.

Now retired, Neil lives in Canberra. He enjoys fishing, camping, four wheel driving and assisting indigenous communities. He has been married for thirty years.

Ice Hunters

In the blink of an eye, a fisherman’s idyllic vacation turns into a terrifying struggle for survival. One moment he is trout fishing a remote river in the icy mountains of New Zealand. The next, he witnesses a cold-blooded drug-related murder and finds himself on the wrong end of a manhunt.  


As he tries to contend with starvation and the harsh and uncompromising wilderness, the fisherman must also deal with killers on his trail and the turmoil within his frightened and malnourished mind.  


Meanwhile, Auckland detectives are hunting the drug-dealers themselves, suspecting that the organised crime syndicate is behind a rash of deaths related to the manufacture and distribution of crystal meth (ice), including that of an innocent teenage schoolgirl. The detectives’ investigation and the fisherman’s ordeal collide in the rocky, forested wilderness, where a brazen Maori police officer must salvage justice from lawlessness.  


Ice Hunters  is a fast-paced, chilling thriller that pits one man against nature and his fellow humans, and simultaneously weaves an important warning about illicit drugs into a gripping survival story. Set against a backdrop of the beautiful but unforgiving Southern Alps, the novel delivers danger and suspense from all sides.  


Bianca Wirth

Just starting!

Shannon Walker

A new writer interested in crime fiction with a fantasy/sci fi twist.

Alyssa Mackay

Brisbane-based writer, blogger and reviewer. A big fan of fictional drama. Not a big fan of real-life drama.

Carolyn Morwood

Carolyn Morwood has published poetry, short stories and six crime novels.
The Blessing File
An Uncertain Death
A Simple Death
Death and the Spanish Lady
Cyanide and Poppies
Dig Two Graves - released July, 2017.

Her books have won both the Tom Howard Mystery Novel Contest and the Davitt Award. She is also a keen photographer. She lives by the sea in Melbourne, Australia, with her dog, Gemma.

Maryanne Ross

Maryanne Ross has a Science degree in Horticulture, studied Professional Writing and Editing at RMIT and has completed many writing and editing short courses. She is a member of Sisters in Crime, Romance Writers Australia, Writers Victoria and Ballarat Writers. She works in Media and Communications for Parks Victoria.

Maryanne won the 2016 New England Thunderbolt Prize for crime writing for her short story 'Secrets' and in June 2017 appeared on the New England Writers Centre author panel at the ‘Deadly Secrets’ weekend. 'Secrets' has been selected for inclusion in the 2017 Award Winning Australian Writing anthology.


Lover of crime fiction and aspiring writer and blogger. Volunteer firefighter, love living in rural Australia.

Bernie McCarthy

Clinical Psychologist and author

Tania Pennell

Member of FAW. Had some short stories and poems published. Just self published mystery novel set in Australia, to be the first in a series.

One Fine Day

If you enjoy a cracking Australian yarn, fun with friends and crazy family drama, join Mia and her mates in an adventure with a questionable mystery to solve. Set in the tablelands of New South Wales, One Fine Day is an easy enjoyable read.

Brendon Meynell

A wanna-be crime writer. Former horror writer and now switching to the crime genre.

HORROR and those who caused it

HORROR AND THOSE WHO CAUSED IT takes a look at some of the most horrific acts known to man, from Charles Manson and 'The Family' murdering pregnant starlet Sharon Tate, a look at the 51-day siege on the Branch Davidians compound in Waco Texas.

And closer to home the 1994 Bain Family Murders where 22-year old son David was prosecuted of the murders only to be acquitted in 2009, a look at the Port Arthur Massacre, the story of Katherine Knight who killed her husband and cooked body parts for dinner and no book is complete without Australia's Most Notorious Serial Killer Ivan Milat.

HORROR AND THOSE WHO CAUSED IT is an eye opening, thought provoking and chilling reference book for any serious true crime collector.

Carly Nichols

Currently writing my first true crime non-fiction book. Based in Perth.

Helen Brewer

Writing my first crime novel for the Skywriters' Anthology.

Lucy Kiff

After growing up in Adelaide, 'the weird murder capital of Australia', Lucy Kiff worked for years in the badlands of international aid work. She now draws inspiration for her crime and young adult fiction from her work in the criminal justice system in Melbourne.

Maryann Webb

I am a Melbourne-based thriller writer studying post-graduate psychology. I have worked in Marketing & PR and in the digital space for 10 years, with writing being a big part of my role in organisations such as Deakin University, and developing digital marketing campaigns and new online platforms for organisations.

Sammy Knights

So, a little about me. I am a crazy cat lady who is devoted to two amazingly vocal cats Mac and Tui. Outside of being a servant to their every whim I work as a Learning and Development Officer aka I conduct training and spend money getting the correct specialists in to deliver training to staff to ensure that they have the skills to achieve operational goals.

When not working or looking after the Cat Overlords, I spend time with my other passions which includes books - both reading and writing, to further my knowledge I am currently studying an Associate Degree in Creative Writing and will look to go further and get my Bachelor of Creative Arts. When not sucked into books I catch up on a few select tv shows or rewatch old ones!

To get off the couch I bought a Toyota Hilux and a new pair of hiking boots. I live barely an hour away from the Victorian Alps and plan to know every rock, nook and cranny before long.

Stephanie Archibald

Hi there! I am a crime novel enthusiast with the intention of one day completing my own novel (and hopefully more after that). I am partial to noir but will honestly read any crime that takes my fancy. I was excited when I discovered Candice Fox! I am drawn to strong, interesting female leads.

Andrea Gillum

Andrea Gillum is a Melbourne-based writer. She’s keeps writing about the themes of identity and the interaction of music, memory and place. Usually there’s also a mystery, a death and occasionally some torture. Andrea is the creator of The Classical Novice ( and has been published in Award Winning Australian Writing, Kill Your Darlings, Artshub, The Victorian Writer, Catalyst Magazine and Stereo Stories. In 2015, she won the SD Harvey Short Story award with her story Short-Term People. She is currently working on her first novel.

Gabriel Farago

Gabriel Farago is the international, bestselling and award-winning Australian author of the Jack Rogan mysteries and thrillers series for the thinking reader.

As a lawyer with a passion for history and archaeology, Gabriel Farago had to wait for many years before being able to pursue another passion—writing—in earnest. However, his love of books and storytelling started long before that.

‘I remember as a young boy reading biographies and history books with a torch under the bed covers,’ he recalls, ‘and then writing stories about archaeologists and explorers the next day, instead of doing homework. Whilst I regularly got into trouble for this, I believe we can only do well in our endeavours if we are passionate about the things we love; for me, writing has become a passion.’

Born in Budapest, Gabriel grew up in post-War Europe, and after fleeing Hungary with his parents during the Revolution in 56, he went to school in Austria before arriving in Australia as a teenager. This allowed him to become multi-lingual and feel ‘at home’ in different countries and diverse cultures.

Shaped by a long legal career and experiences spanning several decades and continents, his is a mature voice that speaks in many tongues.Gabriel holds degrees in literature and law, speaks several languages and takes research and authenticity very seriously. Inquisitive by nature, he studied Egyptology and learned to read the hieroglyphs. He travels extensively and visits all of the locations mentioned in his books

The Empress Holds The Key

The Empress Holds The Key

A historical mystery thriller

(Jack Rogan Mysteries Book 1) 

If you enjoy current best-selling thriller novels by authors such as Clive Cussler, James Rollins, Steve Berry and Brad Thor, if you like high adventure, exotic locations and action thrillers with a historical twist, then this is a page-turner for you!

THE EMPRESS HOLDS THE KEY is a mystery action thriller for the thinking reader who has an open mind and likes to be challenged. In THE EMPRESS HOLDS THE KEY, author Gabriel Farago takes you on an exciting journey of discovery where the stakes are high, the rewards great, but where the price of failure is oblivion.

This fast-paced international thriller weaves fact and fiction into an adventure of epic proportions as it follows the lives of a handful of diverse individuals tied together by destiny and fate. Journalist Jack Rogan knows a great story when he finds one. A charred old photograph found in the ruins of a burnt-out Blue Mountains cottage hints at dark secrets and unwittingly reignites an ancient and deadly quest for a holy relic mysteriously erased from the pages of history.

Federal Police officer Jana Gonski in pursuit of a suspected Nazi war criminal joins forces with Rogan, barrister and amateur archaeologist Marcus Carrington QC, and celebrated composer Benjamin Krakowski. Together they uncover a murky web of intrigue and greed, hoards of Nazi gold and hidden Swiss bank accounts. All implicate wealthy banker Sir Eric Newman. When Newman goes on trial, unexpected clues are discovered pointing the way to a mystery that has haunted the Catholic Church for centuries. On a dangerous journey to find the relic, Rogan and his companions trace links back as far as the reign of Akhenaten, the heretic pharaoh of ancient Egypt, and King Solomon and the Queen of Sheba. What is this dark secret guarded by the Knights Templar, and so feared by the Vatican? Will religious fanatics foil the quest which could destroy the very foundations of their Church and challenge Christianity itself?

 out of 5 stars A Historical Thriller that Holds the Reader Captivated Until the End! ~ Charla White

  out of 5 stars Great Historical Fictional Read Jacqueline M Piepenhagen

out of 5 stars A Rollicking Good Read ~  Rod Thyer

.0 stars My new favorite book! A great story set in deeply descriptive Locations ~ Peter Nevin

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The Disappearance of Anna Popov

The Disappearance of Anna Popov

(Jack Rogan Mysteries Book 2)

A dark, page-turning psychological thriller 

Irresistibly drawn into a web of superstition and fear, Rogan and his friends soon pass the point of no return and follow the trail of the missing girls into the remote Dreamtime-wilderness of outback Australia. 

Unbeknown to the others, Cassandra has a secret agenda of her own. Using her occult powers to avenge a terrible wrong, she sets the scene for an epic showdown where the stakes are high and the loser faces death and oblivion. 

Will Rogan succeed, or will the forces of evil crush the hopes and dreams of a desperate mother praying for the return of her lost daughter?

5.0 out of 5 stars Gripping Tale of Superstition, Fear, Love and Fast Paced Action ~ Charla White

  out of 5 stars A great read, full of suspense, I couldn't put it down !!! ~ Ian Sanford

 ut of 5 stars One word .... amazing! I loved this story! It has history, mystery, excitement, heart and sould all written down in this amazing story. K Greer

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The Hidden Genes of Professor K

  The Hidden Genes of Professor K 

A Medical Mystery Thriller

(Jack Rogan Mysteries Book 3) 

Outstanding Thriller 2017 - The Hidden Genes of Professor K



Independent Author Network Book of the Year Awards

Professor K— world-renowned scientist—knows he’s close to a ground-breaking discovery. He also knows he’s dying. With his last breath he anoints Dr Alexandra Delacroix as his successor and pleads with her to carry on his work. Unwittingly, Delacroix enters a dangerous world of unbridled ambition and greed that threatens to destroy her. Desperate and alone, she turns to Jack Rogan—celebrated author and journalist—for help.

Alistair Macbeth—self-made billionaire and enigmatic founder of Blackburn Pharmaceuticals—has a murky past. He knows he must secure Professor K’s discovery for his empire, or perish. Powerful and ruthless, he will stop at nothing to achieve his dark and deep desires.

Meanwhile, when the parents of famous rock star, Isis, are brutally murdered, Jack Rogan is asked to investigate.

On a perilous journey of discovery which takes them around the globe, Jack and Lola Rodriguez—Isis’ resourceful PA—join forces with Jana Gonski, a former police officer; Dr Bettany Rosen, a tireless campaigner for the destitute and forgotten; and Tristan, a gifted boy with psychic powers. Together, they expose a complex web of fiercely guarded secrets and heinous crimes of the past that can ruin them all and change history.

Will Rogan succeed? Will the dreams of a visionary scientist with the power to change the future of medicine fall into the wrong hands, or will his genius benefit mankind and prevent untold misery and suffering for generations to come?

The Hidden Genes of Professor K combines imagination, history, and knowledge of the leading edge of medical science to weave an epic tale of greed and intrigue. It takes the reader into the recesses of the human psyche, the hidden corners of history, and the dark matter of the human genome. The secrets are all there.

~ Professor John Mattick AO FAA, Executive Director of the Garvan Institute of Medical Research, Sydney, Australia

5.0 out of 5 stars A definite Dark, Disturbing Medical Thriller - Prepare for Intense Intrigue! ~ Charla White

  of 5 star fast-paced thriller that delves into the exciting world of DNA and genome research ~ Sally Asnicar

 stars An amazing read! Gabriel takes you on another enthralling journey ~ Ian Sanford




The Hidden Genes of Professor K by Gabriel Farago was one of those books that had me captivated right from the very beginning. The number of different characters and stories that take place in the book might be confusing to some people, but it reminded me of the style used by the Game of Thrones TV show. I personally really liked the way Gabriel Farago had so many different story and plot elements woven together in one mystery. I have to say that I found Jack Rogan to be my favorite character; I liked how he was determined to solve the mysteries in front of him and that he was willing to accept help. I have really gotten bored with the whole lone wolf detective thing that has been overdone in mystery books and shows, which made this book a real breath of fresh air!

Reviewed by Sefina Hawke for Readers’ Favorite

The Forgotten Painting



The Forgotten Painting

Where it all began ...

When celebrated author Jack Rogan stumbles upon a hidden diary, he can’t resist investigating. Honouring the last wish of a dying friend, he is irresistibly drawn into a web of intriguing clues, hinting at a long forgotten treasure.

Joining forces with Cecilia Crawford, a glamorous New York journalist, and Tristan, a remarkable boy with psychic powers, Jack soon finds himself on a precarious journey of discovery, exposing dark secrets from a distant, violent time, when life was cheap and cruelty ruled without mercy.

Meanwhile, Emil Fuchs, an enigmatic Swiss banker with a murky past, has an agenda of his own. Ruthless, and determined to defend his reputation at all cost, he threatens to expose a fraud that could destroy everything.

Will Rogan succeed? Can he find the forgotten treasure he has been searching for, or will it be lost forever, depriving the world of a masterpiece that belongs to all mankind?

Author's Note: The Forgotten Painting is a novella, and as such, it is of course much shorter than my novels. That was one of the reasons I have chosen this genre as the vehicle to introduce new readers to my work. However, I hope it will also entertain existing readers and give them something new and exciting to explore and enjoy

5.0 out of 5 stars Great historical mystery ~ Mary Anne M

stars  Gripping Tale of Mystery and Death! ~ Charla White

5.0 out of 5 stars Farago's Books are as Good as They Get! ~ Ms Judy



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Phoebe Meeton

Freelance copy editor/proofreader specialising in crime-related subjects.

I believe that editors should act as intermediaries between the writer and the audience. In the spirit of this, I aim to find the balance between polishing the words that are already there and adhering to the conventions expected by the reader.

I follow the rules of consistency like I follow the rules of law - I only break them when I need to. *winky face*

Selena Silcox

Budding crime writer, fan of crime and mystery fiction.

Robyn Walton

I'm a repeat offender when it comes to reading crime writing and have broad interests across the fields of literature, visual and performing arts, and social and cultural history. I'm a reviewer for the Review section of The Weekend Australian. Also I post reviews and author Q&As on the Sisters in Crime Australia website and am a judge of the Scarlet Stilettos short story competition. Past activities include teaching at universities in Sydney and Melbourne and book editing.

Jacqueline de Plume

A health sociologist who has recently returned to writing fiction for fun. Looking forward to becoming a paid-up, card-carrying member and crime writer one day.

Ross Gray

Ross Gray is the author of the novel 'The Dragon's Skin' published by Lacuna Publishing in 2016. He has completed four novels, this is the first published. He lives in Warrnambool, Victoria.98ju4

The Dragon's Skin

“David Edge is a Chinese Whisper.” So Constable Carol Porter is informed while digging into one of Edge’s cold cases, unsure whether she’s investigating the crime, the crim or the cop. To his former Homicide colleagues, he’s the star detective who went bad, or pretended to, while undercover. According to rumour, he’s the ex-cop who killed notorious hitman “Whitey” Poynter and took over crime lord Jack Barker’s enterprises. To the ladies of The Rose Garden and The Crimson Grotto, he’s the Big Boss, a gentleman who looks after them better than Barker did.To the tough-as-nails Maeve Maguffin, booted off the force for making a pass at her female superior, he’s the former rookie who puts work her way occasionally. To the kids at the drop-in centre, he’s the mystery man who lives upstairs, teaches self-defence and for whom they gladly run errands. And to petty thief Ben Bovell, Edge is his only friend and his hero. When Ben walks into his daughter’s day-care centre wearing a bomb, he will only negotiate with Edge – the one person he trusts to keep a terrible promise. In the aftermath, a cast of cops, crims, muscle for hire, sex workers, street kids and bystanders encounter Edge as he too delves into a past he’d prefer was undisturbed.

Who is the real David Edge? David Edge is a Chinese Whisper

Andrea Lee Gillies

I have written for animation (John Callahan's Quads!), soaps (Home & Away – but there are only so many times you can write “I love you”) have a screenplay optioned and write the occasional short play. I have completed my first novel, The Very Short Life of Eternity James; funny crime with a speculative twist (think Janet Evanovich meets Neil Gaiman), which is a finalist in the Claymore Award for unpublished novels at the 2018 Killer Nashville International Writers' Conference. When I am not being distracted by reading some of the wonderful crime fiction out and about at the moment, I am busy writing the second novel in the seven books of the 'Eternity James' series.

Carolyn Lamac

I am an aspiring author with a number of crime novels ready or near ready for submission. I completed a writing course with the Australian College of Journalism.

Oliver Sands

deGrevilo Publishing is a small publishing Press, based in Sydney. We are passionate about bringing our authors' stories to future fans by using the latest advances in technology and distribution. At deGrevilo we pride ourselves on high-quality production in an agile manner, and we champion our emerging writers - helping them to have their voices heard.


What happens when a drug dealer is forced to turn detective?

Meet Bill Murdoch, the world's most reluctant private investigator. 

Bill Murdoch’s doing just fine, thanks for not asking. He’s dealing drugs for a professional crime syndicate in Sydney and saving for a house by the sea. But what does he think life is - a fairy tale?

As the syndicate puts pressure on him to fill the shoes of his murdered boss, Murdoch is cornered by an equally formidable foe: the Australian Tax Office demanding an explanation for his sizeable cash income.

Murdoch spins a beautiful lie, telling tax inspector, Hannah Simms, he’s a private detective. When Simms asks him to investigate the mystery of her niece's disappearance, Murdoch grabs what he thinks is a golden opportunity to outrun the syndicate. But his arrival in the missing girl's small coastal home town causes an unexpected stir and the reluctant PI soon realises his troubles are only just beginning.

HEADLAND is noir crime at its best, a thriller to keep you guessing until the very end.

HEADLAND is the first book in the Bill Murdoch Mystery series. It is perfect for fans of Alan Furst, Peter Temple, Adrian McKinty, and anyone who enjoys Kate Atkinson’s ‘Jackson Brodie’ series.

Bad-boy-turned-local-hero, Bill Murdoch, returns for more hardboiled noir adventures in the sequels CLASS ACT, and BASE NATURE.

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Adele Psarras


David Messer

David Messer has written the crime novel In Self Defence. He is an avid reader of the genre. Particular favourites are Donald Westlake and Gary Disher.

BR Waldron


Rachel Armstrong

Rachel is a writer of romantic suspense novels with a high level of crime. She enjoys writing epic stories with deep emotions and strong characters who overcome either minor or major life hurdles. Rachel is also an active member of the Townsville Writers and Publishers Centre, Romance Writers of Australia, and Romance Writers of America.


cant stop reading crime

Matthew Fitzpatrick

Crime reader


P M CODY is fascinated by human beings and their sometimes strange behaviour. Endless curiosity about how we communicate (or fail to) led to the study of languages and linguistics. Endless curiosity about how we make meaning of our lives (or fail to) led to the study of storytelling. Combining these lenses is possibly the greatest fun a word-nerd can have.

Stephanie Jones

New crime reader
Maybe a new crime writer?
I'll get back to you on that...

Damian Roache

Crime reader with a procrastinating plan to put pen to paper myself one day !

Maryrose Cuskelly

Maryrose is the winner of the 2016 New England Thunderbolt Prize for Crime Writing (non-fiction) for her essay 'Well Before Dark' about the abduction and murder of Marilyn Wallman. She is the author of WEDDERBURN: A TRUE TALE OF BLOOD AND DUST, the story of a triple murder in Central Victoria in 2014. It will be published in 2018 by Allen & Unwin.

Luke Heath

Having experimented from early childhood, he majored in writing at Edith Cowan University. Often his writing explores the state of the human mind and interpersonal relationships.



Catherine Woods

I am an avid crime fiction reader, my love of reading came from late night raids of my Auntie's bookshelf finding novels by Robin Cook and an early edition of Patricia Cornwell's Postmortem. My own bookshelves soon became lined with a satisfying mixture of Patricia, young adult fiction, Kathy Reichs and Karin Slaughter to name a few.
I have always toyed with the idea of writing some crime-based short stories of my own but swing between young adult and adult content, my recent discovery of Jack Heath and hopefully his successful transition between the two genres will spur my own writing to find a home in either genre.

Michelle Conran

Voracious reader of mysteries (and books in general). Writer in training. Lover of the written word in all its forms. Awestruck and a bit intimidated by the wealth of talent that it has been my pleasure to discover and enjoy between the pages of thousands of books. A personal mantra repeated to my children and now grandchildren many, many times 'beat boredom with a book'. My other mantra is 'there is no such thing as too many books' told to my husband on returning from the bookstore, yet again, with more books to be added to my 'to be read' pile which is already quite substantial.

Elaine Cooper

I'm a fantasy writer who enjoys reading novels with mystery and crime elements.

Stephen Senise

When freelance journalist Stephen Senise isn't chasing the ponies he is a keen amateur psephologist. His political analysis has featured in capital city dailies across Australia, the Brisbane Institute's 'The Brisbane Line', and on ABC radio. He has worked as a researcher and media advisor for members of parliament in Sydney and Canberra; and as a union organiser based on-campus at Southern Cross University. He lives in northern New South Wales where his articles and photography have appeared in most local and regional newspapers over the course of the past decade or more. He is an English literature honours graduate from the University of Western Sydney; and has been a White Ribbon Australia ambassador since 2014.

False Flag Jack The Ripper

"Stephen Senise's recently-published book quite fascinating. The fact that it is so very well written is an added bonus. Wholeheartedly recommended."

GARETH WILLIAMS, editor Ripperologist: The Journal of Jack the Ripper, East End & Victorian Studies

"Stephen Senise's ...newly published study of the case, offers the most important clue not just as to whodunit, but why."


"Well written - for once ! - and an easy, flowing read ...Senise gives some interesting insights into the milieu of the East End"

RIPPEROLOGIST: The Journal of Jack the Ripper, East End & Victorian Studies n.154

"painstaking research" JEWISH CHRONICLE, London

"Stephen's done a very good job and his book is very well written makes a big contribution to the field and I think it needs to be respected touches on a lot of aspects of the case which have not been looked at very closely in the past ...a breath of fresh air and a pure delight." 

PAUL BEGG, Jack The Ripper historian, and author of 'The Complete Jack The Ripper: A to Z'

"an innovative theory about London's darkest myth" GowithOh

"Senise writes well and ...the most interesting part of his argument is his speculation that the Ripper fled London in 1889." RIPPEROLOGIST: The Journal of Jack the Ripper, East End & Victorian Studies n.155

"remarkable" APN News & Media, Australia

"Stephen Senise's takes on the mystery has more legs to it than the old, tired conspiracies involving royals, doctors, etc.."

LUIS FELIU, editor Echonetdaily, Australia

Anyone new to the subject of Jack The Ripper might spend countless hours going over a near endless list of theories on this perplexing case. Most describe a killer's blind frenzy - like any of a spate of serial murders that he, the modern prototype, was to usher in.

This study is different. It proposes that conditions on the ground in Victorian East London were unique and that Jack The Ripper was a twisted expression of a moment in time and place. Delving into the political landscape that helped distinguish the East End in the late 1880s, a murderer's campaign is viewed through the lens of a tumultuous social-history.

That Jack The Ripper's crimes came to a halt as they did, also provides a window into his intrinsic connection to the setting of the tale - with new archival information presented, showing how he got away. Based on Victorian era records and media reports, this work offers fresh insights, a deeper understanding of events and a novel interpretation of the world's most infamous cold case.

Did Jack The Ripper flee London for the colony of New South Wales at the height of the world's most notorious serial-murder rampage? Was the deadly attack on Alice McKenzie in 1889 his last bid in pursuit of what was, not just a brazen killing spree, but a macabre, politically motivated publicity stunt? Is it conceivable that a maniac took it upon himself to try and shut down the flow of Jewish refugees spilling into London's East End, just as the area was being thrust into the political spotlight?

Journalist Stephen Senise, explores these questions and the neighbourhoods of old Whitechapel to discover that by February 1888 community tensions were so high that two parliamentary select committees of investigation were dispatched to advise the House of Commons and the House of Lords on the social and industrial tensions tearing a community apart. Enter an opportunist hell-bent on broadcasting a hateful message... a madman, ready to unleash an 'Autumn of Terror'.

David Free

David Free is the author of the novel "Get Poor Slow", which The Australian named among the ten best Australian novels of 2017. His work as an essayist and critic has appeared in The Atlantic, Best Australian Essays, Standpoint, The Australian, and various other publications.

Get Poor Slow

"My favourite Australian literary critic, David Free instantly becomes my favourite Australian author of psychological thrillers, with this gripping tale of a literary man thoroughly screwed up by sexually intriguing women and crazy editors. Free is far too civilized for this kind of thing, which is probably why he's so disturbingly good at doing it." Clive James

Ray Saint is in trouble. A young woman is dead and he was the last person to see her alive. No one is impressed by his excuses: Ray, you see, is the most hated book reviewer in Australia - a hatchet man with a belly full of bourbon and curdled dreams of literary greatness. Now he will need all of his acid-tongued wit and even some moments of lucidity if he is to discover who murdered the beautiful publishing assistant who got so far beneath his skin.

As a battered and bloodied Ray investigates more deeply, he is obliged to face the truth: he can't be entirely sure that he isn't the killer.

Caewlin Brown

[very] Amateur Writer of short stories: horror, crime, suspense, thriller. Fan of Roald Dahl, James Herbert, Stephen King, Michael Robotham.

Shannon Curtis

Shannon Curtis has worked in a variety of roles from copywriter to dangerous goods handler and betting agent, but decided to write stories like those she loved to read when she found herself at home after the birth of her first child. Shannon is an award winning author, and lives with her family in Sydney.

Runaway Lies

Their relationship is built on a bed of lies – but can he trust his heart in order to save her life?

Darcy Montgomery is on the run. She must hide until she can testify in a shocking court case involving her former employer, but so far the witness protection program has only brought more danger. Any hopes of keeping a low profile are dashed when she saves the two children of wealthy property developer, Dominic St. James, from a sinking car driven by his ex-wife.

Dominic St. James learns the car crash was no accident and his ex-wife is still missing, presumed dead. He is determined to keep his children, as well as their mysterious rescuer, safe until the threat is neutralised. Fighting his enemies and a growing attraction, he discovers that Darcy is much more than she seems.

The danger to Darcy, Dominic and his family grows as their security is eroded and they face not one but two adversaries who have deadly intent. Who ultimately can trust who?

Heart Breaker

She’ll do whatever it takes to track this killer …

Harmony Talbot’s world is destroyed when she arrives home and discovers her cousin’s dead body, left with a single white rose as the killer’s calling card. Lightning shouldn’t strike twice, but this is the second unsolved murder in Harmony’s family. Harmony is determined that this time there will be justice, even if she has to track down the culprit herself.

Homicide detective Bern Knight is good at catching criminals. Though meaningful, his work leaves little time for relationships, and the last thing he needs is a beautiful, bumbling amateur sleuth getting herself into trouble. Whoever committed this crime is no ordinary murderer; he’s a ghost, leaving behind no evidence until more bodies with the same sadistic markers start turning up.

As a digital forensic investigator, Harmony has a special set of skills that she’s fully prepared to use, no matter how much the stern detective is against her interference. Tracking the killer is no easy feat, but Harmony lures him out of hiding. Except now she’s the one in the killer’s crosshairs…

C.A. Larmer

Author of the Amazon best-selling Agatha Christie Book Club series, Christina (C.A.) Larmer is also a journalist, editor, indie publisher and teacher. She grew up in Papua New Guinea, forged her career in London, Los Angeles and New York, and now lives in the Byron hinterland with her musician husband and sons. Christina is passionate about crime fiction and has written 12 books including six in the Ghostwriter Mystery series and A Measure of Papua New Guinea (Focus; 2018). When she’s not creating chaos with her keyboard she can be found immersed in a classic Agatha Christie or the latest Ann Cleeves.

The Agatha Christie Book Club

When Alicia Finlay walks out on her dreary old book club and starts a new one devoted to her favourite genre, crime, she has no idea she's about to stumble upon a real mystery so baffling, it would leave the Queen of Crime scratching her head... After gathering seven crime buffs together, Alicia grows suspicious when one of them fails to show for the next book club. 'Bored housewife' Barbara has vanished and her husband seems oddly unperturbed. The group suspects him of foul play until he, too, meets his demise. With two baffling mysteries and time fast running out, the book club do as the meddling Miss Marple would do and investigate.

Murder on the Orient (SS): The Agatha Christie Book Club 2

WHEN the book club friends jump aboard the SS Orient (a replica of a real steamship that once sailed the Antipodes), they expect little more than a glamorous voyage back in time. What they get has eerie echoes of another Orient Express—a passenger dead in bed, a menacing note and more clues than you can poke a blood-soaked dagger at. When a second body goes flying overboard soon after, the avid Agatha Christie fans must abandon their shuffleboard and ask: What would the indomitable Hercule Poirot do?

Evil Under The Stars: The Agatha Christie Book Club 3

When the Agatha Christie Book Club settle in to watch Evil Under The Sun at a moonlight cinema, they soon find themselves face-to-face with evil under a star-lit sky. A woman has been strangled beneath her blanket, with hundreds of witnesses and not a suspect in sight. How did no one see the killer lurking? How did no one hear the victim cry? And how could the gang have been lounging just metres away and missed the whole event? When local detectives hit a brick wall, the amateur sleuths do what they do best, channelling their inner-Miss Marple to solve the crime.

Do Not Go Gentle

If you thought your child had just killed you, would you want to know? In this sometimes hilarious, sometimes heartwrenching posthumous mystery, single mum Lulu implores the reader to help solve her murder before the granny-beckoning tunnel swallows her whole. Did her beloved boy really stab her or is there something even more disturbing going on? Help Lulu sort the dead herrings from the clues...

An Island Lost

When Vilia Lea’s estranged mother dies she leaves her an intriguing inheritance—a remote island on the tip of Papua New Guinea, and a series of tantalising clues to the disappearance of her father 30 years ago. Thus begins an enthralling family mystery that sweeps Vilia from the streets of Manhattan to the wilds of the Pacific. Along the journey she discovers what true love, freedom and family really mean...

Killer Twist: Ghostwriter Mystery 1

No one bats an eyelid when a bag lady washes up on the shores of Sydney, minus five fingers and decked out in designer couture. Nor is anyone too distressed when socialite Beatrice Musgrave plunges to her death soon after. No one, that is, except ghostwriter and Merlot-mad Roxy Parker. She’s been writing Beattie’s 'autobiography' and has just stumbled on a secret that’s worth killing for. This is the first in the popular Ghostwriter Mystery series.

A Plot to Die For: Ghostwriter Mystery 2

When ghostwriter Roxy Parker accepts a job at a tropical island resort, she expects little more than a good story and a touch of sunstroke. Instead she stumbles upon her hotelier client, dead and buried in a plot of sand, her head protruding ghoulishly for the crabs to devour. And around her, an ensemble cast of glamorous guests who all appear to be hiding something behind their Gucci sunglasses.

Last Writes: Ghostwriter Mystery 3

Gutsy ghostwriter Roxy Parker is back, and this time it's personal. Someone is killing best-selling authors and the evidence points firmly at Roxy's agent, Oliver. But she’s not convinced. With the help of seductive reporter David Lone, Roxy tries to hunt down the killer before she becomes the hunted—little does she know, a ghostwriter is next on the hit list! Will this be Roxy's last writes?

Dying Words: Ghostwriter Mystery 4

When a dying man utters Roxy Parker's name with his final, gasping breath, the gutsy ghostwriter is thrown into the middle of her most baffling—and brutal—murder mystery yet. Why would a man Roxy barely knows call out her name on his deathbed? What did he give her that holds the key to his murder? And is it linked to a mysterious burglar who is hot on Roxy’s trail?

Words Can Kill: Ghostwriter Mystery 5

Max Farrell’s flatmate has just shown up dead in their Berlin unit and the hunky photographer has vanished, last spotted at a Swiss resort, a perky blonde by his side. Has Roxy Parker’s boyfriend run off with another woman or is his life on the line? Packing her bags and swallowing her pride, the ghostwriter must follow the clues to find her true love, while buckling up for the ride of her life!

A Note Before Dying: Ghostwriter Mystery 6

When rock legend Jed Moody is electrocuted while strutting his stuff on stage, he’s lucky his biggest fan Roxy Parker is in the crowd. The ghostwriter may be there to write his life story but now she wants to know who snuffed it out and why. Could it be a string of lovers, his long-suffering wife, embittered band members or the sexy sparkie with the chip on his shoulder and the soft spot for Roxy?

Lin Edwards

I enjoy reading crime fiction as well as other types of fiction. I may even write a crime story one of these days.

Phillip Strang

Phillip Strang is the author of fifteen novels in total. The last eleven of the novels are crime thrillers in two series. The first is Detective Chief Inspector Isaac Cook who's based in London. The second series is Detective Inspector Keith Tremayne who's based in a small town to the west of London, not far from Stonehenge. The author was born in the late forties in England; his childhood years were spent in a small town seventy miles west of London. He has been an avid reader since childhood.

In his early twenties, the author, with a degree in electronics engineering left England for Sydney, Australia. Now, forty years later, he still resides in Australia, although many intervening years spent in a myriad of countries, some calm and safe – others, no more than war zones.


‘Do you believe in spontaneous human combustion?’ Detective Inspector Keith Tremayne asked.

‘Not me. I’ve read about it. Who hasn’t?’ Sergeant Clare Yarwood answered.

‘I haven’t,’ Tremayne replied which did not surprise his sergeant. In the months they had been together, she had come to realise that he was a man who had little interest in the world. A cigarette in his mouth, a beer in his hand and a murder to solve was about the happiest she ever saw him, and even then, he could hardly be regarded as one of life’s most sociable. And as for reading? The occasional police report, an early morning newspaper, the back pages for the racing results.

Hardly the ideal attributes for a trip into the murky world of paganism and its rituals, but that’s where they were heading, and it was going to get dangerous, very dangerous.


The man was not meant to die; the daggers were only theatrical props, plastic and harmless. A summer’s night, a production of Julius Caesar among the ruins of an Anglo-Saxon fort. Detective Inspector Tremayne is there with his sergeant, Clare Yarwood. The assassination scene, the man collapses to the ground, Brutus defending his actions; Mark Antony’s rebuke.

It was meant to be high drama, not murder, but someone’s switched the daggers. The man’s death, in plain view of two serving police officers.

They’re a disparate group, the amateur actors. One’s an estate agent, another, an accountant. And then there is the teenage man, the gay, the funeral director. And what about the women? They could be involved.

They’ve all got a secret, but which of those on the stage wanted Gordon Mason, the actor who had portrayed Caesar, dead?


Sixty-eight million pounds and DEAD!

Someone had once told Detective Inspector Keith Tremayne that some people were lucky and some weren’t. Tremayne knew only one thing: the man lying dead in a pool of blood had qualified on the lucky after winning sixty-eight million pounds on a lottery ticket, but now his luck had run out.

Tremayne knew the victim, Alan Winters; even knew his family. The man with all his new wealth had not hidden behind closed doors, fending off the scrounging relatives, the newly-found friends. That wasn’t Winters’ style. He had been out and about, driving expensive cars, living well.

And now he was dead. Tremayne knew the questions would start to roll. And why was he lying on the Altar Stone at Stonehenge, naked, with his throat cut? Clare Yarwood, his sergeant, had seen the body as well, turned away initially at the sight of it, but had taken a deep breath and stood alongside Tremayne. ‘Nasty one, guv,’ she said.


A warring family. A disputed inheritance. A recipe for death.

If it hadn’t been for the circumstances, Detective Inspector Keith Tremayne would have said the view was outstanding. Up high, overlooking the farmhouse in the valley below, the panoramic vista of Salisbury Plain stretching out beyond. The only problem was that near where he stood with his sergeant, Clare Yarwood, there was a body, and it wasn’t a pleasant sight.

‘What happened?’ Tremayne asked. He was a cantankerous man, he knew that, and he wasn’t in a good mood on account of the biting wind and the squelching mud underfoot.

‘I found him when I came up here to check on the livestock,’ the farmhand said.

‘At what time?’ Tremayne moved away from the body, attempting to find somewhere drier. The condition of the track up to the site was so bad that the vehicle sent to transport the dead man to the mortuary could not make it up. Even Tremayne and Clare had had to hang onto a tractor to get up the slope, and now the weather looked as if it were about to worsen.
Tremayne had never been keen on farms, and especially horses, although Clare loved them. Tremayne assumed she wouldn’t be so fond of the one that trampled Claude Selwood to death.

‘At what time?’ Tremayne moved away from the body, attempting to find somewhere drier. The condition of the track up to the site was so bad that the vehicle sent to transport the dead man to the mortuary could not make it up. Even Tremayne and Clare had had to hang onto a tractor to get up the slope, and now the weather looked as if it were about to worsen.
Tremayne had never been keen on farms, and especially horses, although Clare loved them. Tremayne assumed she wouldn’t be so fond of the one that trampled Claude Selwood to death.

Barry Newman-Sparks

A new writer to the Fiction field.

Currently running two businesses, Brainwaves and FrontoftheQ ( I have in the past published non-fiction 'How To Get That Job'. Now part of the course material in my training programs given by FrontofheQ.

Primarily writing what are called 'Cosy Mysteries. I have a lead detective (Charles Adney) who's engaged in all my books. Focus is on Greyhound and Horse racing.

An elder statesman of the computing industry having started some 40 years ago. Arriving in Australia in 1969.

Lauren Nitschke

LJ Shea resides in her native rural Victoria in Australia. She works as a teacher of English and, of course, history. She is also a busy parent to two young sons. Other members of her household include two dogs, two cats, and two horses, 50 percent of whom are rescue animals.

R L Smith

Rachel is a writer and poet. In 2017 she won the Scarlet Stiletto Awards Financial Crime Prize for A Gift of Thoth and her poetry has been published on the walls of the Deutsche Bank in Krakow for the UNESCO City of Literature Multipoetry program. She is currently working on her first crime fiction novel set in Melbourne. Rachel finds inspiration in art, landscapes, people, the quirky and unusual. She often dreams up narratives on the run – cycling or riding public transport to and from her day job as a public servant in Melbourne.

Jennifer Lane

Jennifer Lane was a winner of New Zealand Book Month’s 2007 competition and published in The Six Pack Two. Her short stories have been published on both sides of the Tasman. She lives in Wellington, New Zealand, with her husband and two daughters, but feels equally at home in New South Wales, Australia, where she was born and where her first novel All Our Secrets is set.


A girl called Gracie.
A small town called Coongahoola, with the dark Bagooli River running through it.
The Bleeders — hundreds of ‘Believers’ who move in and set up on the banks of the river. Who start buying up the town, and winning souls.
The River Children — born in the aftermath of the infamous River Picnic. They start to go missing, one after the other.
Gracie Barrett, the naively savvy spokesperson for her chaotic family (promiscuous dad, angry mum, twins Lucky and Grub, Elijah the River Child and fervent, prayerful Grandma Bett), for the kids who are taken, for the lurking fear that locks down the town and puts everyone under suspicion.
Gracie is funny and kind, bullied and anguished, and her life spirals out of control when she discovers she knows what no one else does: who is responsible.
All Our Secrets is jaunty, quirky and heart-achingly real. Coongahoola is where hope and fear collide, where tender adolescence is confronted by death, where kindness is a glimmer of light in the dark.

Ms Cheryl Fagan

Cheryl Fagan - author of Murder and Misconduct.

Unsolved crime mysteries, they tickle the mind and grope the conscience, and I'm no different, apart from the desire to uncover the truth. It's taken twenty years of gruelling research, amassing over 10,000 pages of historical depositions, witness statements, court documents, police records, photo (including over 600 criminal photos & descriptions of those sent to Boggo Road Gaol & St Helena Island Prison) interviews with numerous people who were close to these stories, including descendants and historians, and privileged to have visited century old crime scenes. This book is in the form of a prequel before the publication of the more comprehensive volume of Murder and Misconduct - The Complete Files.

I was born and raised in country western Queensland and while at school favoured anything historical and essay writing. At the age of twelve, my mother described a most horrible crime which had been committed when we were driving through that particular country town. My curiosity piqued and I bombarded her with questions to a story impossible to forget. In 1998 my research began and astonished to discover links to two separate crimes. At the time I had no idea of the enormity surrounding these cases, where it would lead to, or the outcome.

Apart from gaining a deep respect for historical true crime, these stories have taken me from various dark and gruesome places to the joys of meeting some incredible and humorous people, now lifelong friends.
I was truly humbled receiving feedback through Reader's Favourite Book Reviews on 8/10/2016 with positive comments from four distinguished reviewers awarding the book between four and five stars. I welcome you to visit:

Murder & Misconduct

In late 1898, the murders of four people horrified the nation of Australia. Those murders-of Alfred Hill near Oxley, and Michael, Nora, and Ellen Murphy near Gatton, remain unresolved. In both cases, the conduct of the police was so appalling, it resulted in calling for a Royal Commission. In 1902, a policeman and a station manager were murdered in the Carnarvon Ranges-Pat Kenniff was hanged, having been found guilty of those murders, and his brother James had his hanging sentence commuted to life imprisonment. Once again, the actions of the police were analysed by the public. Questions are still being raised as to whether those two brothers were actually guilty and put forth the question as to where, how, and if the mysterious Thomas Day fits into these crimes.
There are intriguing links between all three crimes-the circumstances being particularly horrifying.
This book is an introduction to the release of a much more comprehensive volume which will deal with all three crimes in greater detail.

Jaidyn L Attard

I'm a writer and a poet. A reader and a loser. An editor and a bookseller. And I like music.

Cat Connor

Kiwi writer of crime. Owned by a greyhound. Tequila aficionado. An irresistible, infectious, addictive lover of music and travel. Published by Rebel ePublishers, USA. International Thriller Writers member. Currently writing the Byte Series.

Melbourne University Publishing

At Melbourne University Publishing we take great pride in producing books that contribute to the conversation about Australia's political and cultural landscape. As Australia’s original university press launched in 1922, MUP is excited about our future with more of Australia's best non-fiction writing to come.
Covering a broad range of genres, MUP is a leader in both news-making political and current affairs publications, and beautiful and definitive Australian art and lifestyle books.

Elephant Tree Publishing Pty Ltd

We love great storytelling. Our passion is discovering, launching and nurturing talented authors who write engaging fiction or non-fiction for a popular audience. We want to challenge conventions and serve the next generation of both readers and writers by fostering ideas and presenting inspiring and entertaining content and concepts.

Kitty Boyes

Kitty writes from the picturesque coast of WA.
Her thrilling series is primarily murder/mystery/suspense that centres on her strong-willed female protagonist, Arina Perry.
A little gung-ho at times, Arina frequently relies on her intuition to get to the bottom of the murder mysteries that unfold. She often unwittingly puts her life on the line, to help solve heinous crimes.
Kitty is currently writing the fourth book of the series for a 2018 launch that touches base with the paranormal in ‘Her Grandma’s Ghosts’.
‘Her Mother’s Sins’ A unique, intriguing plot combined with masterful pacing, exciting suspense, romance, and strong characterization makes this book stand out.
Readers will be captivated from the start and eagerly await Boyes's next novel.
Five-stars!" –
NY Literary Magazine

Her Mother's Sins


Going home was supposed to be a fresh start.

 Arina returns to her hometown set to quell ugly rumours about her deceased mother and restore the old family motel. Unaware of the dark secrets the motel holds, she plunges headlong into an ultimate deceit.

Single-minded and focused on her quest, she rejects the advances of Matt, a handsome stranger - but his magnetic pull messes with her hormones, and she finds she's not sure if he's friend or enemy.

Jake, on the other hand, is set on charming her in the meantime.

When further sinister revelations plunge her life into danger, Arina doesn't know who to trust. Dark mysteries dating back to the Second World War reveal a betrayal of the worst kind.

 Wearing her mother's sins on her sleeve, will Arina solve the many mysteries surrounding her family?


Her Father's Daughter


Searching for a missing girl invites danger beyond her imagination.

A troubling past settling behind Arina re-emerges when a young teenager vanishes from her motel.

A desperate search for the girl leads Arina and Matt unknowingly headlong into dark and dangerous waters.

The murder of a young man, sparks rising fear and urgency in finding Rebecca alive. The clock is ticking for her safe return home.

Sublime threats from the unknown enemy cause Arina and Matt to fight desperately for their own survival.

While the pair tries to figure out what they’re up against, a brutal killer is plotting revenge. A killer, who will stop at nothing to get even with the people who betrayed them.

Will they find Rebecca? Who wants them all dead. And why

, ,
Her Brother's Keeper


Sometimes helping a stranger, doesn’t work out so well.

Life is peaceful, marriage a blissful ride. However, the tide changes when Arina discovers a dead lawyer in her motel’s unit and her life takes a sharp turn into heartache and deception.

Evidence relating to the forensic report suggests the dead man committed suicide. His sister believes he was murdered.

With her marriage suddenly in question and the sister of the deceased man begging her help, Arina finds herself on a murky and dangerous trail of lies, cover-ups and deceit.

Despite being dissuaded from getting involved, true to form, Arina dives in. Head first.

Without knowing exactly what she was getting into, she inadvertently puts lives on the line. Including the life of Ben, her two-year-old son.

Fullers Publishing

Fullers Publishing is proud to be the publisher of the Pufferfish detective novels written by David Owen.

Edward Figg

I was born in the coastal town of Dover in the UK. After leaving school, I worked in the motor trade for many years. I spent seven years as a Special Constable in Kent and Cornwall, before moving with my wife and children to Australia in 1969. I spent three years writing for a farming newspaper in Western Australia. After retiring in 2007, we set off to live in France. A year later we returned and re-settled in Victoria. In 2015 we moved up to the Sunshine Coast in Queensland where my wife now spends her time painting while I play bowls. My first book in the DCI Carter series, The Anniversary Man was published in September 2017. A follow up has been written and a third one is under way.

The Anniversary Man

Here we have The Anniversary Man by new author, Edward Figg. This detective thriller, set in a town in Kent, is well-written, absorbing and fast-paced. The writing style has intensity and atmosphere.It has a gripping narrative technique which holds the reader’s attention throughout. The book is very sophisticated and its polished way makes it highly readable. There is nothing in the story that would cause any type of reader to reject it out of hand. For the officers of Kent Street CID, it’s a frustrating period. They find no clues as to who is responsible for the violent deaths of four women. There was little to go on.  A psychotic serial killer still stalks the quite streets of the Kentish town of Kingsport. They have to find him. In the meantime, the daily work of the CID still has to go on. An opportune thief needs to be caught. The body of a pensioner is found at the bottom of his stairs.  A wanted child molester is snared. Georgian silver goes missing just before a dinner party. For Kingsport CID, it’s just another working day.

Then, after days of fruitless investigations they finally get a breakthrough in the murders. A major clue is found that breaks the case and sets them on a path that later, ends in death.

Peter Cotton

PETER COTTON has been the media advisor to three federal cabinet ministers, worked
as a foreign correspondent for the ABC, been a senior reporter on the ABC’s AM and PM programs, and had stories published in most major print outlets in Australia. Dead Heat is his second novel.

Lyn Salapatas

It's a crime that I'm not writing, I plead guilty and sentence myself to 100,000 words before the end of 2018.

Karen Collyer

A writer and editor, Karen began writing for radio in 1987, both commercial and documentary styles. In 2003 Karen studied professional writing and editing, and was mentored by Leone Peguero (Blue Cat Books).
In 2017 Karen explored intuitive writing and finally began the memoir she had believed was too painful to write, ‘Shame, Guilt, and Surviving Martin Bryant.’
Karen’s mission as an editor is to support writers and encourage them to express their voice with passion and vulnerability, to discover that they do have the courage, they might simply have not realised it yet.

Shame, Guilt, and Surviving Martin Bryant

Martin Bryant will always be connected to a great deal of misery, torment and death. But it didn’t start on April 28, 1996, the day he murdered thirty-five people in what became known as the Port Arthur Massacre, in Tasmania, Australia.

This book isn’t just about Martin Bryant. It is one woman’s story of how child abuse, trauma and dysfunctional parents made her the perfect candidate for Martin Bryant’s unwanted attentions, long before the massacre of 1996. Just how did the devastating childhood traumas affect this woman’s ability to demand help, to speak, to yell as loudly as she could until something was done to stop his violent stalking of her?

Could the massacre have been averted had the laws around stalking supported, rather than limited, police response to her cries for help?

What was Martin Bryant like before the massacre?

Follow the journey of one of Martin Bryant’s invisible victims, as she does her best to describe life before, during and after Martin Bryant entered her life.  

Christine C. Elliott

My favourite form of relaxation is to watch 'whodunnits' in just about any form. True crime is a little gritty for me but I still like to see shows about real life whodunnits and learn about the process of 'howdunnit'.

Fascinated by crime shows for years, I am currently writing a crime novel that stalled when I realised that it was too complex to be just one novel. So, now I am starting again and considering making them companion books or two in a series of tales centres around a rural Victorian city.

T. R. Napper

T. R. Napper's short fiction has appeared in Asimov’s, Interzone, Lontar: a Journal of Southeast Asian Speculative Fiction, and numerous others. His work has been translated into Hebrew, German, and French. He is an Aurealis Award winner, and had a novelette featured in Best Science Fiction of the Year Volume 2 (2017).

T. R. Napper lived and worked for over a decade in Southeast Asia as an aid worker. He recently returned to Australia after three years in Vietnam.

He does not own a cat.

Mexie Butler

Beginning writer.

Kerry Tucker

After spending nearly five years in Victoria’s maximum security prison for women, Kerry was released with her Master of Arts (commenced and completed during this period) and was successful in her Candidature for her Doctorate of which she completed in late 2016. She appeared on Australian Story 'The Graduate', and was Story Consultant for Series 1 of 'Wentworth' the remake of Prisoner. In April 2018, Kerry's memoir 'The Prisoner' was released by Penguin Random House.

The Prisoner


Kerry Tucker seemed to be a typical suburban mother of two, but she had a terrible secret: she had been stealing money from her employers. When her offence was discovered it was reported to be the biggest white-collar crime committed by a female in Victoria, and she was sentenced to seven years in a maximum-security prison, alongside the state’s most notorious criminals. Being incarcerated with drug dealers and murderers, however, was not nearly as daunting as having to tell her two young daughters why she was leaving them. The shame was almost unbearable. As Kerry adjusted to life behind bars, she began to see her fellow inmates as more than simply ‘murderers’ and ‘drug dealers’ – they became real people with names and broken dreams. And as they opened up to her, she realised that many of these women had violent home lives and were not getting parole simply because they couldn’t fill out the paperwork. Horrified, Kerry set about using her skills to represent them. She also began to study. Today, Kerry has a PhD, advocates for women prisoners, and has been reunited with her daughters. In her inspiring memoir, filled with fascinating stories of life behind bars and shot through with wry humour, she reveals how one woman’s darkest hour can become a turning point in her life. And how, just perhaps, it can even be the making of her. Kerry Tucker

J J Emerson

J J Emerson is the publisher at University of Adelaide Press and has published hundreds of articles and three books on lawyers. He has recently written a murder mystery set in Switzerland that is currently available on Kindle while he is searching for an agent to publish it.

John Jefferson Bray: a vigilant life

In March 1967 South Australian Attorney-General Don Dunstan appointed his State’s most outstanding barrister as Chief Justice. In public Bray’s appointment brought barely a ripple, but in the murky waters of Adelaide’s corridors of power this decision unleashed waves of outrage and bitter revenge seeking, which would eventually lead to the sacking of a police commissioner, the resignation of Dunstan as South Australian Premier and the early retirement of Bray.

After his successful defence of Rupert Murdoch’s News in 1960, in a seditious libel case, Bray made a powerful enemy who coveted the position of Chief Justice Bray would come to hold; an enemy who would then ruthlessly target Bray’s unconventional private life.

This is the story of an extraordinarily gifted man whose judicial writings continue to be cited across the Commonwealth and who determined to defend not only his own natural right to a private life, but that of all citizens. As Michael Kirby relates in his Foreword, “the abuse of power, recorded in those pages, stands as a warning to us”.

Brian Williams

Dr Brian 'Joe' Williams is a writer, lawyer, educator and public presenter, who can count a PhD (Monash University), LLB 1st Class Honours and Master's Degree among his six university qualifications. He has published widely in the areas of true crime, popular history, sport and biography - developing a special interest in criminal law and criminology. He also has numerous radio credits and has appeared on the high-rating television series 'Crimes That Shook Britain'.

Martha Needle - The spellbinding story of Australia's most infamous femme fatale

The extraordinary Martha Needle clearly stands out as one of Australia's worst murderesses of all time. And from an international perspective, she still ranks among the world's most prolific female killers.

Throughout late 1894, her epic tale was dramatically reported around the globe as the 'story of the century', and continues to be widely chronicled as one of the most mind-boggling poisoning cases in the annals of crime. Luridly dubbed the 'Black Widow' by the world's press, this manipulating young woman deviously used arsenic to exterminate all those around her who stood in the way of her personal ambitions - which ultimately even included her own children.

The Martha Needle story had it all: family conflict, betrayal, gruesomeness, dodgy lawyers, guileless doctors, questionable police, a mysterious and attractive accused, romance, and even a hint of sexual scandal.

Although she was officially only convicted of one murder, Martha paid the ultimate price for this single evil deed. After a landmark investigation and trial, she was hanged at the gallows - even though not all contemporary members of society approved of executing a woman. But a multitude of scandalous secrets also fell through the well-oiled trap door with the tight-lipped poisoner on that grim fateful morning. It was readily accepted at the time of her early demise that she had left other victims in her wake.

After spending years studying the case across a number of Australian states, the author has uncovered many rare documents and archives, some concealed from public view at the time of Martha's court case and execution. Compelling new evidence is now fully examined for the first time, firmly placing Martha Needle in the frame for a string of at least five further murders and two attempted killings - something of a cry for justice from beyond the grave.

There are further questions that are also crying out to be examined in this gripping account. How did Martha engage such a chameleon-like character to seduce naive members of the medical profession? How did she manage to evade suspicion for so long, maintaining her warm facade of innocence? And how did her one error of judgement and a brilliant example of detective work finally bring her undone?

It is now time for the astonishing story of australia's legendary Femme Fatale to finally be told. 




Digby Stevens

Digby Stevens has lived and worked in Ballarat for over thirty years. He is an artist, teacher, music aficionado and lover of popular culture, and enjoys the works of Raymond Chandler and Ian Rankin among others. He also hosts a show on community radio exploring Progressive Rock music, and enjoys walking and writing.

A Murder Of Crows

Set against the background of the Royal Commission into sexual abuse and the effects on the community of Ballarat, the story charts the rampage of a killer determined to set the record straight. Detective Jack Waters is called to a murder that has all of the hallmarks of a stage show, by a killer who seems determined to rewrite history and create his own ending to a story which has been drawn out for too long.

Natalie Vella

Natalie Vella is a PWE student at RMIT, an emerging writer and host/producer of the literary podcast, Memoria. She is currently writing a crime novel inspired by true events.

Katherine Kovacic

Katherine Kovacic was a veterinarian but preferred training and having fun with dogs to taking their temperatures. She has a PhD in Art History and spends her spare time writing, dancing and teaching other people’s dogs to ride skateboards. Katherine lives in suburban Melbourne with a Borzoi, a Scottish Deerhound and a legion of dog-fur dust bunnies.

The Portrait of Molly Dean

In 1999, art dealer Alex Clayton stumbles across a lost portrait of Molly Dean, an artist’s muse brutally slain in Melbourne in 1930. Alex buys the painting and sets out to uncover more details, but finds there are strange inconsistencies: Molly’s mother seemed unconcerned by her daughter’s violent death, the main suspect was never brought to trial despite compelling evidence, and vital records are missing. Alex enlists the help of her close friend, art conservator John Porter, and together they sift through the clues and deceptions that swirl around the last days of Molly Dean.

James Aitchison

As James Lee, I have written 32 children's mystery books in the Mr Mystery series, published by Flame of the Forest, Singapore ( As Mike Rader and J J Munro, I have written crime and thriller short stories for the American market. In 2013 I was awarded the Literature Prize for the James Lee books at the Australian Government's inaugural Australian Arts in Asia awards. I am a member of the CWA and MWA.


Avid crime fiction reader. Fairly typical white middle-aged woman reading from a safe and comfortable sofa, I enjoy reading books about crime, violence and evil sociopaths.

Lindy Thistleton

I am a crime genre reader, editor and researcher currently writing my first full-length crime novel. I am a lawyer of 20+ years and studying a Master of Arts in Writing.

Phil Copsey

I served with the Victoria State Police Force for over 40 years. My hard earned experience in fighting crime on the streets of multicultural Melbourne has compelled me to write my debut novel, Blue Justice. My depictions of characters and crimes are infused with authentic operational details told through the eyes of my composite character, Sgt. Tony Signorotto.
My two main crime writing influences are:
Ed McBain (Cop hater/The Spiked Heel.)
Joseph Wambaugh (The Onion Field/ The New Centurions /The Choirboys.)
I have also been mentored by Australian crime author Colin McLaren, ex Victoria Police (On The Run/Infiltration.)
Blue Justice is available on Amazon and the second in the Tony Signorotto series, The Calibre of Justice will be out soon.

Bill Duncan

Born an hour north of Dallas, Texas, W. Glenn Duncan Jr. followed his family when they moved to Australia in the mid-1970’s. He didn’t have a lot of say in the matter, only being a seven-year-old at the time. He studied Architecture at Newcastle University and spent 20 odd years (some of them were very odd!) working in the construction industry before following his father’s path into writing.

False Gods

Rafferty’s Rule 17: Never take a client at face value. (Amendment B): Or a case.

Teenager Kimberly has run away with her boyfriend though her Mom, Kathy-Lee, doesn’t want to admit it. All cases should be this easy; Rafferty’ll have it wrapped up by the weekend. 

But with boyfriend Brian home alone, that idea bears rethinking. The last sight of Kimberly was of her putting the missionary in the position with the charismatic cult leader, Dariell Thof, and Brian doesn’t know where she’s gone since then. Or much care.

By the time Rafferty tracks Kimberly to a remote compound in the Texas desert, he’s stuck between a pack of gun-toting religious zealots, and an ATF agent playing hardball to protect his agenda.

Can Rafferty get Kimberly out before the two sides come together and all hell breaks loose? 

He’ll do his damnedest. And after what he’s learnt about Dariell’s twisted thirst for young girls, Rafferty’s itching to organize a personal meeting for the cult leader and his god..

If you’re a fan of Spenser, Mike Hammer or Matt Scudder, then this hardboiled pulp thriller from W. Glenn Duncan Jr. will keep you reading late into the dark night.


FALSE GODS is a hardboiled P.I. mystery in the tradition of the best pulp thrillers.

Rafferty’s a Dallas P.I. and an ex-cop who spent enough time on the streets to understand how things work. And when they don’t, Rafferty’s the guy you’ll want on your side. He may quote Latin occasionally, smoke too much and be a cynical sonofabitch, but when it all hits the fan and you need someone you can trust, you’ll be glad you called Rafferty.

FALSE GODS is the first new Rafferty P.I. story in 25 years. Written by W. Glenn Duncan Jr. (son of the original author) it picks up where the previous books left off, pitting Rafferty and his old friends (and a few new ones) against a shadowy cult leader, in a winner-take-all dash to save a teenage girl.

Join the Rafferty Readers’ Group at RaffertyPI dot com to get behind the scenes info, the latest updates on new releases and the first announcement of special offers.

Praise for W. Glenn Duncan:

“Sometimes it seemed W. Glenn Duncan's Texas P.I. Rafferty had a rule for everything, but the fact remains that most of them were a hoot. And, of course, a further irony is that "Rafferty's Rules" is, in fact, an Australian football term for "no rules at all.” - Thrilling Detective Website

“I have all of the Rafferty titles in my collection. I've gotten rid of a lot of stuff over the years, but the Rafferty books are a mainstay. I think they're terrific!” - Paul Bishop

“Duncan truly captured the pure essence of the definitive smart-ass private eye in his character Rafferty. Take part Sam Spade with a little Mike Hammer, mix in some Spenser and you have an awesome character.” - Cliff Fausset

“At first sniff, it may smell like Spenser with a cowboy hat, but take a good whiff: W. Glenn Duncan's Dallas, Texas private eye RAFFERTY was actually a blast of fresh air in what was rapidly becoming a glut of sensitive, soul-searching, overly politically-correct cookie cutter P.I.s in the late eighties. Of course, it helps that Dallas ain't Boston.” - Kevin Burton Smith

Tansy Bradshaw

I am a crime fan and working on my first novel based in Melbourne and will be a Speculative Biography of a leader of a disabled gang.

Pol Koutsakis

Pol Koutsakis was born in 1974, in Chania, Crete, Greece. He is a novelist, playwright and screenwriter. He lives in Perth.
Pol won the National Award for Playwriting in Greece in 2007 and the National Award for best Young Adult novel in 2016, for the second novel of his YA crime “Trilogy of Crete”.
His noir novels “Athenian Blues” and “Baby Blue” are set in contemporary Athens and were published in 2017 and 2018, respectively, in the USA, UK and Australia by Bitter Lemon Press. Stratos Gazis, the protagonist of the novels, is an ethical hitman who only undertakes jobs after his research shows him that the targets deserve their fate.

Athenian Blues

Stratos hates being called a hitman. A conscientious fixer is what he is. He fixes problems that very few can deal with. Things that people are willing to pay handsomely to get done, without wanting to know about the small stuff. Stratos is their man, provided that his meticulous research shows him that the targets deserve their fate. But now, in the midst of the Greek economic and political crisis, this film-noir loving assassin takes on the highest-profile case of his career. He finds himself caught between the most beloved lawyer in Greece, known as “the guardian of the poor”, and his actress wife, the most desirable woman in the country. They are both in dire need of his killing services, but which one is telling the truth? Helped by three childhood friends, Costas Dragas, a homicide cop, Teri, a transsexual high-class hooker and Maria, the passion of his life, he discovers that truth, in shattered loves and broken families, is a very relative thing.

Baby Blue

Stratos Gazis hates being called a hit man. What he is, is a conscientious fixer. He fixes problems that few can fix. Things that people are willing to pay handsomely to get done provided he concludes the targets deserve their fate. The story centers around the blue-eyed orphan Emma, the "baby blue" of the title, a beautiful teenage girl with a talent for card tricks of exceptional sophistication - all the more impressive for her tender years and the blindness that has afflicted her since the age of eight. Emma and her adoptive father, a former investigative journalist, roam the streets of Athens together, earning enough to keep body and soul together by performing Chaplinesque sketches. When the ex-journalist is brutally murdered, Angelino, a well-connected Athenian underworld figure, takes the girl under his wing and retains the services of Stratos to find her father's killers. Meanwhile, Costas Dragas, a top homicide cop and Gazis's best friend, has taken on the investigation of a spate of murders of pedophiles, and as usual, has gone to war with the media. It slowly emerges that their cases intersect and that corporate interests, more powerful than they could ever have imagined, lie behind the murders they both need to solve. And that the answer to many of Stratos's questions lies within a great cinema classic.

Peter Sheldrake

Peter Sheldrake describes himself as a ‘wanderer’, having been a CEO, an academic and a government statutory office holder, as well as running his own business. Over the years, he has worked in the USA, Europe, Australia and South-East Asia. In addition to many articles and weekly blog, he has written various non-fiction books, most recently How Shall I Live? in 2013 and Elephants on Roller Skates in 2014. He is now devoted to writing detective novels, which he describes as a totally absorbing hobby. An Australian, Peter Sheldrake was born in the UK, and currently lives between Melbourne and North Carolina in the USA.

Upside Down: an Eamon Cowan story

A part-time actor, Eamon Cowan, is drawn into the investigation of a dead, badly bashed young woman, when compromising information makes him a suspect. He links up with a visiting British policewoman, trying to solve her sister's murder. They soon are embroiled in a series of twists and turns, with a second woman killed, and MI6 involved. As they discover how drugs are being smuggled, more bodies appear before the case is solved.

Gawain Barker

My parents let me read whatever I liked - so I've been a fan of crime writing since I was six. Forty seven years later I'm still reading, and enjoying the form's evolution - from Charteris and Chandler to Ellroy, Burke and beyond.

I just read Fatale and very much like what the author, Jean-Patrick Manchette, says - "The crime novel is the great moral literature of our time."

I'm currently working on the first book of a sunshine noir series set in the wild tropical north of Australia and spanning fifty years - from the 1960s to the 2000s.

Antony Rogers

Antony W. Rogers and his family have a long association with Brisbane. In
the 1930s his grandfather served as an altar boy at the Church of the
Ascension at Morningside. His grandfather also attended Cannon Hill State School leaving to take up an apprenticeship at the blacksmith’s works in Wynnum Road before his marriage. Antony was also baptized and confirmed at the same Church and his marriage was solemnized there, as well as being the location for the renewal of his wedding vows under the same Minister twenty-five years later. Antony completed tertiary studies in Mechanical Engineering and Business Management that supplied the foundations for his career in information technology project management. His interests include fly-fishing, travel and genealogy. The latter sparking him to produce the family history book ‘Australian Rosemorder Diaspora’ as well as the narrative non-fiction title ‘The Ascension’.
He is currently working on a true crime novel covering Australia's Greatest Double Murder Mystery.

Matthew Waite

Aspiring crime writer.

Samantha Battams

Dr Samantha Battams is an Associate Professor and has been a university lecturer, researcher, community development worker, advocate, health service administrator and management consultant. Samantha resides in Adelaide, is widely travelled and has lived and worked in Switzerland in global health. She has published academic articles and book chapters in the fields of public health and global health, social policy and sociology. She has a passion for history and writing and has recently completed a non-fiction true crime book ('The Secret Art of Poisoning: The true crimes of Martha Needle, the Richmond Poisoner,' 2019) and co-authored published articles and a forthcoming work of biography/history with Les Parsons & Malcolm Riley ('The Red Devil: The Story of South Australian Aviation Pioneer, Captain Harry Butler, AFC,' 2019).

Andres Kabel

In my former life I was an actuary with three decades of global management experience. I like to claim those years make fertile writing fodder and perhaps that’s partly true, but the reality is that I came to the writing gig late. Now aged 63, I’m working harder than ever and relishing doing what I wish I’d done from the start.
My writing craft progresses. I began by writing short stories, mostly about middle-aged men in the corporate world (surprise, surprise), and had a modicum of success: I read out one tale at the Melbourne Writers Festival and earned some minor competition awards. I’m out in the world of books now with "Deadly Investment"–so much fun to write and worthy of your attention–and its successor will hit the bookshelves early next year. Crime Factory, a wonderful short-lived magazine, featured my reviews, and I had tremendous fun for years with a reviewing blog, Cultural Pilgrim, that, sadly, has left no trace in the blogosphere. My preoccupation over recent years, an “everyperson” history of nuclear energy, inches closer to fruition and can be nibbled at on Nuclear Power History, my preparatory blog. Big Decade, my bloggish philosophical diary, in its third year with seven to go, is worth taking a look at.
Writing provides much of the meaning in my life but I chase a number of dreams. I am an ardent reader in a wide variety of book genres, I also get excited by modern film and am still current with, and thrilled by, rock music. My wife and I hike often, our adventures ranging from day walks, through pub-to-pub multiday rambles, to camping and hefting backpacks into remote territory. We’re ardent birdwatchers; like Jonathan Franzen, I use birding as my conduit to nature. An activist in several periods of my life, my current interest, albeit swamped by work, is climate change. Philosophically, I am a rational humanist. I jog and cycle.
Touch base with me at Head to my website ( to track down the blogs and to sign up for my authorly newsletter.

Deadly Investment

At the cutting edge of finance, the language is geek-speak. So when Kantor Keppel, the genius creator of Australia’s first mutual fund managed entirely by computers, is bludgeoned to death, his widow engages Melbourne private eyes Gentle & Tusk, dubbed "the egghead and the beefcake." Former actuary Peter Gentle rarely dates, never exercises, and quails before violence. His mantra: data, analysis, conclusions. He partners with Mick Tusk, a formidable ex-cop battling cycles of rage and remorse. With the police baffled by a lack of clues and an array of suspects, with bodies piling up, the duo races through the mean streets and the rarefied world of investment to unmask the killer before they end up as the final victims.

A fraught, intricate murder mystery, Deadly Investment is the first in a classic private-investigator series exploring modern-day money embroiled in crisis. Andres Kabel’s three decades of executive thrills and spills in the global finance industry provide endless fodder. A blogger and reviewer, he is all Gentle but in his dreams runs amok in Mick Tusk’s shoes.

Buy Deadly Investment today and fight the good fight with Gentle & Tusk!

Leanda Herring

Leanda Herring was born and bred in Adelaide, South Australia. She has been a passionate reader of Crime Fiction for as long as she can remember. As a young child she loved to read Enid Blyton’s “Secret Seven” and “Famous Five” books, and when she finished reading her first Agatha Christie novel she was absolutely hooked on crime and mystery stories. She has read and re-read all of Christie’s works many times, together with a plethora of works by Australian and international Crime Fiction writers.

Leanda has always loved reading and writing and was strongly encouraged by her mother to pursue fiction writing, however she was also a talented musician and after completing her schooling she enrolled to study Music, English Literature, Languages, Sociology and Psychology at University. She chose to commit herself to a career in secondary school Music teaching. Her passion for reading and writing never wavered, nor her fascination with human behaviour, but as her teaching career progressed and she moved into leadership roles much of her free time was consumed by work responsibilities and fiction writing moved further out of reach.

In mid - 2017, Leanda made a decision to begin intensively studying creative writing through writers’ workshops, national conferences, writing mentors and online courses. She is also studying Criminal Psychology and Forensic Science. Her passion and commitment to the success of her secondary students remains unchanged but with careful time management she has also successfully submitted several short stories and is currently writing her first Crime Fiction novel. Leanda is very excited about transitioning into a career in writing, one which she has patiently put on hold for many years.

Jane Kirk

I'm an emerging writer with a view to adapt to screen. Now living in Brisbane I have time to spend on my writing.

Jay Darby

Author of the Dan Porter crime thriller series.

Isobel L Coleman

After many years as a journalist, investigative and crime reporter and editor is it any wonder that I am addicted to crime fiction? I am also fascinated by the human brain. What makes one person a serial killer yet another a nun? Is it nature? Nurture? Is it an idea they come up with one day? What triggers it?
I devour book after book, climbing into the story and experiencing the fear. TV? Only gritty European and Australian crime thrillers do it for me.
And now my own crime novel or screenplay is underway.

Naomi Barton

I am a PhD student the University of Wollongong, currently writing a crime novel and a thesis: 'Let the Dead Speak: The Victim as Character in Crime Fiction Narratives.' My first crime fiction novella, 'Liar's Candle', was short-listed for the 2018 Viva la Novella award.

Janette Ellis

Science teacher and textbook author now moving on to murder. On the page, that is.